PartyPoker Blog has the WSOP updates and reports from the World Series Of Poker 2010 Main Event, following all our online qualifiers and Team PartyPoker pros.

November Nine has been set

November Nine is to be held on November 6th. Seat assignments and chip counts:

  1. Jason Senti – 7,625,000
  2. Joseph Cheong – 23,525,000
  3. John Dolan – 46,250,000
  4. Jonathan Duhamel – 65,975,000
  5. Michael Mizrachi – 14,450,000
  6. Matthew Jarvis – 16,700,000
  7. John Racener – 23,525,000
  8. Filippo Candio – 16,400,000
  9. Cuong ‘Soi’ Nguyen – 9,650,000

Day 7


Gianni Di Renzo is out in 29th place. Gianni went all-in on a [Qx][6x][2x] flop. Gianni had [6x][8x] but was called by [Ax][Qx]. Another [Qx] on the turn eliminated Gianni.

Impressive result from Partypoker’s online qualifier who got to the Main Event for 9 USD and collected 255,242 USD!


Gianni has 2,700,000. Average chipstack is at 7,500,000. We are down to 29 players and we are playing down to 27.


Gianni picks up pocket [Kx][Kx] and doubles up! He went all-in before the flop, the opponent showed pocket [Qx][Qx] but another [Kx] on the flop secured it for Gianni. He now has over 3,000,000 chips!


Gianni is at 2,200,000 at the dinner break. 42 players left.


Gianni is at 1,600,000 with 44 players left.


Gianni raised and got two callers. He then went all-in on a 9 high flop. Both players folded and Gianni picked a nice pot. He is now at 1,800,000. The average is 4,100,000 and there are 53 players left.


Premier League Poker winner David Benyamine was just eliminated in 58th position.


There are 58 players left. It is getting expensive to play – blinds are 30,000 and 60,000, antes are 10,000.  Average chipstack is 3,700,000.


It has been a slow day for Gianni. He has not had any hands to work with. In first two hours of play, he has only been involved in one pot. He now has 1,600,000.


Kara Scott has just blogged about her WSOP 2010 experience. Check it out!


With 65 players left, our last man standing Gianni Di Renzo is still doing well…


Main Event Day 7 is underway!

Day 6


Gianni is at 1,800,000 at the dinner break. The average is just around 2,000,000. There are 100 players still in the tournament.


Juha Helppi just joined Gianni’s table.


We are playing down to 81 tonight and down to 27 tomorrow.


Our last man standing is the online qualifier Gianni Di Renzo. Gianni has 1,250,000 at the first break. He has a very though table with a lot of big stacks so it is very hard to make any moves. There are only 150 players left in the field!


Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic is out of the WSOP Main Event 2010. Dragan picked up  [Ax][Kx], went all-in but was called by a player with pocket [Qx][Qx]. There was a [Kx] on the flop but there was a [Qx] as well. Another [Kx] on the turn and a blank river didn’t help Dragan. Dragan finished in 183rd place winning $49,000.


Our PartyPoker chipleader Gianni Di Renzo:


Check out a picture gallery of PartyPoker players from the Day 5.


Team PartyPoker pro Tyron Krost has just blogged about his Main Event cash result.


Two PartyPoker players are through to the day 6 of WSOP Main Event 2010. Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic and online qualifier Gianni Di Renzo. Here are their chipstacks:

  • 86 Gianni Di Renzo 1,021,000
  • 137 Dragan Galic 702,000

Only 205 players out of the 7,319 that started in the Main Event are left!

Day 5


We are now at the last break of the day 5. There will be one more hour of play after this break.


Neil Mcfayden, PartyPoker’s online qualifier, is out! He finished 242nd and won $48,847.


Dragan Galic is doing very well! He is up to 1,000,000 and is felling good. Let us hope it continues.

Neil Mcfayden and Gianni Direnzo are also still around.

Giovanni Rizzo and Hwang Yong Kim are nowhere to be found… we will keep you updated.


This is how Dragan The Dragon Galic prepares for the poker battle while at the dinner break:


GIovanni Rizzo had his Pocket Rockets cracked earlier by [Jx][8x] on a flop of [Jx][Jx][8x]. Very unlucky for Giovanni Rizzo but as he says “never ever give up”. Giovanni has 180,000.


