Day 5 Ends With Kyle Keranen at the Helm

Day 5 started with 282 players and ended with 97 still with a shout of a $8,527,982 first prize. Of the eight PartyPoker and Bwin qualifiers that started the day only two remain. Firstly, we have the Bwin qualifier Manos Foudoulakis who currently sits in 21st place with 3,020,000 chips and secondly we have Jordi Martinez who sits in 26th place with 2,700,000 chips.

Here are the top ten chip leaders going into Day 6

  1. Kyle Keranen – 6,935,000
  2. Robert Salaburu – 6,195,000
  3. Taylor Paur – 5,820,000
  4. Erik Hellman – 4,715,000
  5. Wilfred Haerig – 4,505,000
  6. Shahriar Assareh – 4,395,000
  7. Charles Coultas – 4,015,000
  8. Gaelle Baumann – 3,980,000
  9. Fabrizio Gonzalel – 3,935,000
  10. Nicco Maag – 3,895,000

Level 23 News: PartyPoker Gladiator Raphael Ayani is Out


Raphael Ayani qualified for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event through the Gladiator programme on PartyPoker and he has played like a Gladiator during the event proper. He has been struggling on the short stack for the entire day and eventually found a sweet spot for his chips holding . Unfortunately, Ayani was called by Russel Thomas who found two red aces and after the dealer landed on the board Ayani headed to the pay desk to collect his $52,718 winnings. The elimination of Ayani means there are no more PartyPoker qualifiers or Team Pros left in this years series, but there are two Bwin players left in the mix with Jordi Martinez holding 1,780,000 chips and Manos Foudoulakis holding 2,760,000.

Level 22 News: Amatos Gomilla is Out


We managed to interview PartyPoker Team Pro Amatos Gomilla during the Level 21 break and it seems we have bokked him because he was eliminated shortly before the dinner break.

We have been told that most of the damage occured during a blind battle with Gomila seated in the big blind holding . Gomila fired three-barrels when checked to, on a [Ax] [6x] board, only to be check-raised all-in on the river. Gomila was certain his opponent had a full house and so folded his hand. Then a few hands later the same opponent raised, Gomila moved all-in holding pocket nines and his opponent called, and eliminated him, with pocket aces.

Here is Amatos talking to us just before his exit.

How are you enjoying your World Series of Poker (WSOP) experience so far?

The WSOP main Event is the best tournament in the world and I am really enjoying myself. You have two-hour levels, a great blind structure and a lot of money for the winner so it’s great for sure. But the downside is you have ten- hours of poker every day, with all of the breaks you are at the Rio for about 13 hours. You get back to the hotel at 02:00 in the morning, stay up thinking about hands, grab a few hours sleep and then come back for more. On the first day it ok, second day it’s hard, third day it’s terrible but from the fourth day it’s a lot better because we are in the money. When you wake up you are nervous, excited and your adrenaline is running. We have only 200 people left and a lot of money to be won.

What is so interesting on your iPad?

I have been watching four seasons of Breaking Bad. I play a lot of tables on the Internet so when I play one table live, it is so difficult.

Is that why you play every hand?

I play a lot of hands. I am very loose – loose aggressive. It is very typical for me to be either be the chip leader – or out – in the first day of a tournament. People ask me for tips on how they should play?  I say every person should find his or her own style. Mine is aggressive and I am very comfortable playing huge pots and not a lot of people are. It is my comfort zone. I am comfortable to make a very big move with nothing.

Where does the nickname ‘Amatos’ come from?

There was once a footballer called Gabriel Amato who scored a lot of goals for Mallorca around ten-years ago. I decides to use his nickname as my screen name online but had to use seven letters and so I called myself ‘Amatos.” My real name is Tomeu Gomila.

Is it true that you received a standing ovation from your table at the WSOP Main Event in 2010?

Two years ago I won something like 38 out of 40 pots. I was very lucky that each time I bluffed everyone folded. I was the early chip leader with fifteen times the average and when the day ended one person on my table said, “let’s clap for the master,” and everyone started to clap.

Level 22 News: Hans Joachim Hein is Out

The action folded around to our Bwin qualifier, Hans Joachim Hein, on the button. He peeked at just one card before moving all-in and the big blind called. Hein turned over his blind card and saw that he had pocket aces! The big blind turned over and Hein was in tremendous shape to double up. Then the dealer created a board that contained more clubs than the wallpaper in the bedroom of Greg Norman’s children and Hein was out, losing to the flush.

Level 22 News: And Then There Were Five: Francois Tosques is Out



As one French Starlet climbs into the top ten of the chip counts (Gaelle Baumann with 3.2 million chips) we lose our last French player Francois Tosques. We believe Tosques got his last 300,000 into the middle against Brian Lamanna. It was v with no seven forthcoming on the board and Tosques was out.

Personal Best for Hein



Hans Joachim Hein has now officially recorded his best World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event performance. He finished 202nd in 2009 and 204th in 2010 and told us that when he approached the countdown from 206 players he was thinking, “not again.” Hein is repeatedly shoving his 300,000 stack into the middle but has so far not received any callers.

