PartyPoker Blog has the WSOP updates and reports from the World Series Of Poker 2010 Main Event, following all our online qualifiers and Team PartyPoker pros.

Day 1D

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Even the day 1D finished very strongly for us. All except one player are still in! Quality of play of the PartyPoker online qualifiers and the Team PartyPoker pros has just been amazing in the day 1!

  • 154 Gregory Howard 78,800
  • 170 Giovanni Rizzo 76,775
  • 227 Kara Tobin (Scott) 69,625
  • 475 Ingo Paulus 52,625
  • 476 Quinn Sivage 52,525
  • 541 Neil Mcfayden 48,975
  • 560 Andrew Yip 47,875
  • 614 Arif Mehmet 45,450
  • 1204 Floris-Jan Van Der Ven 25,250
  • 1289 Danilo De Araujo 22,750
  • 1676 Essam Ali 6,600


We just had a meeting between Essam Ali and Sebastian Gohr here in the PartyPoker suite. Essam was the one beating Sebastian to a WSOP For Life package in the final tournament last month. Sebastian just got the WSOP 2010 package as a second placed finisher.


Quinn Sivage is at 17,000. Won a big hand just before the dinner break with [9x][9x], going all in at the flop [Qx][Qx][5x]. “Table left for dinner so I told the dealer what I had, and he’s like “yeah these 2?” after digging thru muck to find my cards.”


Neil McFayden from the UK is doing very well and is at 47,800. “It is a really soft table, the players are really bad”, says Neil.


Ingo Paulus from Germany is up on 31,000. He held [Ax][Kx] and flopped three of a kind: [Kx][Kx][Tx]. He found himself all-in but another [Kx] on the river made it a split pot unfortunately.


Andrew Yip, qualifier from Canada, is up on 55,000. He had [7x][7x] on the button, hit three of a kind on the flop got paid all the way.


Miska Lahti from Finland has gone from 60,000 down to 12,000. He lost a huge pot with [Ax][Ax] versus [Kx][Kx]. There was no King on the board but the opponent got 4 clubs on the board to hit Flush. Very unlucky for Miska!


Gregory Howard, PartyPoker qualifier from the UK, is our current chipleader with 82,000. Tens love Gregory! He held , flopped three tens and got Quads on the river. He even got paid as the opponent had Aces and the 20,000+ pot went to Gregory.


Essam Ali, the WSOP For Life winner, is in a “horrible” state. He has 6,625 left and literally couldn’t win a hand in the last two hours. Had [Qx][Qx] and lost versus [Ax][Jx] and other random small pots.


Danilo De Araujo, online qualifier from Brazil, has 46,000 chips. His table is very quiet but it doesn’t bother Danilo as he is always having fun.


Floris-Jan Van Der Ven is having fun at his table. There is a heated discussion between a Texan, a republican and a democrat around the gun laws in the US and whether you should be allowed to take guns to the street. Floris-Jan now has 37,000.


Kara Scott is at 67,500 at the dinner break!


Official numbers are in – 2391 players today in the the Day 1D. Total number of players at the Main Event this year is 7,319.

Prizepool is at $68,798,600. Top 747 to get paid!

November Nine payouts:

  1. $8,944,138
  2. $5,545,855
  3. $4,129,979
  4. $3,092,497
  5. $2,332,960
  6. $1,772,939
  7. $1,356,708
  8. $1,045,738
  9. $811,823


PartyPoker qualifier Floris-Jan Van Der Ven from the Netherlands was involved in an interesting hand. He had pocket [9x][9x], the board had several over cards [Jx][Qx][Ax], there was a Flush draw as well. The opponent bet on the river and Floris-Jan made a big reraise and luckily the opponent folded a low Flush.


Team PartyPoker pro Kara Scott reports via Twitter: 64k at 2nd break after having to check fold KK on an A high flop in a 4 bet pot. He showed me AK. Nice man.


Essam Ali, our WSOP For Life winner, is up at 29,000. It is a very though table according to Essam, he has played several small pots, no crazy action. Only one player that is a bit weaker at the table, the rest are pretty good.


