By Simon Young

The bubble period was achingly long and tense. The tournament went hand-for-hand nine places out from the money, and with 70-odd tables still active, it took some organising as every table had to finish the current hand before the whole room could move on to the next one.

But eventually, one by one, the player total dropped and we now have 666 very happy people who are guaranteed at least $21,230. Among them are PartyPoker qualifiers James McManus (360,000), Stephen Kenna (320,000), Tyron Krost (180,000), Jiri Hlavaty (115,000) and Martin El-Kher (170,000).

Congratulations to them all, and we wish you good luck for the rest of the event.

The floor staff are now colouring up the 100 value chips, and then the 666 survivors will return for the start of what will be level 15, with blinds at 2,000-4,000 with a running 500 ante. Now that we’re in the money, expect the chips to fly and the bust outs to be fast and furious.

Our money makers, from left to right, El-Kher, Krost, McManus, Hlavaty and Kenna:



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  1. Ozzie Yildiz on

    Come on boys!!!

    Tyron….bring it home for us Aussies!!!

    Cant believe you qualified for yet another event via PartyPoker…

    Good luck mate,