French Starlet Gaelle Baumann Leads Days 2a & 2b

An assorted rabble of fifteen PartyPoker & Bwin qualifiers and Team Pros made it through the eclectic mess of the combined Day 2a & 2b field. Leading the way is Christopher Kolla who finished with 344,600 chips in part due to a 200,000 pot where he flopped top set against his opponent’s 2-pair. We interviewed PartyPoker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny yesterday and he told us that his goal was to finish the day on 80,000 and he exceeded expectations with 96,400. Here are the final day chip counts.

  1. Christopher Kolla – 344,600
  2. Manos Foudoulakis – 199,900
  3. Jody Howe – 187,700
  4. Hans Joachim Hein – 180,000
  5. Robert Schulz – 124,400
  6. David Scherzer – 105,700
  7. Bodo Sbrzesny – 96,400
  8. Johann Busing – 95,000
  9. Stefan Lehner – 87,000
  10. Thibaud Guenegou – 84,000
  11. Dan Sauva – 74,800
  12. Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq, 73,200
  13. Alexander Debus – 69,700
  14. Andreas Nasvaal – 60,600
  15. Raphael Ayani – 42,100

In the tournament proper it was the young French starlet Gaelle Baumann who finished the day on top with 505,800 chips. Here is the top ten.

  1. Gaelle Baumann – 505,800
  2. Mark Demirdjian- 499,900
  3. Shaun Deeb – 460,900
  4. Kevin Davis – 394,800
  5. Jan Kasten – 391,800
  6. Taylor Paur – 391,600
  7. Matthew Woodward – 381,000
  8. Jacob Schindler – 371,600
  9. Julio De La Rosar – 350,700
  10. Vanessa Selbst – 350,400

King Kolla Moves Into The Top Ten


Christopher Kolla is crushing it out there today and he has just moved back into the top ten after the following hand.

Kolla raised to 2,600 and both blinds made the call. The flop that sparked off a downpour of action was . The action checked to Kolla who bet 3,800, the small blind folded, the big blind made it 18,000, Kolla made it 38,000, the big blind made it 76,000,  Kolla moved all-in and the big blind called called off the rest of his stack (approx. 30,000).

The big blind turned over for top two pair and Kolla turned over for the set. The and changed nothing, Kolla moved up to 335,000 and the big blind packed up his things and left.

Level 10 Report: Hein, Howe and Kolla Leading the Qualifiers

With just one-hour left of the day we have three of our illustrious gang with chip stacks at the right end of the board.

Howe Gets Complimented by Deeb

Jody Howe has spent most of the day playing poker with one of the in-form players of the 2012 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Shaun Deeb. Deeb has secured a 62nd, 27th, 6th and 2nd in this year’s WSOP and his 2nd place was a little bit meaty when he bubbled the Mega Satellite for the Big One for One Drop and won the consolation prize of $1 million! I mean why would he have even wanted to win that heads-up encounter against Gus Hansen? Howe told us that Deeb had been crushing everyone onto his way to his 2nd place in the chip counts, just behind Mark Demirdijan, with 420,000 – everyone except Howe that is. Howe told us that Deeb left him well alone and even commented on how well Howe had been playing. WE would have to concur because Howe had 196,000 chips.

A Trio For Hein?

The Bwin qualifier Hans Joachim Hein is also seated in the Brasilia Room and sits on an even bigger stack of 225,000 chips. Hein is hoping to make it WSOP Main Event cash number 3 after earning $36,626 and $48,47 in each of the previous 2-years.

King Kolla

But the biggest stack of them all still sits in front of our German PartyPoker Gladiator Christopher Kolla. He has just moved tables and has 240,000 after winning the following hand.

The action folded around to the cutoff who bet 2,700 and Kolla three-bet to 6,700 from the small blind. The cutoff made the call and the pair shared a flop of . Kolla led for 5,200, his opponent called and that was the end of the action as the and were checked through. Kolla turned over for the three-bet semi-bluff come good.

In other tournament news, the top 5 now looks like this:

  1. Mark Demirdjian – 465,000
  2. Shaun Deeb – 420,000
  3. Taylor Paur – 390,000
  4. Daniel Negreanu – 330,000
  5. Jason Somerville – 325000

Just one notable busting so far in the final level and that is JJ Liu. So at least she can now head of to the wedding she obviously came dressed to attend.

Chip Counts

Christopher Kolla (207,000), Bodo Sbrzesny (60,000), Thibaud Guenegou (40,000), Alexander Debus (70,000), Manos Foundoulakis (153,000), Andreas Nasvaal (46,000), David Scherzer (150,000), Stefan Lehner (90,000), Dan Sauva (77,000), Hans Joachim Hein (225,000), Jody Howe (196,000), Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq (76,000) & Raphael Ayani (65,000).

An Orbit in the Life of a PartyPoker Team Pro

Ever wondered how exciting it would be if you were a professional poker player, playing in the greatest competition in the world? Well here is an orbit in the life of Team PartyPoker Pro Bodo Sbrzesny and it is absolutely riveting, so sit down and brace yourself.

Hand 1

The player in the lo-jack raised to 2,300 and Sbrzesny called in the cutoff. The flop was and Sbrzesny called a 2,500 c-bet. The turn card was the and Sbrzesny folded to a 6,400 double barrel.

Sbrzesny then folded the next 8 consecutive hands.

Stack size prior to the orbit = 63,005
Stack size after the orbit = 55,905
Total time taken to play the orbit = 18mins 51secs

Most exciting thing that happened = The actor Kevin Pollak told a funny story on the opposite table.

Most annoying thing that happened – There is an Italian sat to the right of Bodo who tank-folded every single hand. The type of guy you just want to eat his liver with a blunt spoon.

