JackD53 from the Netherlands has won the $14,000 package to WSOP Main Event on PartyPoker! Remember that you can win your trip to Vegas for free now! This is JackD53’s story:

I’m 54 years old, married, no children and living in a small village in the east of the Netherlands. As a freelance Oracle Developer, I am without a job for some time now, so I have plenty of time to play poker on Partypoker.

I started playing on PartyPoker in November last year, after seeing Fatima Moreiro de Melo talking enthusiastically about poker on a local TV talk show.

When I started playing I only played on the cash tables, but later on, because of a tip from an experienced online player, I started playing tournaments. Tournaments were easier for me to win and much more fun.

So since November last year I played almost every day and night and I played numerous qualifiers before I reached the final WSOP satellite.

The first time I reached the final table was pure luck, because in the satellite qualifier I was going for the money, (it was 350 USD) instead of one of the 3 entries, because I was almost broke (and still am).

As one of the last 4 players (only 3 entries were awarded), a player before me went all-in, and with my mind on the money and [5x][7x] in the hand, I called and won the satellite when I hit a lousy [7x] and my opponent with [Ax][5x] didn’t hit the Ace.

I’m very excited to go to Las Vegas

When I played that table for the first time, I ended 14th. I made a mistake against the number two, who went all-in with [Ax][Kx], there was [Ax][Kx][Tx] on the flop and, you guessed, I had [Ax][Tx], called him and lost. Right after that I hit [Kx][Kx], went all-in and the same number 2 had [Ax][Ax] and I lost again and never recovered from that.

The second time I played the final WSOP satellite table I started bad. I was almost out after one hour, but after that I was getting better and better hands and after four hours of play I was chip leader again with twice as many chips as number 2.

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Some key moments were the [Qx][Kx] I got 6 or 7 times during the play and every time I got those hands, I managed to win the, sometimes big, pots.

On the final table I remember a moment that I had about 120.000 chips and the runner-up went all-in with 64.000 chips, I had [Qx][Qx] and I folded! Because I was so far ahead, I only had to fold to win that table and so I did.

So I’m very excited to go to Las Vegas, I know it is a place in the middle of the desert, founded by mafia bosses, who wanted a place where they could legally gamble. I’m looking forward to it and I’m going for the experience. I don’t think I have much chance because I never took a seat on a ‘life’ table. But I will go practice that soon.

I’m not afraid of any famous poker players, because my motto is: When you compete, you can win!


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