We sat down with few more of the PartyPoker online qualifiers, get to meet them:


Remember GIovanni Rizzo, one of the 16 contenders for the Team PartyPoker sponsorship at the Premier League Poker earlier this year? Giovanni qualified to WSOP Main Event through PartyPoker tables as well and is now up on 61,000! “I’m chipping it up”, says Giovanni.

He flopped a set earlier and pushed a bit too much on the turn so the opponent decided to fold pocket [Ax][Ax]. Giovanni says that it is so early so players are afraid to bust at this stage and they play very conservative.

Giovanni also did a hero call earlier after he was faced wit ha big bet on the river. Giovanni held a pair of 6’s while the opponent showed [Ax][Tx] for a high card only.


Our WSOP For Life winner Essam Ali is at 25,000. He was up at 35,000 but lost 10,000 in a big pot. Essam decided to fold the top pair on the river and the opponent showed a bluff. “I got owned” says Essam.


Miska Lahti from Finland is down to 27,000. It could have been much worse for Miska as he held [Qx][Qx] and [Jx][Jx] and both times run into [Kx][Kx]. Impressive that he didn’t lose more in these two hands!


Floris-Jan Van Der Ven from the Netherlands is at 25,000. Floris-Jan loves his table and says “My table is the best table ever, really good table”.

Andrew Yip from Canada is holding steady at 30,000. “Really boring” and no action until now.

Arif Mehmet from Australia  is up at 42,000. He won the money holding [Qx][Qx] vs. [Tx][Tx].

Rafael Aparicio Pico from Spain is doing well after the first break. Up at 32,000.


Quinn Sivage is at the WSOP Main Event as well! Remember him from the credit card roulette? He is up at 32,700 and is tweeting his progress @coxquinn.


Kara Scott is all happy today! She is up at 72,000 chips already! “My table is good but I don’t want to say bad things about them”.

Kara had Quads at one point, and an aggressive player tried to bluff her at the river when she had the nuts!


We’ve posted some pics of PartyPoker qualifiers from yesterday on our Facebook page. Check it out!


Kara Scott is the Team PartyPoker representative today, good luck!


12 PartyPoker qualifiers are on today, we’ve been doing extremely well in the first 3 starting days so let us continue the trend today!

  • Essam Ali, Netherlands
  • Rafael Aparicio Pico, Spain
  • Danilo De Araujo, Brazil
  • Gregory Howard, UK
  • Simon Kovacic, Germany
  • Miska Lahti, Finland
  • Neil McFayden, UK
  • Ingo Paulus, Germany
  • Giovanni Rizzo, Italy
  • Floris-Jan Van Der Ven, Netherlands
  • Arif Mehmet, Australia
  • Andrew Yip, Canada


PartyPoker chipstacks at the end of day 1C:

  • 11 Jorn Walthaus 137,025
  • 93 Konrad Molitor 89,900
  • 229 Kent Lundmark 70,000
  • 488 Joao Studart 51,000
  • 502 Ludvik Ludviksson 50,100
  • 547 Tomas Mitell 48,175
  • 556 Christopher Hauxwell 47,800
  • 559 Cristian Busi 47,650
  • 715 Thomas Huigsloot 41,200
  • 1174 Andrew Kinsman 24,850
  • 1179 Renaud Desferet 24,575
  • 1521 Mike Sexton 12,500
  • 1561 Mark Griffin 10,100
  • 1572 Peter Menyhert 9,725


Day 1D is underway here at the WSOP Main Event 2010!

Day 1C


2,314 players started today at the day 1C. Total number of participants in the first 3 days of the WSOP Main Event is 4,928. Let us see what happens tomorrow…


Phil Hellmuth is out!  It was unfortunately not PartyPoker’s Thomas Huigsloot who knocked him out. Thomas is still sitting there though and is very strong.


Thomas Huigsloot from the Netherlands is running Phil Hellmuth’s featured table! Thomas is up on 85,000 and is the chipleader while Hellmuth is down to less than 20,000. Phil is very tight and Thomas is not very concerned about him.