Thomas Huigsloot, online qualifier at PartyPoker tables, just bust out before the dinner break. Thomas had  and pushed all-in on the flop [4x][5x][7x] but the opponent showed up with [4x][4x]. Thomas is disappointed but will surely feel good about his result after some time.


PartyPoker qualifier Ingo Paulus busted out just before the dinner break. He went all in for 140,000 with pocket [7x][7x] vs [4x][4x] but unfortunately for Ingo the opponent hit another [4x] on the river. This was Ingo’s first big offline tournament, he usually just plays online at PartyPoker. He constantly kept forgetting to put his antes in. He says “you guys at PartyPoker do it automatically all the time”.


There are 293 players remaining in the WSOP Main Event and the average chip stack is 749,000 chips.


PartyPoker chipstacks at the dinner break:

  • Gianni Direnzo 1,180,000
  • Neil Mcfayden 1,150,000
  • Dragan Galic 550,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 180,000


We have 5 players still in the Main Event at the dinner break of the day 5!


We’ve just had two PartyPoker qualifiers bust out of the Main Event. Konrad Molitor and Ingo Paulus are both out, each winning $36,463. Nice payout for both!


PartyPoker online qualifier Danilo De Araujo is out of the Main Event. He finished in 465th positon winning $27,519. Very nice payout for Danilo!


Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic has been on a roller coaster today. He started at 569,000, went down to 220,000 and now is back up on 500,000.

The last hand before the break Dragan Galic picked up . Someone raised 20,000 from an early position, the cutoff called and Dragan called from the button. The flop was [Ax]. All three players checked.

The turn was  and it completed the flush for Dragan. It was all checked to Dragan and he decided to bet 75,000. The initial raiser folded while the cutoff called.

The river was [5x]. The cutoff checked, Dragan moved all-in. The cutoff took a very long break before deciding to call. Dragan showed his flush and the cutoff mucked his hand.

Dragan now has a short break as this hand took some 5 minutes of his 20-minute break.


Jesse May had a chance to sit down with Phil Hellmuth and do an extensive interview where he talks candidly about life, bracelets, poker and the WSOP 2010. See more details and listen to the full show here.


Vince Van Patten is out! Vince tweets: “Knocked out 481st currently trashing hotel room. Overly aggressive. Gonna play the Bellagio satelite – get right back on the donkey.”.


10 PartyPoker players are through to the day 5 of the Main Event:

  • 36 Neil Mcfayden 871,000
  • 83 Hwang Yong Kim 662,000
  • 118 Dragan Galic 569,000
  • 174 Vince Van Patten 455,000
  • 208 Gianni Direnzo 422,000
  • 284 Thomas Huigsloot 324,000
  • 294 Danilo De Araujo 314,000
  • 388 Giovanni Rizzo 220,000
  • 358 Ingo Paulus 247,000
  • 412 Konrad Molitor 196,000


Day 5 is underway! Everyone is in the money!

Day 4


World Poker Tour’s Vince Van Patten is still in the Main Event. At the dinner break he is at 260,000. Mike Sexton has been texting him and giving him advice.

It is interesting that Vince has the WPT Bellagio Cup final table to comment on this Thursday so we will see what happens in case that he is still in the Main Event.


Neil Mcfayden is our chipleader at the dinner break with 800,000 chips! He has played a lot of pots and hit a lot of hands today.

Everytime he has hit something he has had someone call him as well. He is the chipleader at his table and has Patrik Antonius on his right.

Neil Mcfayden and Tyron Krost in the PartyPoker Suite at the dinner break:


Tyron Krost is down to 35,000 at the dinner break. Tyron is looking to cash, that is the main thing, but his strategy will depend on the situation.

He is not going to fold hands like [Ax][Kx] or [Ax][Qx] but he is not going to get involved unnecessary. Tyron cannot get anyone to fold with the chipstack he is at so he had got to do his best with what he has. He hopes to take the $20,000 payout and see how far he can take it from there.


751 players remain here at the dinner break. 747 will make the money. There will be hand for hand play when players return after the 90 minute dinner.


