Simon Young

It’s got to that stage where the play, after days of relentless carnage, has become tighter than a gnat’s wotsit. With the bubble now only 2o places away, no one wants to go out so close to the money. It means the short-stacks dare not play a hand unless it’s a massive pair – and the big stacks are betting out and picking up the blinds and antes at will.

There is always the exception to the rule – those players who care not about the small payouts but want to cash big. One seems to be PartyPoker’s Rasmus Nielsen, a pro player from Denmark, who has put himself all in pre flop at least twice since the dinner break.


Rasmus Nielsen collects his double up

On the second time he looked displeased that his 55,000 bet had been called – and no wonder, as he held A-9 to A-K. No problem, though, as the board came A-9-4-Q-2 and our man doubled up.

James McManus is now under the bright lights of the feature TV table, but his game plan seems to remain unchanged and he’s involved in many pots. His stack, though, is stable.


James McManus in the seven seat takes centre stage

Stephen Kenna remains on about 380,000, Jiri Hlavaty is on 150,000, while Martin El-Kher has moved up to 250,000 and Tyron Krost up to 245,000.


Healthy stack: Martin El-Kher

I’m going back to the floor for what could be a long hand-for-hand session until the bubble bursts. Hopefully all PartyPoker’s remaining players will make the money.


EDIT: FIVE MINUTES LATER: Rasmus Nielsen is out 12 places short of the money. He got involved in a big pot and bluffed on a rag board, but ran into J-J.


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