Jesse May got up to Thomas for an interview for The Poker Show saying “So you’re playing at Phil Hellmuth’s table?”. Thomas was very quick responding “No, Phil’s playing my table”.

Thomas also did a bet before the soccer World Cup and is close to cashing – Sneijder to be the topscorer and Holland to win the World Cup. The odds were 210 and Thomas bet 14 Euro.


Mark Griffin from England had an interesting last hand. 8 seconds before the dinner break, the dealer was shuffling cards and one of the players was asking if there is time enough to play another hand. The dealer said yes and dealt [Ax][Ax] to Mark.

There was a bet from an early position, Mark reraised him from the button and got the call. The flop was good – 10 high. Mark bet and got a call. Turn was another small card. Mark bets again and got a call again. River was a King. The opponent bet 10,000. Mark felt he was beaten but decided to call anyway. The opponent showed [Kx][Kx]. “Sick, sick, sick”, says Mark, “I’m not going to have an nice dinner”.


Ludvik Ludviksson from Iceland is up on 64,000. He was down to 36,000 at one point but fought his way back. He picked up [Kx][Qx] twice and won both times – once against [Ax][Ax] and once against [Kx][Tx].


Kent Lundmark from Sweden has been down to 24,000 and is now back up to 50,000. He has held pocket Aces three times today!

Christopher Hauxwell from UK has had a tough question with some bad cards and is now down to 23,000.

Andrew Kinsman from UK has been on a roller coaster, went down to 5,000 but fought himself back going all-in with pocket [Ax][Ax] vs. pocket [8x][8x]. Andrew is now up on 16,250.


PartyPoker qualifier Petter Hammer from Norway is at the table with Johnny Chan. Chan is running the table with more than 140,000 in chips. He is reading everyone very well and calling down people when they are bluffing. Every time he is in a hand, the TV cameras run to the table.

Petter is the only other player at the table who is up so he is doing very well considering Chan’s dominance!


Jesse May had a chat with Luke Schwartz earlier trying to find out why Luke is not at the WSOP Main Event 2010. Click the link for what he found out.


Babak Sedighi from Canada is down to 11,000. He has lost few smaller pots, and hasn’t had many good hands.

Daniel Negreanu is on the table next to Badak, so there is quiet a lot of media attention there.


Mark Griffin from England is at 32,500. He has been very card dead lately. The table is pretty even as well, no one has a big stack really, no one is short either.


Thomas Huigsloot is doing well at the table with Phil Hellmuth. Thomas has 53,000 vs. Hellmuth’s 23,000. Phil is not in the best mood, he has been complaining several times. Once he called the floor on the bet that wasn’t announced.

Thomas tried to bluff Phil once, but there was a third guy in the pot that decided to reraise Thomas, so he ended up folding.

All in all a great day for Thomas, he even busted one guy out earlier.


PartyPoker qualifier Thomas Huigsloot at the featured table with Phil Hellmuth.


We sat down with few of the PartyPoker’s WSOP Main Event 2010 online qualifiers. Get to know them…


Thomas Huigsloot, PartyPoker qualifier from the Netherlands, has just been moved to the featured table here at the Main Event. He is there alongside Phil Hellmuth! Definitely a big experience for Thomas!


Babak Sedighi from Canada is down to 20,000 after a missed straight draw and a failed bluff on the river.

Christopher Hauxwell from UK got very lucky! He called with [Jx][5x] from the big blind, hit two pair on the flop and got paid off by a guy who held pocket [Qx][Qx]. Christopher is now up on 42,000!


Ludvik Ludviksson from Iceland has had a bit of a roller coaster being down to 20,000 something and is now back up to 48,000. He flopped an Ace high straight and got paid off in a 20,000+ pot.


PartyPoker’s Kent Lundmark from Sweden is up to 46,000. He flopped trip Jacks, got Quads on the Turn and got paid by two guys on the river – they both had full houses. Nice one!


Mark Griffin, PartyPoker qualifier from England, is doing well and is at 34,500. He is playing many small pots and his biggest win was with [Kx][Qx], which is his least favourite hand normally. I bet it no longer is after today!


