Dave D’Alesandro end Day 3 With The Chip Lead

Dave D’Alesandro is the man sat at the top of 719 other players as we end Day 3. He has 1.1 million in chips as the money bubble looms. Other notables at the top end of the chip counts include Vanessa Selbst, Sorel MIzzi & Vivrajkumar. Here are the top five

  1. Dave D’Alesandro – 1,100,000
  2. Sean Rice – 1,076,000
  3. Jacob Balsiger – 1,065,000
  4. Leo Wolpert – 1,003,500
  5. Ben Greenberg – 963,000

Here is the full list of PartyPoker and Bwin players who made it through to Day 4

  1. Francois Tosques – 426,000
  2. Monas Foudoulakis – 373,500
  3. Hans Joachim Hein – 331,500
  4. Daniel Sauva – 317,000
  5. Raphael Ayani – 306,500
  6. Stephan Schreitl – 249,500
  7. Christopher Kolla – 245,500
  8. Thibaud Guenegou – 232,500
  9. Leon Piso – 216,00
  10. Griffin Benger – 158,000
  11. Jordi Martinez – 146,000
  12. Mario Sanchez – 138,500
  13. Marvin Rettenmaier – 129,500
  14. Amatos Gomilla – 125,500
  15. Robert Schulz – 106,500
  16. David Scherzer – 94,500
  17. Michael Weiss – 80,500
  18. Jeff Hakim – 61,000

Level 15 News: A Sick Fold by Mizzi and We Lose Jody Howe

We have just lost one of our strongest PartyPoker qualifiers in Jody Howe. The PartyPoker Gladiator finished in 52nd place last year for a $160,036 pay day and for large parts of the first few days he was on that same road to success. But all good things come to an end and Howe will have to wait until next year to try again. He eventually got it in good with [Kx] [Kx] but his opponent turned an ace whilst holding [Ax] [Qx] and he was out.

Another player who has not had a great level is Christopher Kolla. The German has lost 200,000 chips in the past level in part due to a four-bet bluff and a big hand he had to ditch on the turn due to a check-raise after releasing two barrels.

In other news….

The latest top five chip counts look like this…

<li>Daniel Rudd – 980,000</li>
<li>Benjamin Alcober – 965,000</li>
<li>AJ Jejelowo – 900,000</li>
<li>Ben Greenberg – 870,000</li>
<li>Paul Volpe – 859,000</li>

In other news Sorel Mizzi has around 580000 chips and here he is talking to Rury Mason about his Day 3 experience.




Chip Counts

Christopher Kroll (270,000), Michael Weiss (400,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (170,000), Manos Foudoulakis (200,000), Robert Schulz (70,000), Jordi Martinez (65,000), Thibaud Guenegou (115,000), David Scherzer (130,000), Hans Joachim Hein (215,000), Amatos Gomilla (270,000), Leon Piso (170,000), Griffin Benger (65,000) & Raphael Ayani (200,000).

Level 14 News: The Room is Littered With Huge Stacks

There are some absolutely enormous stacks sitting on tables in the Amazon and Brasilia room right now and here is a collection of some of the biggest.

  1. AJ Jejelowo – 910,000
  2. Benjamin Alcober – 900,000
  3. Sean Rice – 816,000
  4. Marc Wright – 800,000
  5. Gregory Merson – 710,000

The last time Padraig Parkinson had a stack that big was when he finished in 3rd place in the 1999 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. That was the year his countryman Neil Furlong won it, and the final table hosted the likes of Alan Goehring (2nd), Erik Seidel (4th) and Huck Seed (6th). Here is Parkinson taking to Rury Mason about Las Vegas and life.

PartyPoker and Bwin Watch

Our biggest mover since the dinner break is PartyPoker Gladiator Michael Weiss who is now sitting on a stack of 400,000. How did he win such a big stack?

“Someone just bluffed 170,000 into me,” said Weiss.

