Day 4 Ends With Paul Volpe in the Lead

Day 4 of the greatest poker tournament in the world started with 720 players and ended with just 282 in contention for the $8,527,982 first prize. Here are the top ten chip leaders from Day 4

  1. Paul Volpe – 2,750,000
  2. Erik Hellman – 2,216,000
  3. Dave D’Alesandro – 2,093,000
  4. Kyle Bowker – 2,081,000
  5. Eric Buchman- 2,076,000
  6. Elisabeth Hille – 2,014,000
  7. Andras Koroknai – 1,971,000
  8. Amit Zulkowitz – 1,961,000
  9. Eric Legoff – 1,947,000
  10. Nicco Maag- 1,899,000

Among the remaining 282 players are eight from the Bwin and PartyPoker stock after we lost Griffin ‘Flush_Entity’ Benger in the cruelest of fashions in the last level of the night. Benger got his last 350,000 into the middle in a classic coin flip situation – v – the on the flop throwing Benger into the lead but the on the turn breaking the Candians heart. Not only did the on the river confirm what must have been the inevitable in the mind of Benger, but another play on the table told everyone he folded the meaning Benger was beaten by a one-outer.

Here are the remaining PartyPoker and Bwin players.

  1. Manos Foudoulakis – 1,343,000
  2. Jordi Martinez – 1,065,000
  3. Hans Joachim Hein – 676,000
  4. Gomilla Amatos – 612,000
  5. Daniel Sauva – 586,000
  6. Francois Tosques – 555,000
  7. Christopher Kolla – 473,000
  8. Raphael Ayani – 464,000

Level 19 News: Sanchez and Piso Bow Out


As we approach the midway point of the last level we are down to 330 players and at least nine of them belong to the PartyPoker and Bwin stable. Two players who are no longer with us are Mario Juste Sanchez and Leon Piso. Juste got it in holding verus and the board did not help him avoid elimination and Leon Piso was eliminated by one of the chip leaders Paul Volpe. On a board of Volpe checked to Piso who moved all-in for 216,000 and Volpe made the call. Volpe was holding for top pair and Piso held for the nut flush draw and over card. The was not the card, nor colour, that Piso needed and he was out. Volpe moved up to a smidgen below 2 million chips.

The third person that cannot be found in the field at this time is Jeffrey Hakim and we think he may be out.

In other news…

We have just interviewed JP Kelly (see the interview on the blog) and it seems our luck has rubbed off on him because he has found a few pairs of aces to move over the 1.2 million mark. Players leaving the competition include Johnny Chan, Maria Ho, Lee Childs and the former Manchester United, Spurs and England soccer star Teddy Sheringham.

Here are the top five

  1. Paul Volpe – 2,500,000
  2. Ben Greenberg – 2,020,000
  3. Erik Hellman – 1,800,000
  4. Dave D’Alesandro – 1,780,000
  5. AJ Jejelowo- 1,750,000

PartyPoker & Bwin Chip Counts

  • Francois Tosques – 440,000
  • Manos Foudoulakis – 845,000
  • Raphael Ayani – 540,000
  • Jordi Martinez – 736,000
  • Griffin Benger – 310,000
  • Hans Joachim Hein – 410,000
  • Daniel Sauva – 335,000
  • Amatos Gomilla – 415,000
  • Jeff Hakim – Missing in action
  • Christopher Kolla – 218,000

Level 18 News: A Few More Eliminations

Earlier we reported that Bwin Team Pro Thibaud Guenegou and PartyPoker Gladiator Stephan Schreitl were missing in action, we we can now confirm that were eliminated in 567th place ($21,707) and 519th place ($24,808) respectively. We have also lost PartyPoker Gladiator David Scherzer. He moved his last 90,000 into the jukebox with [Ax] [Qx] and lost a flip to [6x] [6x].



Bwin qualifier Leon Piso has just staved on elimination right at the death. Piso moved all in over the top of an early position open with and his opponent turned over . Piso spiking the on the river to retain his position in this tournament with 370,000 chips.

In other news…

Notable bust outs include Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald, French Rapper Bruno ‘Kool Shen’ Lopes, Salvatore Bonavena and the all-time money list leader Antonio Esfandiari.

Here is the current top five on the leader board.

