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Marvin Rettenmaier

As you’re probably more than aware of by now Marvin Rettenmaier is good at poker, I mean really good. Recently he did the unheard of by winning back to back WPT Titles, first by taking down the WPT Champions Cup in May and then by quickly following this up by crushing WPT Merit Cyprus Classic and hence becoming the first player to ever win back-to-back WPT titles.

So how does he do it?

I caught up with one of the nicest fellows you’re likely to meet in the industry; Lance Bradley of Bluff Magazine a couple of weeks back and asked him his thoughts on Marvin of which he told me:

“Marvin’s been one of poker’s best kept secrets the past few years but I think the cat is out of the bag now. The guy can play. He’s gone from being in the mix in smaller buy-in live tournaments to winning the World Poker Tour championship and being a threat for BLUFF Player of the Year every year. It should serve as a shining example to those that dream of turning pro that getting to that point is a grind . It’s not easy, but hard work and dedication to your craft can pay off handsomely.”

The Money’s Nice

But the title is what they’re really playing for, so perhaps foolishly I asked the ultimate question a few weeks back, the most cruelly obvious of ones to be honest – “Can he perform a hat-trick?

Eye of the Tiger

A good friend of mine well known and liked on the circuit claims he always blasts out “Eye of the Tiger” when he reaches an online final table. Well this time Marvin was heading to the very same home of that great champion that’s right Rocky Balboa of Philadelphia.

Marvin was off to play in the WPT Parx Open Poker Classic, he was heading in late of course and completely exhausted, he truly was heading into the lions den. Marvin told me later “I wasn’t there for long. The dealers weren’t good to me”, and so unfortunately the answer was no. But really so what? so what? I mean the guy won back to back wins and took a shot at the triple, kudos.

Am I Tempting Fate?

So I’ll tempt fate again by broadening the question and ask you all at home, do you think Marvin could do 3 in one year? Can Mad Marvin win 3 WPT titles in the space of one calendar year? Never mind the fact that his back to backs wins were in separate seasons that doesn’t matter, this is a YES or NO question I want to know will 2012 prove to be the year that Marvin Rettenmaier can win 3 WPT Titles?

Back to Back Events here we go!

And with the WPT now running back to back events with Paris being first up from the 10th – 15th Sept then it’s a hop, skip and jump to Malta (where rumor is Phil Hellmuth will be making an appearance) from the 16th – 20th we’ll know the answer to this pretty soon. I’m hoping it’s a big YES HE CAN! If he does I sure hope he puts on a song and dance about it:


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