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Sergio had a great day here at the Big Game VII. He’s been winning from the moment he sat down (which was very early on) and we rarely saw him giving away chips.

Sergio tightened up after midnight, meanwhile Tony G passed him in the Big Game VII Leaderboard. Sergio found a great spot against Alec Torelli. Sergio had queens and hit a set on the flop, while Alec completely missed it.

The Biggest Pot Of The Day

At first at least. Trying to steal the pot on the flop, Alec actually gets runner runner for a flush, but the river improved Sergios hand to a full house. Worst possible scenario for Alec, who puts his whole stack into the pot. Sergio takes down the biggest pot of the day, worth €50,000!
He’s up €41,000, there’s little chance that someone will overtake him in the last hands of the day.


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