We have some pictures from PartyPoker qualifiers and Team PartyPoker pros from the Day 1B at the WSOP Main Event.


Peter Menyhert from Hungary is up on 43,500. He flopped trip Queens in the very first hand of his Main Event 2010. The other guy had pocket Aces so Peter got paid off.

Last hand before the break he held . Again a very nice flop with two Diamonds. On the Turn Peter hit the nut flush but very unfortunately both of the opponents folded lower flushes on the Turn! Very good fold from both!


PartyPoker qualifier Thomas Huigsloot from Netherlands is at 30,000 chips. Not much poker to update from Thomas, the most exciting thing that happened was that Germany lost in the soccer World Cup.

There was a Spanish guy on the table and he was very excited when Spain scored so everyone around him thought he sucked out.


Mike Sexton is playing today. He just stopped by PartyPoker’s suite, his brother Tom was here as well. Mike is at 27,500.

Mike’s brother is retired, enjoys playing poker but is only a hobby player.


Players remaining at end of WSOP day 1A were 762 (of 1,125 starting) and players remaining at the end of the day 1B were 1018 (of 1,489 starting).

Considering these numbers, PartyPoker qualifiers are doing pretty well after the first two days.


18 PartyPoker qualifiers are playing the Day 1C:

  • Claus Andersen, Denmark
  • Cristian Busi, Italy
  • Renaud Desferet, France
  • Mark Griffin, England
  • Petter Hammer, Norway
  • Christopher Hauxwell, UK
  • Thomas Huigsloot, Netherlands
  • Simon Johansson, Sweden
  • Andrew Kinsman, UK
  • Ludvik Ludviksson, Iceland
  • Kent Lundmark, Sweden
  • Peter Menyhert, Hungary
  • Tomas Mitell, Sweden
  • Konrad Molitor, UK
  • Badak Sedighi, Canada
  • Joao Studart, Brazil
  • Jorn Walthaus, Netherlands


PartyPoker had a great day yesterday. These are the chipcounts from the day 1B:

  • 27 Jannick Wrang 114,550
  • 83 Tyron Krost 86,575
  • 119 Volkan Yalgin 75,675
  • 143 Tim Pollard 71,350
  • 162 Gianni Direnzo 69,025
  • 217 Artem Khudaverdiev 62,375
  • 304 Mario Puccini 52,300
  • 305 Miika Puumalainen 52,150
  • 341 Sebastian Gohr 48,775
  • 347 Giovanni Safina 48,375
  • 387 Arthur Deguzman 45,800
  • 544 Torsten Rink 36,925
  • 629 Frederick Deguzman 31,350
  • 639 Mark Crocker 30,800
  • 691 Julian Lange 28,100
  • 837 Jesper Thomsen 19,475
  • 854 Barry Donovan 18,200
  • 921 Bodo Sbrzesny 14,675

Day 1C of the WSOP Main Event 2010 is underway!

Day 1B


Team PartyPoker pro Tyron Krost is playing today as well. he has played quiet a lot of small hands, the table is not very good so Tyron has some 54,000 chips currently.


Qualifier Julian Lange from Germany is at 25,000. He hates his table as it is very tough and there are no soft spots. There is a really aggressive guy on his right hand and there is a lot of 3-betting going on. Erick Lindgren was on Julian’s table earlier but busted. Erick was playing very tight and didn’t really make any moves in his short stay at the WSOP 2010.


Bodo Sbrzesny has been on a roller coaster last few hands. He went down to 5,000 but doubled up twice in a row and is now up on 20,000.

First a loose guy open raised, one mid position called and Bodo pushed all in with [Qx][Kx]. The open raiser folded and the caller called with [Kx][Jx]. No help on the board and Bodo doubled up.

Next hand Bodo raised with [Ax][Kx] under the gun. The big blind called and the flop was [Kx]. Bodo bet but the big blind called. Turn was another 8. Bodo bet again and the big blind called again. River was a blank, Bodo went all in, the big blind called and mucked his hand after Bodo showing the pair of Kings.


