Christmas really does sometimes comes twice, well at least here in Vegas it does!Once again we’re back for the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for. Welcome to our coverage of the World Series Of Poker Main Event here on Day 1B.

Every year thousands of hopefuls head to Vegas to battle it out on the felt with the hope of proving to the world that they are truly the best poker player the world has ever seen.

Doyle Bronzeson

Doyle Bronzeson

Today it was the turn of pokers living legend Doyle Brunson to open up the play here at the Rio. There’s been some speculation if he’d actually play this year but luckily for the poker community he decided to play. Before his announcement to play though he was presented with a bronze bust of himself for his contributions to the poker industry which will forever sit in the hallway here at the Rio.

Team PartyPoker

Today is Day 1B and if you’re wondering what that means, you see an event like this is just so large that we need a set of “starting days” meaning they split the “first day” over three actual days, A B and C. Yep it’s that many. And over the next 3 starting days Team PartyPoker will be flying the flag. Today on 1B we’re looking at got 28 PartyPoker players out there today including:

  • Daniel Erlandsson
  • Dietrich Fast
  • Alex Ferrand
  • Robin Fisher
  • Emmanouil Fountoulakis
  • Domenic Gatto
  • Simon Gunther
  • Hans Hein
  • Jens Kerper
  • Stephan Kribben
  • Felix Lambertz
  • Uwe Matthias
  • Abraham Passet
  • Florian Schulze
  • Marko Schuster
  • Marc Tschirch
  • Csaba Varadi
  • Zsolt Vizsnyiczai
  • Neil Walker
  • Fredrik Wallen
  • Robin Ylitalo
  • Ashley Cheung
  • Ben Spraggons
  • Kristian Linnell
  • Mario Puccini
  • David Zakine
  • Carlos Gil Calvo
  • Derrick Bessette


Play Along At Home

And of course we thought it’d be great if you could play along at home. Over the next few nights get yourself settled in for some fun freeroll poker action courtesy of the PartyPoker Blog. All you need is the pass which you can find here!

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