Martinez Doubles

Jordi Martinez has joined Manos Foudoulakis at the top our list of qualifiers. The Spaniard doubled his stack to 2,450,000 after winning a huge flip [Qx] [Qx] v [Ax] [Kx].

In other news we have lost WSOP bracelet holder Craig McCorkell, Randy Haddox and there are a few changes at the top.

  1. Kyle Keranen – 4,440,000
  2. Paul Volpe – 3,580,000
  3. Elisabeth Hille – 3,650,000
  4. Robert Salaburu – 3,616,000
  5. Robert Corcione – 3,600,000

PartyPoker and Bwin Chip Counts

  1. Manos Foudoulakis – 2,420,000
  2. Jordi Martinez – 2,450,000
  3. Gomilla Amatos – 820,000
  4. Hans Joachim Hein – 350,000
  5. Raphael Ayani – 300,000

Level 21 News: A Huge Moment for Manos Foudoulakis; Kolla & Sauva Are Out

Bwin qualifier Manos Foudoulakis has just felt his heart beat like never before. He has just pushed 1.1 million chips over the line (62BB) and found another player with an equal stack ready to have a fight. It was for Foudoulakis and for his opponent and the net result was a 2.2 million haul for the Grecian. Should you be putting 60BB into the jukebox with ? Foudoulakis is glad that he did!



In other news we have lost our first two players Daniel Sauva & Christopher Kolla. Kolla was eliminated after being torn apart in the following three hands.

Hand 1

Kolla gets it all-in on the turn on a board of [Ax] [6x] [4x] [2x] holding pocket deuces for the set. His opponent has [Ax] [2x] and hits an ace on the river!

Hand 2

Kolla gets it all-in versus the of Sorel Mizzi and a king on the flop seals the deal for Mizzi.

Hand 3

Kolla gets it all in [Kx] [Tx] versus [Kx] [7x] and a [7x] turns up on the board to eliminate the PartyPoker qualifer.

It seems that we have also lost Daniel Sauva. We do not have the details of his exit, but can confirm he has been eliminated in 20th place for $44,655.

With 198 players remaining, here is what has been happening elsewhere in Day 5. Nghi Van Tran, Freddy Deeb, JP Kelly & Brian Meinders are out and here are the updated counts of the top five players.

  1. Robert Salaburu – 3,600,000
  2. Paul Volpe – 3,580,000
  3. Erik Hellman – 3,550,000
  4. Robert Corcione – 3,15,000
  5. David Kluchman 2,700,000

PartyPoker and Bwin Chip Counts

  1. Manos Foudoulakis – 2,100,000
  2. Jordi Martinez – 1,100,000
  3. Gomilla Amatos – 800,000
  4. Francois Tosques – 480,000
  5. Hans Joachim Hein – 370,000
  6. Raphael Ayani – 300,000

Level 21 News: Everyone is Still Alive and Well

There are 223 players remaining and hidden amongst that number are our eight PartyPoker and Bwin players.

PartyPoker qualifier Francois Tosques has just won a pot from Vanessa Selbst to take him up to 750,000. Selbst raised to 35,000 on the button and Tosques defended his big blind. The flop was and Tosques check-called a 32,000 Selbst bet. The was checked through on the turn and Tosques won the hand with a 96,000 bet at the sight of the on the river.


Raphael Ayani just moved down to 475,000 and Daniel Sauva moved up to 410,000. The action folded around to Ayani on the button and he placed his shades over his eyes and laid out a bet of 32,000. The small blind called, the big blind folded and we were heads up to the flop. The three cards were and Ayani was forced to lay down the hand, and with it another 32,000, after his opponent check-raised to 75,000. Over in the Gold Section and Sauva has doubled up to 410,000 in uncontested pots.

Hein All-In

Last but not least we have seen Hans Joachim Hein move all-in. It was from the small blind versus an early position open and it got through uncontested. Hein has 370,000 as he encroaches the area where he has been eliminated in both 2009 & 2010.

In other news….

JP Kelly is not having a great day. He started with just under 800,000 but has lost half of those whilst playing on the feature table, Jason Somerville has just spiked a queen on the river to move up to 2,300,000 in an all-in pre flop contest versus the of Amit Zulkowitz and Paul Volpe continues to lead the field with 3,550,000.

Here are the top five chip counts

  1. Paul Volpe – 3,550,000
  2. Robert Corcione – 3,400,000
  3. Robert Salaburu – 3,240,000
  4. Andras Koroknai – 2,700,000
  5. Kyle Keranen 2,600,000

PartyPoker and Bwin Chip Counts

  1. Manos Foudoulakis – 1,220,000
  2. Jordi Martinez – 1,050,000
  3. Gomilla Amatos – 965,000
  4. Francois Tosques – 750,000
  5. Christopher Kolla – 565,000
  6. Raphael Ayani – 475,000
  7. Daniel Sauva – 410,000
  8. Hans Joachim Hein – 370,000

Level 20 Report: Manos Foudoulakis Still Leads The Qualifiers

As we head into the first break of the day we still have all eight of our PartyPoker and Bwin players in the competition. Leading the pack is Manos Foudoulakis with 1,420,000 chips.