An update from Gianni Di Renzo from Switzerland. He lost with pocket Aces. Flop was [9x][Tx][Jx]. And the turn was [8x]. Gianni bet on the turn, but was reraised and decided to fold. The opponent showed [Qx][Qx].


Miguel Proulx, PartyPoker player, is hanging out in our suite here at the dinner break. Miguel was one of the 16 contenders for PartyPoker sponsorship back in Premier League. He won the bracelet in the event 28 this year, and finished second in the event 55. In total $800,000 winnings at WSOP 2010, how about that?


1,125 players participated in the day 1A and 1,489 are participating in the day 1B today. Wondering how many will play the 1C and 1D?


Ali Essam from the Netherlands has been hanging out in our PartyPoker suite at RIO today. Ali won the WSOP For Life final tournament and now has 20 years of buy-ins into the WSOP Main Event.

Ali is playing the Day 1D and about the upcoming 19 years he says you never know what will happen but I am probably going to be here again and again. He just turned 21 years old so it was a perfect timing for Party to have the WSOP For Life promo.

As Ali is from the Netherlands he is betting on them to win the World Cup by beating Germany 1-0 by a Sneijder goal in 33rd minute. Wanna bet against Ali?


Sebastian Gohr has been doing very well since the last time we caught up with him. He was check raised on river in a very big pot when he held pair of Aces and made a hero call to win the pot. Sebastian had a good read on the player and saw him as the only player at the table capable of making a bluff move on the river. He is up on 57,000 now and is one of our chipleaders.


Chipstacks from other PartyPoker qualifiers:

  • Barry Donovan, Ireland – 60,000 – He is doing very well but not getting into any big hands, just stealing pots here and there.
  • Gianni Di Renzo, Switzerland – 60,000 – Italian living in Switzerland, biggest pot was when he doubled up with pocket Aces versus pocket Kings.
  • Jesper Thomsen, Denmark – 10,000 – He plays PLO cash games mostly so doesn’t have much experience at No Limit
  • Julian Lange, Germany – 30,000 – He has been at around 30,000 for the full 5 hours now, hasn’t seen much action at all
  • Mario Puccini, Germany – 38,000 – Boring level with not much action. Biggest fish was moved to another table.
  • Tim Pollard, England – 47,000 – He knocked one player out, other than that not much action except some blind stealing.


Bodo Sbrzesny lost in a very unlucky hand. He held  and flopped a flush draw at [Tx] on the turn gave him the flush but unlucky for Bodo the opponent got the straight draw holding . Bodo is now down to 11,000.


We’ve got two Canadian brothers playing for PartyPoker today. Eric and Arthur Deguzman. They are both doing well with Arthur in the lead with 56,000 chips and Eric with 42,000 chips. Not only that, they have two more of their brothers railing them on!

Arthur won his money holding [4x][4x] in a family pot of 6 players when he flopped a set.

Eric hasn’t had many hands today but did win a big pot just before the break holding a higher flush.


Team PartyPoker pro Giovanni Safina is playing the Day 1B as well!


We’ve just published a set of pictures from the Day 1A on PartyPoker’s Facebook page. Click here to check them out!


Bodo Sbrzesny is down to 22,000 chips. He was in an interesting hand. The button raised, small blind called and Bodo did a squeeze play from the big blind with [8x][3x].

The button did call, small blind folded. The flop was . Bodo bet and the button called. The turn was  and Bodo bet again but was called again. River was a blank card and Bodo decided to take another stab. The opponent called and won the hand with [Ax][Kx] having no spade.


Been looking at the official chipcounts and have located these of the Team PartyPoker and PartyPoker qualifiers from the Day 1A:

  • 50 Patrick Uzan 87,950 United Kingdom
  • 165 Dragan Galic 60,550 Germany
  • 276 Hwang Yong Kim 48,250 Canada
  • 376 Ammar Naamani 40,525 Belgium
  • 585 Simon Muenz 22,800 Gibraltar
  • 638 Peter Nagy 18,550 Hungary


Some of the other PartyPoker qualifier chipstacks:

  • David Scherzer, Germany – 24,000 (pretty comfortable, 9 donks at my table)
  • Sebastian Gohr, UK – 33,000 (passive table, no big pots yet)
  • Mario Puccini, Germany – 40,000 (first WSOP but played many European events so doesn’t find it much different)
  • Sergio Alberto Calvo Barber, Spain – 29,000 (he has 1 pro at his table, he recognizes him from the TV but doesn’t know his name!)


