By Simon Young

Welcome back for the second and last of our Day 2 sessions at the Rio in Las Vegas. A monster was spawned yesterday in Brian Schaedlich, who finished with an amazing 801,000 chips, setting a target that will be tough to match before both days merge into Day 3 tomorrow.

Leading the charge in today’s 2,379 runners – nearly twice as many as yesterday – is Henning Granstad on 242,000. PartyPoker has two players in good shape as they sit down in the huge Amazon Room and the overspill Brasilia room. Jan Skampa, from the Czech Republic has 108,450, Denmark’s Bo Christiansen sits on 95,600, while Stephen Kenna from Ireland has 72,275.


Denmark’s Bo Christiansen starts in good shape, with 95,600

Today PartyPoker has 16 players who will be hoping to join the nine who safely made it through Day 2A. They included Rasmus Nielsen from Denmark on 172,000, and Tyron Krost from Australia, who had aces three times in quick succession to begin his rise to 171,600.

Here are our players for today and our survivors from yesterday:


Jan Skampa, 108,450, Czech Republic

Bo Christiansen, 95,600, Denmark

Stephen Kenna, 72,275, Ireland

James McManus, 63,850, Ireland

Shahram Rastegari, 56,550, Netherlands

Ronnie Lawton, 51,750, UK

Russell Carson, 41,375, Canada

Daniel Zink, 40,450, Germany

Paul Testud, 39,700, France

Neil McCluskey, 39,000, Canada

Andrew Hayes, 36,425, UK

James Finigan,36,125, UK

TrondTjntveit,21,775, Norway

Phil Green, 16,425, UK

Domenic Gatto, 11,075, Canada

Christian Jeppsson, 10,475, Sweden



Rasmus Nielsen, 172,000, Denmark

Tyron Krost, 171,600, Australia

Jeffrey Hakim, 161,900, Canada

Jiri Hlavaty, 115,800, Czech Republic

Mika Paasonen, Finland, 98,100

Mads Wissing Andersen, 71,600, Denmark

Martin Elkher, 49,200, Denmark

Max Greenwood, 24,000, Canada

Marc McLoghlin, 23,600, Ireland


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