PartyPoker player chipcounts at the dinner break:

  • Neil Mcfayden 800,000
  • Hwang Yong Kim 680,000
  • Dragan Galic 680,000
  • Gianni Direnzo 453,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 350,000
  • Thomas Huigsloot 240,000
  • Ingo Paulus 207,500
  • Jannick Wrang 150,000
  • Tim Pollard 150,000
  • Christopher Hauxwell 55,000
  • Gregory Howard 39,000
  • Tyron Krost 35,000
  • Konrad Molitor (no updates at dinner)
  • Cristian Busi (no updates at dinner)
  • Danilo De Araujo (no updates at dinner)
  • Mario Puccini (no updates at dinner)


99 players from the money! We have a great chance to get some of the PartyPoker players into the money at WSOP Main Event 2010!


We have the latest chipstacks for the PartyPoker players:

  • Hwang Yong Kim 750,000
  • Neil Mcfayden 650,000
  • Dragan Galic 470,000
  • Gianni Direnzo 310,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 280,000
  • Thomas Huigsloot 280,000
  • Konrad Molitor 191,000
  • Jannick Wrang 150,000
  • Ingo Paulus 113,000
  • Tyron Krost 102,000
  • Tim Pollard 90,000
  • Cristian Busi 87,000
  • Gregory Howard 69,000
  • Christopher Hauxwell 48,000
  • Danilo De Araujo (no update but still in)
  • Mario Puccini (no update but still in)


Phil Hellmuth just had a very late entrance at the WPT Bellagio Cup. He showed up 48 hours late along with Ivej, durrrr and couple of other big layers. See the full video:


PartyPoker qualifier Artem Khudaverdiev is out. Table chipleader raised under the gun. Artem called with pocket [Kx][Kx]. Flop comes [Ax][8x] rainbow. Both players checked. Turn was [8x].  Chipleader checked, Artem bet 75,000, chipleader reraised and Artem decided to call. River was rag, chipleader bet, Artem raised, chipleader went allin and Artem calls. Unfortunately for Artem the chipleader had pocket [Ax][Ax].


Day 4 is underway!


1,202 players remain in the tournament and among them are 17 PartyPoker players. Check out their chipstacks:

  • 33 Hwang Yong Kim 483,100
  • 87 Dragan Galic 403,000
  • 123 Giovanni Rizzo 361,500
  • 226 Danilo De Araujo 287,300
  • 432 Thomas Huigsloot 189,000
  • 473 Artem Khudaverdiev 174,100
  • 508 Konrad Molitor 168,000
  • 570 Mario Puccini 153,400
  • 620 Gianni Direnzo 143,800
  • 653 Jannick Wrang 135,700
  • 654 Neil Mcfayden 135,100
  • 673 Tim Pollard 132,000
  • 991 Ingo Paulus 70,600
  • 1013 Tyron Krost 67,000
  • 1058 Cristian Busi 58,800
  • 1125 Gregory Howard 46,800
  • 1148 Christopher Hauxwell 40,500


Team PartyPoker pro Tyron Krost is at 65,000.


PartyPoker’s online qualifier from Italy, Giovanni Rizzo, is doing great. Up to 300,000! He used his one time in one situation. He had lost two coinflips in a row and looked like on a tilt.

A good Russian player opened from the midposition, Giovanni looked into [Qx] and decided to raise. The Russian called and the flop was . Giovanni bet and the Russian pushed all-in and showed pocket [8x][8x]. This was the first time Giovanni was all-in in the Main Event. The Turn was blank. Giovanni jumped and loudly shouted “dealer one time”.

hit the river and Giovanni won the 220,000 pot.


Sergio Calvo is out! It was all folded to him on the button with . Sergio raised and the big blind called. Flop seemed great for Sergio with [Kx][Kx][9x]. Sergio bet, but was reraised and he went all-in. The big blind showed [Kx][Qx] and very unlucky there was no help for Sergio on Turn and River.


Dragan Galic is still our chipleader here at the dinner break – 340,000. Dragan had [Jx][Tx] and called an all-in on the flop [Jx][Tx][5x]. The opponent showed [Ax][Kx] and there was no help on turn and river.


Thomas Huigsloot is at 55,000. He only had 2 good hands today so not a very active day for him.


