By Simon Young

Jiri Hlavaty is at a tough table. Down to 80,000 chips he had little room for serious moves, but when his moment came, he seized it with both hands.

“Finally I was able to get the chips in with Q-Q against J-J and it held up. There are some good players at the table and they are playing excellent poker. For most of the day I have not been able to do anything – and I don’t think I played a hand for 90 minutes at one stage,” he said.


Jiri Hlavaty: chipped up again

The PartyPoker qualifier is in better shape now, with about 160,000, and reckons he can now try and play a bit. “But you know the bubble is approaching, so I have to be careful,” he added.

Jiri ran his own software company back in the Czech Republic, but sold it last year and now works as a consultant, leaving him a bit of time for poker, which he regards as a hobby.

Rasmus Nielsen lost a huge pot and sank to 80,000 when he called his opponent’s 148,000 all in bet on an A-10-5 flop. Rasmus had A-7, but his opponent was a mile ahead with pocket tens for the set. Rasmus has since built back up a bit to 100,000.

Stephen Kenna took a hit to his stack and is down to 380,000 after running his Q-Q into A-A, but James McManus continues to climb, up to over 400,000 after busting Juan Maceiras with his 10-10 v A-K.

A friend of PartyPoker, Sweden’s Andreas Jorbeck, is currently at the second feature table and has around 90,000.


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