By Simon Young

PartyPoker’s Tyron Krost is sitting on a healthy stack of 110,000, and it has everything to do with aces. Three times, in fact. First he got the money in against queens – then an unfortunate player with kings ran into his bullets, and a third time he forced a fold pre-flop. All this in the space of a 30-minute period that started with him on a lowly 23,000.


Tyron Krost: Aussie having a storming Day 2A

Tyron, 21, has come all the way to Vegas from New South Wales, Australia, and is loving every minute of the WSOP action. He’s here with his mates, who are railing him when they’re not playing football on the PlayStation in the PartyPoker players’ lounge.

While Tyron’s on the up, and Ireland’s Marc McLoghlin sits on 70,000 or so, there was an unhappy ending for PartyPoker qualifier Vartan Ohannesian, who busted in a huge hand with Iwan Jones from Wales. According to Iwan, Vartan pushed with 7-7 on a J-6-3 flop, but ran into Iwan’s pocket queens.

And it looks as if the fairytale is on hold for Germany’s Klaus Malanitsch, who started the day with 6,700 and managed to get up to 70,000. “I’m now down to 300 more chips than I started with at the start of the tournament – so 20,300,” he said.


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