Party qualifier Jannsen Oliviera from Brazil doesn’t have much to report. Everyone on his table is very quiet, even the dealer mentioned that “this table is too quiet!”. Jannsen is at 30,000.


Those pocket Aces love our qualifier Tim Pollard from England. He held pocket Aces twice in the first two hours of his WSOP Main Event. He got paid on one of them, the other time everyone folded. He is up at 35,000 now.


Barry Donovan, PartyPoker qualifier from Ireland, has some action players at his table. One of them is playing his first WSOP this year and he has already played in the 8 events. He has showed up late for 7 of the 8 events and has been knocked out before the break in each of them. Good stuff!


PartyPoker qualifier Jesper Thomsen of Denmark is down to 17,000. He had 3 straight flush draws, 2 on the turn and 1 on the flop. He played two of the draws very aggressively and missed both time.


Bodo Sbrzesny is Team PartyPoker representative today at the Day 1B.


We have the first qualifier out – Jerry Hurd from the USA. Jerry held [Kx][Jx], picked a pair of Kings on the flop and ended up all-in on the turn against a player who slow played pocket Aces.

Jerry qualified via a qualifier and has never deposited money at all. He found the experience “terribly exciting and frustrating, all those things together”. Jerry says it is “quiet an honor to be here, I am the only US citizen, if you run it again next year I will be here.”


Good news from yesterday: all PartyPoker qualifiers plus Felipe Ramos and Dragan Galic of Team PartyPoker look to have survived the day 1A!


We have 19 PartyPoker qualifiers playing today:

  • Gianni Di Renzo, Switzerland
  • Sergio Alberto Calvo Barber, Spain
  • Arthur Deguzman, Canada
  • Eric Deguzman, Canada
  • Barry Donovan, Ireland
  • Sebastian Gohr, UK
  • Jerry Hurd, USA
  • Artem Khudaverdiev, Germany
  • Julian Lange, Germany
  • Scott O’Reilly, UK
  • Jannsen Oliviera, Brazil
  • Tim Pollard, England
  • Mario Puccini, Germany
  • Miika Puumalainen, Finland
  • Torsten Frank Rink, Germany
  • David Scherzer, Germany
  • Jesper Thomsen, Denmark
  • Jannick Wrang, Denmark
  • Volkan Yalgin, Austria


Day 1B of the World Series of Poker Main Event is underway!

Day 1A


An update from PartyPoker qualifier Hwang Yong Kim from Canada. He is up on 69,000 chips.

Hwang Yong is having a fun time here in Vegas. He just turned 21. His table is good, he feels like he has a good control and knows which players to go after and which players to be cautious when playing against.


We have more info on PartyPoker qualifier Patrick Uzan. He is now up on 65,000. He held [Ax][Kx] and flopped a straight draw on the [Qx][Jx][2x]. [Tx] on river made him a straight and he collected a nice 20,000 pot.


Another of Dragan Galic’s big hands. Dragan held  and did a small raise. Only the small blind called. [2x]. A royal flush draw for Dragan!

Small blind bet, Dragan called. The turn card was blank and both players checked. River was a blank J giving Dragan the straight.

Small blind bets 2500, Dragan reraised 7500 and small blind called.


Dragan Galic is up on 81,000 after winning some great pots.

In one hand he held [Kx][Kx] in middle position and raised. Both the button and the big blind called. Flop was [Jx][Qx][4x]. The big blind hit the set as he held pocket [4x][4x].

He slow played it and checked, Dragan bet, button called but the big blind made a big raise. Dragan called and button folded. Turn was a blank 8.

Big blind had 10,000 left, he bet and Dragan put him all-in. He called. Fortunately for Dragan, there was another [Kx] on the river.