Leon Piso in Action


We just caught Bwin qualifier Leon Piso competing in two pots. In the first hand we caught the action at the river with Piso’s opponent paying off a hefty river bet. The board was and Piso held [Ax] [Kx] for the Broadway straight while his opponent held for the lower straight.

Then the player on the button raised to 7,300 and Piso defended the big blind. The flop was and Piso check-called a 9,000 c-bet. The was checked through on the turn before Piso folded to a river bet on the . The net result of those two hands is a 170,000 stack for Piso.

Like a Bull in a China Shop


PartyPoker Team Pro Amatos Gomilla is still making life uncomfortable for his tablemates. The hijack raised, Gomilla called in the cutoff, the button called, the big blind squeezed out a rather large raise, the cutoff folded, Gomilla moved all-in, the button folded as did the squeezer. Gomilla has 270,000 chips.

In other Day 3 news…

Two-time WSOP bracelet holder, and early Day 1 & 2 chip leader, Vanessa Selbst has just sucked out in a pot that has moved her back over 500,000. On a board of , and around 70,000 in the pot, Selbst moved all-in holding and was called by a set of fours. The fantastic Selbst WSOP experience was nearly over when the dealer sunk the into the table to hand her a lifeline.

Two of the heavyweights of poker have just butted heads and it was Ben Lamb who had the sore head. After losing a 300,000 pot with pocket Jacks versus pocket Queens, Ben Lamb moved all-in holding for 30,000 and Chris Moorman called in the small blind holding . The on the flop eliminating Lamb and handing Moorman 196,000 chips.

Also eliminated in Level 13 was Faraz Jaka.

Chip Counts

Christopher Kroll (440,000), Michael Weiss (398,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (200,000), Robert Schulz (80,000), Manos Foudoulakis (210,000), Jordi Martinez (95,000), Thibaud Guenegou (139,000), David Scherzer (190,000), Hans Joachim Hein (320,000), Amatos Gomilla (270,000), Jody Howe (99,000), Leon Piso (170,000), Griffin Benger (100,000), Francois Tosques (380000) & Raphael Ayani (245,000).

Level 13 News: Howe Takes a Hit; Dinner Break For All

There are 1,026 players left as we head into the twilight of Level 13. We are going to break for dinner in a few minutes, but until then here is a short report.

Benger Continues to Rise

We interviewed Griffin Benger a little earlier and he was a top bloke. He has around 230,000 despite losing the following pot. There was a 4,200 raise in early position and three players called. The flop was and Benger called the 14,000 c-bet; everyone else folded. The turn card was the and a double barrel of 33,000 followed with Benger folding.

Howe Crippled But on the Mend

PartyPoker Gladiator Jody Howe is down to 80,000 chips, but told us he was as low as 20,000! Howe raised with [Ax] [Kx] from first position, the small blind three-bet and Howe called. The flop was a nice one for Howe – [Ax] [5x] [3x] – and Howe called a standard c-bet. The turn card brought two clubs onto the board and once again the small blind made a big bet and Howe called. Finally, the pair saw the [Jx] and the small blind bet 50% of Howe’s stack. Howe had remembered how this player had bluffed his brother the other day and this was the deciding factor in his call. The small blind turned over [Tx] [2x] for the straight and Howe was crippled. Then Howe doubled [Ax] [Jx] v [Qx] [Jx] and [8x] [8x] v [Ax] [Qx] to give him the chip stack he currently sits behind.

Christopher Kroll has 370,000 but it could have been 450,000. His opponent getting it all-in with [Ax] [9x] versus the [Ax] [Kx] of Kroll only for the pair to eventually split the pot.

Last but not least we saw Robert Schulz lose a pot. Schulz raised from first position before calling a button three-bet. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and this time Schulz bet 14,800; his opponent called. The river card was the and both players checked, Schulz showed down and his opponent took the pot with . Schulz has 260,000 chips.

In other Day 3 news….