  1. Ben Greenberg – 2,095,000
  2. Dave D’Alesandro – 1,695,000
  3. Jonathan Seelbach – 1,650,000
  4. Paul Volpe – 1,590,000
  5. Erik Hellman – 1,425,000

PartyPoker & Bwin Chip Counts

  • Francois Tosques – 350,000
  • Manos Foudoulakis – 850,000
  • Raphael Ayani – 385,000
  • Jordi Martinez – Missing in action
  • Griffin Benger – 410,000
  • Hans Joachim Hein – 535,000
  • Mario Sanchez – Missing in action
  • Leon Piso – 370,000
  • Daniel Sauva – 460,000
  • Amatos Gomilla – Missing in action
  • Jeff Hakim – 121,000
  • Christopher Kolla – 220,000

Level 17 Report: Weiss and Schulz Are Out; Boobs For Negreanu

We have lost at least two of our gang and two more are missing in action. Michael Weiss moved all-in over a cutoff raise holding and the small blind re-shoved with [8x] [8x] and that signified the end of Weiss’s tournament. Bwin qualifier Robert Schulz is also out. He ran pocket tens into pocket queens to reduce him to one big blind and it was lost not soon after, and we cannot find Stephan Schreitl or Thibaud Guenegou. Their tables have broken and we are finding it difficult to pick them up in the field at present but will keep looking.

Jeffrey Hakim is another player in the Jordi Martinez School of grinding. I don’t think I have seen him with anything like a decent stack throughout this tournament, but he is still alive, happy and well. He has doubled up to 150,000 since our last sweep and told us that it was all through uncontested pots where his reshoves kept getting through. He did get called once, in the pre bubble mayhem, but the pot was split when both players turned over ace-king.

Manos Foudoulakis has quietly gone about his business in the past few days. He has always had a decent stack and has moved up to 540,000 after flopping a set of nines on a [Jx] [9x] [3x] flop when his opponent was holding [Ax] [Jx].

Jordi Martinez is on fire! Earlier we brought you news of his Day 3 grind and now he has 600,000 chips and here is telling us how in his own words, ” I picked up [Ax] [Kx] and raised to 14,000 and someone three-bet me to 30,000. He looked like a maniac so I four-bet to 75,000 and he shoved with [Ax] [Qx].” We can confirm that the man Martinez said looked like a madman actually does.

In other news Daniel Negreanu has 490,000 and women shoving body parts in his general direction. A lovely old dear kindly asked Kid Poker if he would sign her notepad, “sure I will,” said Negreanu. Then the woman next to her asked him if he would sign her breasts, “sure I will,” said Negreanu. Now that is exactly why Negreanu is one of the world’s poker ambassadors. He once again proves he will do absolutely anything for this business, including the dirty job of signing a pair of boobs that resembled two zeppelins having sex in a tight top.

The top five looks like this…

  1. Ben Greenberg – 2,020,000
  2. Nghi Van Tran – 1,360,000
  3. Paul Volpe – 1,250,000
  4. Randy Haddox – 1,200,000
  5. Sean Rice – 1,145,000

PartyPoker & Bwin Chip Counts

  • Francois Tosques – 540,000
  • Manos Foudoulakis – 540,000
  • Raphael Ayani – 180,000
  • Jordi Martinez – 600,000
  • Griffin Benger – 385,000
  • Stephan Schreitl – Missing in action
  • Hans Joachim Hein – 300,000
  • Mario Sanchez – 130,000
  • Leon Piso – 150,000
  • Daniel Sauva – 150,000
  • David Scherzer – 100,000
  • Amatos Gomilla – 220,000
  • Jeff Hakim – 150,000
  • Christopher Kolla – 265,000
  • Thibaud Guenegou – Missing in Action

End of Level 16 Report: Marvin Rettenmaier is Out

The majority of the Amazon room is coughing and spluttering right now. Rumour has it that some idiot had pepper spray inside a pen and released it by accident. I personally had a mouth full and can tell you that it is very discomforting. It makes your mouth dry and you feel like vomiting. So thanks for that buddy.


