This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for all year long. Welcome to our coverage of the World Series Of Poker Main Event!

Each and every year thousands of hopefuls make the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of poker Las Vegas to take on each other at the felt and to battle it down in the hopes of showing the world they are the best poker player the world has ever seen. From the last few years it’s been dominated by young males, will we see a shift this year?

Sweat and Tears

One things for sure this is a marathon and not a sprint. Over the course of the next 10 days the journey to that illustrious final table is going to show us a lot of tears, sweat, glory plus of course some choice language that perhaps you wouldn’t want your grandma hearing over Sunday dinner. Then come November one of these players is going to be crowned the champion of the Poker world.

Return of The King – Greg Merson

Speaking of champions it was Greg Merson who opened up the play today here in fabulous Las Vegas. You’ll of course remember it was Merson who crushed a field of around 6,600 players last year and went on to defeat Jesse Sylvia in one of the longest heads up the poker world has ever seen. His reward? The King Of Poker and a cool $8,5 Million.

Team PartyPoker

An event like this is so large that in order to accommodate everyone they need what’s called “starting days” meaning they split the “first day” over three actual days, A B and C. Yep it’s that many. And over the next 3 starting days Team PartyPoker will be flying the flag. We’ve got 14 players out there today on 1A of the WSOP ME including:

  • Louis Boutin
  • Martin Brinkmann
  • Jean-François Brûlé
  • Christian Delacombaz
  • Aymon Hata
  • Christopher Kolla
  • Ilya Leykin
  • Michael McDonald
  • Ty Mullins
  • Qinghai Pan
  • Ingo Paulus
  • Pim Wieringen
  • Jorn Walthaus
  • David Allan
  • Michael Feil


Play Along At Home

And of course we thought it’d be great if you could play along at home. Over the next few nights get yourself settled in for some fun freeroll poker action courtesy of the PartyPoker Blog. All you need is the pass which you can find here!

PartyPoker’s WSOP 2013 Journey

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