The 2002 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion Robert Varkonyi has been eliminated after running [4x] [4x] into [Tx] [Tx] and the 2007 WSOP Main Event champion Jerry Yang has also been eliminated after getting it in on a holding versus his opponents . The on the turn signifying the death knell straight and Yang was out.

Here are the top five players at the break

  1. AJ Jejelowo – 752,500
  2. Gregory Merson – 715,000
  3. David Randall – 680,000
  4. Armando Fernandez – 670,000
  5. Sean Rice – 670,000

Chip Counts

Christopher Kroll (370,000), Michael Weiss (160,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (300,000), Robert Schulz (2600,000), Jordi Martinez (85,000), Thibaud Guenegou (100,000), David Scherzer (194,000), Hans Joachim Hein (410,000), Amatos Gomilla (140,000), Jody Howe (80,000), Leon Piso (190,000), Griffin Benger (230,000), Francois Tosques (280,000) & Raphael Ayani (230,000).

Level 12 News: Sbrzesny is Out and Benger Climbing


(The Asian guy could not believe it was Bodo – we had to tell him twice!)

PartyPoker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny’s awful situational run has continued until the very end of his World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event dream. Unfortunately, it is going to be yet another year without a Main Event cash for our German pro. He isolated a limper holding pocket queens, the limper called and flopped the nuts on a [7x] [8x] [9x] board. Stack sizes dictated the rest ad Sbrzesny was forced to call the all-in and he was out.

Griffin ‘Flush_Entity’ Benger is one the very best online players in the world and he is learning fast in the live arena. Benger is on 180,000 after winning the following hand. A player from mid-position opened, Jonathan Hilton called as did Benger. The flop was , the original raiser made it 7,000, Benger raised to 18,200, Hilton folded and the original raiser called. The turn was the the original raiser check-jammed for around 40,000 and Benger made the call. Benger held for this nuts and his luckless opponent held for the second nuts. The river was the and Benger was on 180,000.

Another player absolutely flying this afternoon is our PartyPoker Gladiator Raphael Ayani. During our last sweep of the Brasilia Room we found his proudly sat behind a stack of over 300,000 chips. How did he get those chips?

“I just keep getting dealt pocket kings again and again and again,” said Ayani who confirmed that his biggest pot was a 250,000 monster all-in pre flop encounter with [Kx] [Kx] crushing [6x] [6x].

Other players over the 300,000 mark are PartyPoker Team Pro Marvin Rettenmaier (340,000), Francois Tosques (300,000) & Robert Schulz (300,000).

Three more confirmed eliminations belong to Philip Green, Tobias Reinkemeier and Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq. Reinkemeier was eliminated by David Pham. [Ax] [Kx] for Reinkemeier and [Kx] [Kx] for Pham in an all-in pre flop encounter that pushed Pham over 200,000 and the German out of the door. Sadiq was eliminated by Shaun Deeb. The pair got it in on a flop of [Qx] [Tx] [3x] (two hearts) with Deeb holding and Sadiq . The turn and river bricked and Deeb’s ace-high was good enough to end the tournament of Sadiq.

In other news….

Here are the top five

  1. AJ Jejelowo – 540,000
  2. Shaun Deeb – 532,000
  3. Erik Hellman – 526,000
  4. Gaelle Baumann – 525,000
  5. Jason Somerville – 510,000

Notable eliminations include Farzad Bonyadi, James Dempsey, Taylor von Kriegenbergh and Nenad Medic.

Chip Counts

Michael Weiss (126,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (340,000), Manos Foudoulakis (140,000), Johann Busing (36,000), Robert Schulz (300,000), Jordi Martinez (68,000), David Scherzer (225,000), Jody Howe (114,000), Joseph Noujeim (130,000), Leon Piso (147,000), Griffin Benger (180,000) & Raphael Ayani (300,000).

Quick Fire Interview: Former Nov Niner Jason Senti

Jason Senti is one of the most respected poker coaches in the community. Senti was hired by none other than Phil Galfond to provide No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) cash game content for the online training site BluefirePoker.

