By Simon Young

Marc McLoghlin has had a ball at the WSOP. Jetting over to Vegas from Limerick in Ireland, he’s been lapping up the atmosphere at the biggest poker show of the year. He’d not been doing badly, either, but now his run has come to an end.


Busted: Marc McLoghlin

The PartyPoker qualifier, who works as a chef in a restaurant, started today with little more than 20,000. He lost a big race when his A-K failed to overtake 10-10. “I then put in my last chips with A-10, got called by J-4 and he made a flush with the 4. But it’s been a fantastic experience, and now I just want to go to bed,” he said.

PartyPoker’s Rasmus Nielsen continues to climb. He’s doubled up with K-K after calling a huge overbet on a 7-6-10 flop from a player with Q-6. Rasmus is now up to 250,000.


Rasmus Nielsen stacks up his loot

There’s apparently no stopping the Irish boys, either. Stephen Kenna is up to 450,000, while James McManus has 340,000. Australian readers please note: Tyron Krost is still in and mixing it up with about 130,000, a bit down from his 170,000 starting point. He’s looking happy enough, although you wouldn’t know it from my pic.


Tyron Krost: holding steady

The killing fest continues. We’re now down to 909, and the beastly 666 first cash position is starting to get close. It will slow down, of course, once we approach the dreaded bubble when some poor sole will go home with nothing.


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