Check out our quick sneak peak WSOP Main Event 2010 coverage introduction video.

Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog for more videos in the upcoming days and weeks.


Dragan Galic is now up on 41,000. Dragan held [6x][6x] on a 10 high board, he made a bet and got re-raised. Dragan had a good read on the opponent, made the call and won as the opponent mucked saying “Good call”.


PartyPoker qualifier Simon Muenz from Gibraltar is our chipleader with 55,000. His biggest hand was [4x][4x] where he limp called under the gun and flopped a set [Kx][4x][3x].

Simon bet that flop, was quickly called. Turn was a blank card, Simon bet and got a call again. Another blank on the river and Simon went all-in. The opponent called with [Ax][Kx].

Simon has busted 2 players today.


We’ve found another PartyPoker qualifier! Ammar Naamani from Belgium. Ammar has 30,000 chips but has lost a big pot. He held [Tx][Tx] and took control of the hand betting preflop, on the flop and on the turn. On the turn he was re-raised all-in and decided to fold. The opponent showed Ace high bluff.


PartyPoker’s Dominik Leitner from Austria is down to 8,500 chips. He lost with pocket Kings.

Dominik was very aggressive in the hand, betting preflop, betting on the flop, and on the turn. On the turn he got re-raised all-in and decided to fold his top pair of Kings after spending a long time thinking. The opponent was a very tight player and Dominik never saw him bluff.


Felipe Ramos continues to have fun at his crazy table and has tweeted this: “Wowwwww! Crazy action. Looks like a freeroll. OMG!”.


Another PartyPoker qualifier who is doing well after the first few hours is Lasell King from Germany. Lasell is at 36,000.


Patrick Uzan, PartyPoker qualifier from England, was in the two big hands in the first couple of hours of the WSOP Main Event 2010.

He won with [Ax][Ax] vs. [Kx][Kx] on a very low board. The other big hand he played he lost. He held [Jx][Jx] and lost after the opponent hit a [Qx] on the river.

Patrick is now at 38,000.


Team PartyPoker’s Dragan Galic is at 29,000. He was bluffed in the last hand before the first break. Dragan held and raised from a mid-position.

Both the button and the big blind called. Flop [5x]. Dragan bet, the button folded and the big blind called. Turn was . Dragan bet but was called again. River was . Big blind bet 4000, Dragan open-folded his  and the big blind showed [Ax][7x] with no diamonds!


PartyPoker qualifier Marten Jensen from Germany is at 36,000. His plan was to play tight solid poker but he loosened up pretty quickly. He won a hand where he risked losing a big part of his stack by bluffing big on the river with Ace high. Fortunately for Marten, the player he was against decided to fold after tanking for some 5 minutes. Way to go!


It’s not only PartyPoker qualifiers that are in action today, Felipe Ramos and Dragan Galic of Team PartyPoker are on as well.

Felipe has 27,000 chips, his table is crazy. “They play worse than my grandmother”, says Felipe. “I am going to crush them”. We’ll keep an eye on Felipe to see if he gets to crush them or not!


10 PartyPoker online qualifiers are playing the Day 1a:

  • Marten Jensen, Germany
  • Hwang Yong Kim, Canada
  • Dominik Leitner, Austria
  • Simon Muenz, Gibraltar
  • Peter Nagy, Hungary
  • Khiem Nguyen, Germany
  • Lasell King, Germany
  • Thorsten Schafer, Germany
  • Patrick Uzan, England
  • Ammar Naamani, Belgium


The World Series of Poker 2010 $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship Main Event has just kicked off.

There were 6,494 participants in the WSOP Main Event in 2009 and the defending champion is Joe Cada from Shelby Township, MI. Joe Cada won $8,547,044!

WSOP 2010 Main Event Final Table, November Nine, is to be played between November 6th and 9th 2010 and will be televised on ESPN on Tuesday, November 9th, 9-11 PM ET. ESPN will air WSOP programming in 25 countries on five continents to 300 million households.

Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog for the latest news, interviews and profiles and other updates from WSOP 2010 Main Event along with other World Series Of Poker events.


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