Andrew Kinsman is out! He played aggressively today, was up and down and got up to 76,000 at one point. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long and Andrew is out.


Ingo Paulus is at 80,000. He busted one player earlier but just lost a big 130,000 pot. Under the gun raised, Ingo reraised from the small blind [Kx][Kx], under the gun went all-in and Ingo made the call. The under the gun showed [Ax][Kx] and unfortunately got another [Ax] on the Turn.


Team PartyPoker pro Felipe Ramos is out. Felipe tweets: “The dream is over. Showed to myself again how far can my game go. Huge beat, perfect play. Basically made a huge overbet all in on the flop Kh Th 6s with KJ and got called by 67. Turn 6 and see you all next year.”


Jesper Thomsen is out! He lost two hands – first he held [Ax][Qx] and got all in on the turn when board showed [Qx][7x][7x][Kx]. The opponent rivered a straight unfortunately.

Soon after Jesper went all-in for 12,000 with [Jx][Jx] but the opponent called with  and made the flush. Jesper says “Brutal, I hate poker”. He will be back next year though…


Kara Scott is out of the Main Event! Kara had  and went all-in on the turn with the board showing . The opponent called with . No help for Kara with  on the river.


Team PartyPoker’s Tyron Krost has had a nice day today. Tyron is up to 118,000. He did “the usual”: picked pocket [9x][9x] went all-in, was called by [Jx][Jx]. There was a [9x] on the river and Tyron’s Main Event dream lives on.


Some of the biggest PartyPoker chipstacks at the dinner break:

  • Dragan Galic 300,000
  • Konrad Molitor 200,000
  • Gianni Direnzo 125,000


Andrew Yip is out, he picked [Jx][Jx], bet it, button made a big raise and Andrew decided to go all-in. The button showed [Kx][Kx] and there was no luck for Andrew on the board. Andrew says the whole experience was much fun and he plans to stop by next year.


Mark Crocker is out! He had  on the button. Someone raised from an early position, Mark went all-in for 23,000 and got a call. The opponent had [Qx][Kx] and very unfortunate for Mark picked a [Kx] on the flop. “That is all that she wrote”, says Mark.


Arif Mehmet is out of the Main Event. “The big stack bully punk got lucky”, says Arif. Arif held [Qx][Qx] in the big blind versus [Ax][7x]. No help on the board unfortunately.


Wonder what poker players do at their day off’s here at the WSOP Main Event? Check out Team PartyPoker Kara Scott’s day off.


Jorn Walthaus, PartyPoker qualifier for the Netherlands, is out of the Main Event! Jorn started at 94,000 today but lost two big hands:

First [Ax][Qx] vs. [Ax][Ax] on a [Ax][Qx][Jx] flop.

The bust out hand was [Ax][9x] vs. [Ax][Qx]. No help on the board for Jorn.

It’s actually Jorn’s birthday today so we prepared a birthday cake for him in the PartyPoker Suite for the next break. Unfortunately he busted out and showed up at the suite prematurely  so it was a “sad birthday cake” for Jorn. He is going right over to the WPT Bellagio Cup event, another tournament he qualified to via PartyPoker.


PartyPoker Suite was full of action at the break! PartyPoker’s online qualifiers are here in the full force enjoying the food, drinks and sharing stories and tips with each other.

Team PartyPoker pros Kara Scott and Dragan Galic are in as well. So is Jesse May as he is interviewing the players for his Poker Show.

Matt Savage is here still talking about the World Cup final from yesterday. It was a very memorable experience for Matt to watch almost 120 minutes of football, see a lot of yellow cards, no red cards and one goal!

Even Dave Devilfish Ulliott is here enjoying the food and saying that the PartyPoker suite: “is the place, much nicer than the other suites”. Check out the t-shirt that Devilfish is wearing:


Team PartyPoker pro Kara Scott is at 96,000. She picked [Ax][Ax] earlier, the flop was [6x][6x][3x] and a shirt stack shoved all-in. Kara made the call and the shortstack showed [Jx][Jx]. Turn was [Kx] and the river was [Qx]. Kara is doing well!


