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mad-marvin winnings
Usually a win means a celebration. Not for me, however. After winning the WPT Cyprus, I got straight into a taxi, boarded a plane, landed, changed planes, landed, got on a bus and headed to the next poker table in Philadelphia.

Taxi for one!

I wasn’t there for long. The dealers weren’t good to me, and after only a few hands I was out the door. To be honest, I was glad. I was completely exhausted. I left the table of my own accord and now I’m in Maryland with my girlfriend, enjoying a holiday. Finally.

The Boost I needed

I’ve written poker history by winning two major WPT titles in a row. It all really dawned on me the next day when I read the messages congratulating me on the win. I really achieved something extraordinary in Cyprus. The win in Las Vegas gave me a boost, and when we got down to 30 players I sensed this was a chance that wasn’t going to come around very often. And then I did it. I won.

Back on the Poker Road

Things will get going again on September 3rd with the Partouche in Cannes. From there I’ll go on to the WPTs in Paris and Malta, before heading back to Cannes for the WSOPE. I’m going to use the next few weeks to analyse my game. I’ll be back soon to tell you what I found out!



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