In 2010, Jason Senti made his usual soiree to Las Vegas to participate in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event and he only went and made the November Nine! Senti came into the final nine as the short stack but eventually finished in 7th place for $1,356,710. This year Senti has been a man on a mission as he participated in more WSOP tournaments than ever before. Unfortunately, for Senti he busted in Day 1c yesterday, but we did manage to grab him for a quick fire round of questions.

What’s your earliest memory?

When I lived in student housing with my parents I made a friend next door. The next day I went over to see him and no one was home. For some reason, I thought this meant they had moved, and I was pretty sad about it. I was 4 years old.

What’s on your iPod?

Mostly rock music and a little bit of rap. Green Day, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Fallout Boy, Jay-Z, and many more.

Who’s your hero?

I’ve never really been good at having idols, heroes, or even celebrity crushes. I can’t think of anyone in particular.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Manipulate time.

What would you put into Room 101?

Our (the US) current political system. Obviously, I am pretty jaded right now as an online poker player, but I have thought this for a long time.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Pro baseball player, astronaut, rockstar…depending on when you would’ve asked me.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a poker player?

Realistically, I would probably still be working as an engineer in some capacity. Likely as middle management or marketing for an engineering company. I’d like to think, though, that I would be running my own business of some sort.

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to you?

It’s lol cheesy, but when my wife said “I do.” A close second would be when my parents told me I could do anything I decided I wanted to. Its a pretty standard thing for parents to say, but they seemed to believe it and so did I. For the most part, I still do.

What’s the worst?

The way I feel after a bender. I generally refer to it as “the drunk sads.”

Tell us a joke.

What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt.

Your dream poker table – you and five players, alive or dead.

Truthfully, 5 really bad players with a lot of money who are having a lot of fun despite the fact that they are making me rich. The answer your looking for tho…

1. Ivey
2. Galfond
3. Dwan
4. Selbst
5. Unger

How would you spend your last 24 hours on Earth?

Hanging out with my family during the day. Partying with my friends at night. Watching TV in my bed with my wife at night.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever spent your winnings on?

Our house and everything that fills it.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Paper route when I was a kid. I had to get up EVERY DAY at 6:30am. Never having a day off as a little kid was awful.

Who would play you in a Hollywood film about your life?

Obv I’m gonna go with who I would like to have play me. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, or Ed Norton.

Have you ever met a poker groupie?


On a scale of 1 to 10, how famous are you?

In the real world? I dunno, a 2? In the poker world, 5-6?

When was the last time you cried?

Probably within the last few days. I cry pretty easily when it involves empathy related things. Sad movies, sad stories, sad commercials. Its pretty ridiculous.

What song is guaranteed to get you up on the dancefloor?

I’m on a Boat by The Lonely Island.

What is your greatest fear?


If you could go back in time, where would you go?

Pretty sure I would have to check out Jesus. He is still pretty famous 2k years later, and I’d like to know exactly what went down. I also would like to go back 13.75 billion years ago to the beginning of the universe to see how far off we are.

Tell us a secret.

That doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

Many thanks to Jason Senti for his time.

Level 11 News: Huge Pot For Hein; Lehner & Nasvall Are Out

Level 11 has ended with 1,494 players left in the competition. Unfortunately, some of our players have not made it and they include Andreas Nasvall and Stefan Lehner.

Nasvall started the day with 60,600 chips but that means nothing when you run pocket kings into the brick wall that is pocket aces, a stunned Nasvall leaving the competition in the first level.

Lehner’s demise was chasing that elusive draw. There was an open from first position and 2 callers, including Lehner in position. The flop was [7x] , the original raiser bet, the player in the middle called, Lehner raised, the original raiser pumped it up to 58,000, the player in the middle folded, Lehner shoved (for 20k more) and the original raiser called.

Lehner turned over for middle pair and the flush draw and the original raiser turned over for top pair. The turn and river bricked for Lehner and he was out.

