I get loads of requests from people every week asking me about staking and most of the time I am too busy to even get round to seeing the requests. Today, however, I received a video rather than an email asking for a buy-in for WPT Malta and I buckled. I am talking to PartyPoker and we are going to buy this guy in.

Andras Fekete

Let me introduce to you Andras Fekete – he’s a Hungarian that lives in Malta but don’t hold that against him. He sent me this video of him testing out his water shooters on Phil Hellmuth and I think he really is doing something good for the world and you know I have heart. Being involved in the poker media myself we normally have these slick videos but I was impressed that this guy just recorded this and sent it to me anyway. I like his story too. He is an ex basketball pro and best of all he tilted the hell out of Hellmuth at WPT Malta last year…and then busted him…what is not too like?

Operation Hellmuth

Anyway he is getting bought in to lead from the front in Operation Hellmuth – he’s also offered to be my personal assistant for the week. When I am hungry I will call the guy from Hungary. When I need to communicate with Phil, Andras is there to satisfy my needs.

Rule The World

You know something too these Hungarians are going to rule the world. Who is the only European on the WSOP Main Event final table this year. Yes, he’s Hungarian and like with Martin Zasko last year I always cheer on the Eastern Europeans. I told you to watch out for the people to Belarus and what happened? One of them won EPT Barcelona. I have a keen eye and guiding hand for talent.

House Raiders!

Anyway, say hello to Andras. One thing I know is he will not raid my house. I’m warning you I will be around to defend my territory from all you looters. The doors are open but won’t be for long!



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