By Simon Young

Starting today with just 6,700 chips, PartyPoker qualifier Klaus Malanitsch had only one move – shove all of them in the middle as soon as possible and hope for the best. It took five hands before he did just that. Not only did he win, but he has now spun up to more than 45,000 in the first level and is on course for a recovery-of-the-day award.


Nervous: Klaus survives his first all in

It started when he was in the big blind about ten minutes into the day’s play. With blinds at 250-500 and 50 ante, the player in the cut-off raised to 1,400. When the button re-raised to 4,600, it was almost inevitable that Klaus would move his remaining 6,000 into the middle with any half-decent hand. In the chips went, and he looked deflated when the original raiser then re-reraised to 13,000 – but at least it forced the button to fold.

Heads up, and the cards were flipped over: A-3 spades for Klaus, J-J for the cut-off. The dealer answered Klaus’ prayers, putting out A-4-8-5-3 and the German shot up to 15,000. Passing by a short while later it was clear our man, a sales exec in the chemicals industry, had been busy, with 45,000 chips now sitting in front of him.


All smiles: Now Klaus has some chips to work with

Also seemingly on the up is PartyPoker qualifier Mika Paasonen from Finland. He started today with a lowly 14,000 chips, but he’s managed to spin that up to 36,000. In his black PartyPoker shirt and menacing glasses, he gives the impression that he does not want to be messed with today.


Mika Paasonen with a healthier chip stack 

Meanwhile, the crowds are back in force today, gawping at any pro player – or more likely someone who they think might be a pro player. One that certainly is the real deal is Scotty Nguyen, who’s table by the rail is attracting rubberneckers four deep. It doesn’t look like they’ll be watching Scotty for long, though – he’s down to just a handful of chips.

We’re into level two. There will be five two-hour levels played today, plus dinner and other breaks, meaning we’ll again be here until the early hours of the morning before starting again with Day 2B tomorrow.


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