Kolla All-In

Christopher Kolla has just been all-in but survived with a good end result. Sorel Mizzi raised from the cutoff, the button three-bet before Kolla four-bet jammed for around 410,000. Both players folded and Kolla now has 510,000 chips.


Daniel Sauva is the one player struggling at the moment and has just had to lay down pocket queens pre flop. Sauva peeled over the lovely ladies and came into the pot with a three-bet. He was soon looking at a four-bet and then a five-bet before deciding he was probably beaten. Sauva now has 270,000 chips.

Gomila Kidding Filippi

PartyPoker Team Pro Amatos Gomila has just gotten embroiled in a pot with Amnon Filippi. We joined the action on the flop in what seemed to be a three-bet pot. The board was showing and Filippi called a 100,000 lead by Gomila. The turn card was the dangerous looking and this time Gomila made a very quick 140,000 bet. Filippi didn’t like it one bit and folded the face-up.

“I had you before the turn…didn’t I?” Asked Filippi, “did you hit that king?”

Gomila just nodded his head and then started smiling a few seconds later. He now has 740,000 chips.

In other news…

Multiple WSOP bracelet winner John Juanda has just been eliminated at the hands of Kyle Knecht. It was an all-in pre flop encounter between the pocket jacks of Juanda and the pocket kings of Knecht. Also eliminated in the past level is Ryan Fair, Jesse Martinand Jared Hamby.

The top five players on the leader board are

  1. Paul Volpe – 3,550,000
  2. Robert Salaburu – 3,060,000
  3. Andras Koroknai – 2,700,000
  4. Erik Hellman – 2,400,000
  5. Eric Buchman- 2,200,000

PartyPoker & Bwin Chip Counts

  1. Manos Foudoulakis – 1,420,000
  2. Jordi Martinez – 1,080,000
  3. Francois Tosques – 920,000
  4. Gomilla Amatos – 740,000
  5. Christopher Kolla – 510,000
  6. Raphael Ayani – 500,000
  7. Hans Joachim Hein – 420,000
  8. Daniel Sauva – 270,000

Level 20 News: Gomila Has a Great Start


Good morning, afternoon and night. Welcome to Day 5 of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. We are currently 20 levels deep with blinds at 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante and Paul Volpe leads with 2,550,000 chips.

We have eight PartyPoker and Bwin players left in the competition and here is a quick update of where they currently stand.

Bwin qualifier Manos Foudoulakis has the biggest stack with 1,343,000 chips. The moody looking player from Greece has had chips throughout the duration of this competition. He takes the nine seat at Table 431 and has Kyle Bowker (Seat 7) and Tristan Clemencon (Seat 6) for company.

Bwin Team Pro Jordi Martinez has finally seen his hard work come to fruition. Martinez has had to endure the torture of the short stack strategy for most of this tournament, but now has a stack of 1,065,000. He has a great table draw with no significant notables on his table and only one other player over a million chips in the form of Richard Pyne in Seat 1. Here is Martinez talking about his earlier struggles in the competition.



Bwin qualifier Hans Joachim Hein is currently enjoying his third WSOP Main Event cash in the past four years. In previous years he has cashed in 202nd and 204th place and so with 282 players left he is heading into familiar territory. Hein has 676,000 chips and once again has an excellent table draw with no notable players seated in his table.

PartyPoker Team Pro Amatos Gomila is the not the Matador of Spanish poker, instead he is the Bull. The man just bulldozes his way through the competition and has already picked up 200,000 additional chips in the first level. Gomila has cashed in this event once before when he finished in 378th spot during the 2010 series and so he is already enjoying his best run to date. Here is Gomila in action.

There was a raise from mid-position and Gomila defended his big blind. The flop was and Gomila check-called a 40,000 c-bet. Onto the turn, and the and Gomila led for 50,000, his opponent made it 100,000 and Gomila made the quick call. The final card was the and Gomila moved 200,000 over the line. His opponent only had 210,000 behind and after several minutes decided to fold. Gomila moved up to 800,000 with that hand.

Daniel Sauva is the winner of the Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates challenge. The challenge was to create a ‘Good Deeds’ video and impress the man who likes to swing around in the trees. So to already be guaranteed a $38,453 cash means Sauva is currently on the free roll of a lifetime. Sauva is sharing a table with Luke Brereton (1,212,000 chips) and the actor and stand up comedian Kevin Pollak. Sauva currently has 586,000 chips and here is another quick peek at his winning video.



Francois Tosques has one of the toughest tables out there with Vanessa Selbst and Isaac Baron to contend with. Tosques has 660,000 chips after we just seen him lay down a raise to a 340,000 squeeze shove from the big blind. That leaves Christopher Kolla (473,000) and Raphael Ayani (464,000) who are both sharing the same table at 436. The two PartyPoker Gladiator qualifiers are playing with James Keys and Sorel Mizzi.

Two nights ago the PartyPoker and Bwin players took some time out to party in Surrender at the Encore. Check out the sights, sounds and the ladies.




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