By Simon Young

It’s never pretty watching the start of a tournament’s second day. The short stacks, who either crept through nursing their precious chips, or who suffered a horror beat just before their first day was over, desperately need to double up as the blinds begin at 250-500 with a 50 running ante.

Cries of “All in and call” will bounce off the rafters in the giant Amazon Room as those shorties chance their arm. Waiting for them, of course, are the big stacks, who can afford to call and try to increase their booty. They are like lions waiting in the long grass just ready to pounce.

For some short stacks there will be relief – perhaps only momentarily – as their cards hold up. For many others, it will be time to head home only minutes after sitting down.

We’ll start with 1,252 players today – the survivors from Days 1A and 1B. There will be a much bigger Day 2B field tomorrow.


Vartan Ohannesian, pictured on Day 1

PartyPoker is well represented across the spectrum today. Vartan Ohannesian, from Sweden, sits pretty with 55,475, but at the other end – and with only one move now available to him – is Klaus Malanitsch from Germany, who has just 6,700.

We’ll update throughout the day. Meanwhile, all of our Day 1 survivors are listed here:

Jan Skampa, Czech Republic, 108,450

Bo Christiansen, Denmark, 95,600

Rasmus Nielsen, Denmark, 92,400

Martin Tonnesen, Denmark, 91,100

Stephen Kenna, Ireland, 72,275

James McManus, Ireland, 63,850

Jeffrey Hakim, Canada, 62,750

Shahram Rastegari, Netherlands, 56,550

Vartan Ohannesian, Sweden, 55,475

Ronnie Lawton, UK, 51,750

Marc McLoghlin, Ireland, 41,050

Paul Testud, France, 39,700

Neil McCluskey, Canada, 39,000

Andy Hayes, UK, 36,425

James Finigan, UK, 36,125

Jiri Hlavaty, Czech Republic, 32,400

Tyron Krost, Australia, 30,300

Jose Jaraiz Lopez, Spain, 30,225

John Webley, UK, 19,775

Phil Green, UK, 16,425

Mika Paasonen, Finland, 14,775

Domenic Gatto, Canada, 11,075

Christian Jeppsson, Sweden, 10,475

Klaus Malanitsch, Germany, 6,700


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