PartyPoker qualifier Floris-Jan Van Der Ven is at 130,000. He is at the table with pro Matthias De Meulder, and Matthias is very aggressively trying to run the table.

Floris-Jan believes he now has a good read on Matthias, he also has position on him and will be looking for a clash of the two chipleaders at the table in the next level.


Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic is at 200,000. He has been on a roller coaster today starting at 263,000, moving down to 150,000 and now back to 200,000. Dragan was at the table with Gabe Kaplan (who is now busted) and Chris Moneymaker.


Some chipcounts at the first break:

  • Jesper Thomsen 70,000
  • Andrew Kinsman 26,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 175,000
  • Mario Puccini 60,000


Sebastian Gohr is out! Sebastian was a shortstack and pushed all-in with [Qx][Tx] from the blinds. He got one caller with pocket [Jx][Jx] and there was unfortunately no help on the board. Sebastian says he has had “a great experience, great atmosphere, I enjoyed it”.


Torsten Rink is out. He picked [Qx][Qx], raised it and got a call from the big blind. The flop was great for Torsten: [2x][7x][3x]. Torsten bet and got a quick call. Turn was [9x]. Torsten bet again but the big blind reraised all-in. Torsten decided to call, the big blind showed [Ax][Ax]. River was [Tx] and no help for Torsten.


Ludvik Ludviksson and Quinn Sivage are out of the Main Event. Both were in a similar situation on each of their tables – both held [Ax][Kx] and ended up all-in before the flop versus a pair of [Tx][Tx]. Unfortunately they both lost their coinflips.


Giovanni Rizzo is at the table with Vanessa Rousso. Vanessa Rousso moved all-in on the river on the board . Giovanni called, Vanessa showed and Giovanni folded. The pot was 110,000!

This is how it looked just before Giovanni called on the river:


PartyPoker player Arif Mehmet says:

“Late in the day 2 I crippled Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, when I hit full house on the river with  against his [Qx][Qx] on a [8x][6x][4x] flop a [4x] on the turn and a [6x]on the river.

I checked all the way and called down every street, I wasn’t looking at him when he put in his doubled fisted shove on the river (I thought it was all his chips) and I cnap called to win a 60K pot.”


Kara Scott has blogged about her Main Event progress until now.


2,557 players have started the WSOP Main Event day 3 and among them are 35 PartyPoker players – Team PartyPoker pros and online qualifiers.

This is the full list with chipcounts:

  • Dragan Galic 263,600
  • Neil Mcfayden 208,100
  • Jannick Wrang 185,900
  • Floris-Jan Van Der Ven 177,100
  • Danilo De Araujo 169,700
  • Giovanni Rizzo 169,500
  • Konrad Molitor 155,900
  • Cristian Busi 151,400
  • Tim Pollard 118,800
  • Artem Khudaverdiev 106,900
  • Ingo Paulus 104,000
  • Volkan Yalgin 94,900
  • Jorn Walthaus 94,300
  • Torsten Rink 92,000
  • Thomas Huigsloot 88,700
  • Andrew Yip 88,600
  • Jesper Thomsen 86,100
  • Arif Mehmet 84,300
  • Kent Lundmark 80,300
  • Ludvik Ludviksson 75,900
  • Hwang Kim 75,900
  • Felipe Ramos 72,200
  • Scott Oreilly 71,700
  • Gianni Direnzo 71,300
  • Tyron Krost 70,800
  • Kara Scott 62,600
  • Andrew Kinsman 56,400
  • Mario Puccini 48,900
  • Quinn Sivage 45,200
  • Christopher Hauxwell 41,200
  • Arthur Deguzman 37,800
  • Sebastian Gohr 35,100
  • Sergio Calvo 29,000
  • Mark Crocker 25,600
  • Gregory Howard 1 ??


Total number of players at the Main Event this year is 7,319. Prizepool is at $68,798,600. Top 747 to get paid!

November Nine payouts:

  1. $8,944,138
  2. $5,545,855
  3. $4,129,979
  4. $3,092,497
  5. $2,332,960
  6. $1,772,939
  7. $1,356,708
  8. $1,045,738
  9. $811,823


Day 3 at the World Series Of Poker Main Event 2010 is underway.

Click for live updates from Day 1 and from Day 2.


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