(Photo: Yes Marvin that old lady to your right is going to take you to the cleaners)

One person who was coughing and spluttering, before the release of pepper spray, was PartyPoker Team Pro Marvin Rettenmaier. The action folded around to the player in the small blind, who raised, and ‘Mad’ Marvin moved all-in from the big blind holding [9x] [8x]. The small blind could not have been happier because she was holding pocket aces, and five community cards later Rettenmaier was out after cashing for the minimum.

During the entire Day 3 Bwin Team Pro Jordi Martinez was playing with one of the shorter stacks in the team. Each time we made a pass at his table we expected him to be out, but he managed to grind his way through the day where he finished on 146,000 chips. We are extremely pleased to announce that Martinez has doubled his haul to 300,000 and here is one of the reasons why.

Martinez raised to 11,500 and David Diaz moved all-in a few seats to his right. Everyone else folded and Martinez made the call. Diaz turned over but Martinez had him crushed holding . The board ran out and Diaz was out. Martinez, meanwhile, moved up to 300,000.

Here is Martinez talking to us about his Day 3 grindathon.



The Bubble Has Burst

When the action got down to 669 players the World Series of Poker (WSOP) officials – led by Jack Effel – handled the hand for hand process amazingly well. Each ‘all-in and call’ was announced thus bringing the drama direct to the whole room – and what drama there was. In the end the hand for hand lasted a single hand and we had four players eliminated in joint 667th place. It was then decided to create a four man sit n go to see who would win a free $10,000 seat into next years WSOP Main Event. As far as we are aware all 18 of our players have made the money although we cannot be totally sure.

Level 16 News: Everybody Still Heading For The Money

We are on the money bubble and all 18 of our PartyPoker and Bwin players are still in contention for a min-cash. There are 669 players remaining and with 666 players getting paid the chances are they will all squeeze through. The most important question is, “how many of them will survive the post bubble deluge?”

One person who has significantly increased his chances of surviving that deluge is Griffin Benger. The 27-year old PartyPoker Qualifier from Toronto has just won the following pot to take him 260,000 in chips.

There was a raise from the hijack to 11,000 and both blinds called (including Benger in the small blind). The three way flop was [8x] [7x] [3x] (rainbow), Benger checked, the big blind decided to bet 29,000, the player in the hijack folded and Benger made the call. Fourth Street saw the leap out of the pack and Benger check-called a 35,000 double barrel. The river brought the [Ax], Benger checked and his opponent also checked. Benger revealed [8x] [8x] for a flopped set and his opponent mucked his hand. Benger now has 265,000 chips.

PartyPoker Gladiator Christopher Kolla has been one of our top performers through the past four days. We have just seen the German put his tournament life on the line in the following hand.


Kolla raised to 12,000 in early position and Alessio Isaia called two seats to his left. The action folded around to the player in the big blind and he made a three-bet to 37,000. Back to Kolla, and after a few moments pause, he moved all-in. Isaia asked for a count and the amount was 238,000. The Italian folded and a great big smirk broke out on the face of the big blind who also mucked his hand. Kolla has 305,000.

In other news….

The $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop participant Dan Shak just pulled a huge crowd around his table. The action was at the turn on a board of and Dan Shak was all-in versus the of Marc Negron. So Shak was in all sorts of bother when the dealer laid the down on the felt and Shak staved a potential elimination.

Kristijonas Andrulis and Thiago Nishijima have not been as fortunate as Shak as the pair have been eliminated.

Here are the current top five chip leaders

  1. AJ Jejelowo – 1,210,000
  2. Sean Rice – 1,170,000
  3. Dave D’Alesandro – 1,135,000
  4. Erik Hellman – 1,100,000
  5. Ben Greenberg – 1,060,000

PartyPoker & Bwin Chip Counts

  • Francois Tosques – 400,000
  • Manos Foudoulakis – 370,000
  • Raphael Ayani – 295,000
  • Jordi Martinez – 155,000
  • Griffin Benger – 260,000
  • Stephan Schreitl – 224,000
  • Robert Schulz – 90,000
  • Hans Joachim Hein – 240,000
  • Mario Sanchez – 145,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier – 100,000
  • Leon Piso – 145,000
  • Daniel Sauva – 260,000
  • David Scherzer – 110,000
  • Michael Weiss – 60,000
  • Amatos Gomilla – 150,000
  • Jeff Hakim – 65,000
  • Christopher Kolla – 305,000
  • Thibaud Guenegou – 230,000

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