Huge Moment For Hein

One player who is heading in the right direction is Hans Joachim Hein. We just witnessed the Bwin qualifier win one of the biggest pots of the level to take him over the 400,000 mark.

Hein made a standard raise from mid-position and the big blind defended his corner. The flop was and the big blind check-called a Hein c-bet. The turn was the and the big blind came out leading, Hein raised and the big blind moved all-in for over 170,000. The move rocked Hein back in his seat because it was a decision for all of his chips.

“Wow, I don’t think I can fold this hand…I call…do you have aces?” Asked Hein.

For a moment it looked like his premonition was right as the big blind turned over the , but it was soon followed by the . Hein turned over for the flopped set and the dealer handed the pair the on the river. The big blind pump-fisted the air in celebration and then realised that he was beaten. He was eliminated one hand later and as he walked out of the door he wobbled from side to side as if Mr. T had punched him in the face.

Piso and Sbrzesny

We just saw Leon Piso pulling out the five-bet to force a fold from his opponent and moved up to 122,000. Elswhere, PartyPoker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny is not having a good morning. He has lost most of his stack in an all-in pre flop encounter [Ax] [Kx] v [8x] [8x] and then he lost some more chips [Kx] [Kx] v [Ax] [8x] after the ace appeared on the board. Then we saw him splitting a pot on a board with both players holding ace-jack. Sbrzesny is down to 60,000.

Tough Table For Sadiq


Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq is sharing a table with some quality. One of the players of this series – Shaun Deeb – has seat 9 and former World Series of Poker (WSOP) Player of the Year (POY) Erick Lindgren has seat 7. Sadiq currently has 30,000 chips.

In other news…

The top five spaces on the leader board are currently occupied as follows…

  1. Gaelle Baumann – 563,000
  2. Mark Demirdjian – 555,000
  3. Jason Somerville – 527,000
  4. Nghi Van Tran – 520,000
  5. Jonathan Fountain – 466,000

In other Day 3 news we have lost the reigning WSOP Main Event champion Pius Heinz after running [6x] [6x] into [Ax] [AX]. The 2008 WSOP Main Event champion Peter Eastgate has also been eliminated in a hand that has catapulted Nghi Van Tran into the top five spots. It was a flop of that caused all of the commotion. Eastgate was holding and Tran was holding and all the money went in. The turn and river bricked for the former champion sending him out and Tran upwards with 500,000 chips. Other notables eliminated include Barry Greenstein and Sammy Farha.

Chip Counts

Michael Weiss (140,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (225,000), Bodo Sbrzesny (60,000, Manos Foudoulakis (116,000), Johann Busing (62,000), Robert Schulz (150,000), Jordi Martinez (120,000), Philip Green (84,000), David Scherzer (180,000), Jeff Hakim (112,000), Hans Joachim Hein (400,000), Amatos Gomilla (150,000), Jody Howe (157,000), Joseph Noujeim (60,000), Leon Piso (122,000), Tobias Reinkemeier (61,000), Griffin Benger (98,000), Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq (30,000) & Raphael Ayani (75,000).

Good Morning, afternoon and evening and Welcome to the WSOP Main Event Day 3

One thousand, seven hundred and thirty-eight players have taken their seats as they continue their quest to win over $8 million playing cards. Once again we will be tracking the PartyPoker/Bwin Team Pros and qualifiers as best we can, as well as bringing you some more news and reviews along the way. Here is the current situation at the top of the leaderboard.

  1. Gaelle Baumann – 505,800
  2. Mark Demirdjian – 499,900
  3. Michael Hack – 457,000
  4. Shaun Deeb – 460,900
  5. Marco Bognanni – 460,900
  6. Gerardo Lubas – 449,500
  7. Jonathan Fountain – 435,400
  8. Randy Haddox – 407,300
  9. John Leathart – 404,900
  10. Erik Hellman – 397,900

WSOP Photo Gallery

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