By Simon Young

PartyPoker’s James McManus continues to impress with his power poker. Just now he got involved in the biggest pot of his tournament and won it to soar to 1.7 million chips, enough to put him sixth out of the remaining 202 players.


Pile ’em high: James McManus 

With the blinds now at 5,000-10,000 with 1,000 ante, David Saab made it 30,000 to go from mid position. In the cut off, James called and they saw a flop of 3-9-10 with two spades. Now Saab fired out 36,000 and James called. The turn was 10 diamonds, and this time Saab checked, James bet 78,000 and Saab check-raised to 250,000 – James called.

The river was a 2 of diamonds and, for the second time in the hand, Saab asked: “How much have you got left?” “About 600,000,” said James. Now Saab bet 400,000, and without too much thinking, James announced: “All in.” Saab mucked and James flashed a single 3.

He may, of course have had two threes for the full house, but that was for Saab and the rest at the table to guess.

James’ table has been all action, with aggressive players, but has now been broken. We’ll see how he gets on at his next table.

Stephen Kenna, our other PartyPoker qualifer, is holding steady on about 550,000.


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