While Sbrzesny and the Italian were folding we did see David Scherzer beating up everyone on his table. He three-bet an early open from Benjamin Pollak to win some chips and then took down the following pot.

Scherzer raised to 2,200 in first position and both the hijack and small blind called. The action checked through to the turn on a board of and Scherzer bet 3,700 and only the small blind called. The finished things off, both players checked and the pot went Scherzer’s way with pocket deuces. The small blind showed down for the turned flush draw.

Movers and Shakers

The top five chip leaders

  1. Mark Demirdjian – 465,000
  2. Shaun Deeb – 420,000
  3. Taylor Paur – 410,000
  4. Jason Somerville – 370000
  5. Daniel Negreanu – 330,000

Recent eliminations include, Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, Martin Staszko and Tatjana Pasalic.

Level 9 Update: Kai Kassebaum is Out


We have lost Kai Kassebaum in the most unfortunate of circumstances. He flopped a set of queens only to lose all of his chips to a set of kings! But Kassebaum is not to be deterred, the last we saw of him he was heading to the Aria to play some cash games.

On the PartyPoker and Bwin qualifier front Christopher Kolla still leads the way with 235,000 chips but we also have Manos Foudoulakis on 165,000, Hans Joachim Hein on 165,000 and Jody Howe on 150,000.

In other news Taylor Paur has taken the chip lead with over 400,000 and some high profile eliminations include Andy Black, Billy Baxter and the Day 1a chip leader William John.

Poker Face!

Do you have a poker face? Check out our gallery of mugshots from Day 2a & 2b.



Chip Counts

Jody Howe (150,000), Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq (80,000), Raphael Ayani (60,000), Christopher Kolla (235,000), Bodo Sbrzesny (75,000), Thibaud Guenegou (45,000), Alexander Debus (42,000), Manos Foudoulakis (165,000), Andreas Nasvaal (60,000), Dan Sauva (64,000), Hans Joachim Hein (165,000), Robert Schulz (60,000), David Scherzer (96,000), Stefan Lehner (105,000).
Level 8 Recap: Christopher Kolla Hits The Top Ten

Take a peek at what the combined Day 2a & 2b is all about.




The biggest news of Level 3 concerns our PartyPoker Gladiator Christopher Kolla. Kolla is seated next to World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Ray Foley (as he was on day 1) and he has 215,000 chips meaning he is one of the tournament’s chip leaders. Kolla was kind enough to stop bashing up his opponent’s for a few minutes so he could explain his meteoric rise to fame.

His biggest surge came when he found [Kx] [Kx], and with 75,000 in front of him, his opponent six-bet jammed holding [Ax] [5x]. After that present he won two more big pots. Firstly, he got a lot of value from a flush on flush confrontation when his beat his opponent’s . Then he ran a triple barrel bluff against his opponent who folded on the river. Kolla is currently 7th place in the tournament proper.

Great Call by Bodo

Bodo Sbrzesny has just made a great call on the river to move up to 50,000. There were 3 limpers in the pot and Sbrzesny checked in the big blind. The flop was and the action checked to a player in early position who bet 1,400 and only Sbrzesny called. The turn was checked through but Sbrzesny’s opponent bet 3,200 at the sight of the river. Sbrzesny went into the tank, muttered quite a lot and then said, “I can beat something,” and made the call. His opponent turned over and Sbrzesny showed for the winning hand.

“I thought for sure I was golden when you started talking to yourself,” said the German’s opponent.

Other News

In other news Eric Kurtzman (320,000), Jason Somerville (294,000), Mark Demirdjian (294,000), Gaelle Baumann (280,000) and James Schafer (265,000) lead the competition. Notable busts include Pete Vilandos, Jeff Lisandro, Scott Seiver, Bill Chen, Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angelil and Pamela Andersen (who isn’t playing but has a notable bust).

Chip Counts

Jody Howe, 160,000, Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq (72,000), Raphael Ayani (55,000), Christopher Kolla (215,000), Bodo Sbrzesny (50,000), Thibaud Guenegou (32,000), Alexander Debus (41,000), Manos Foudoulakis (146,000), Dan Sauva (42,000), Michael Kanaan (46,000), Andreas Nasvaal (59,000), David Scherzer (78,000), Robert Schulz (25,000), Stefan Lehner (102,000) & Kai Kassebaum (27,000).

An Interview With PartyPoker Pro Bodo Sbrzesny

Bodo Sbrzesny

(Photo: The only recorded photo in living memory of Bodo Sbrzesny where he is not smiling)

PartyPoker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny is one of the nicest people in poker. The online cash game genius, coach and winner of over $150,000 in live tournament winnings, joined us at the break to talk poker, tennis and bright silver jackets. Check it out.

So how has your day been?

I feel very good at the table. The players are not that bad, but they are respecting my game and seem to be leaving me alone and instead trying to win chips from other players. But I just had two huge decisions though. In the first hand I had pocket kings against the big blind. The flop was [6x] [3x] [3x] and he made a very large check-raise and I laid down the Kings. I think he showed [6x] [3x] but I couldn’t be sure.

Then a young guy opened, I called with [Kx] [Qx] and the big blind also called. The flop was [Ax] [Qx] [Qx] and everyone checked. The turn was the [3x] and both players checked to me and this time I bet. The big blind check-raised, the original raiser folded and I decided to just call. The river was a [9x] and the big blind moved all-in for 22,000 (into a pot of 19,000) and I folded. I could tell by his reaction that he had me beaten (I think).

I have 40,000 chips now, but I feel good. I have told my friends I will finish with 80,000 chips or more without much variance.

Why are you always so happy?

It’s because of you. If you are happy then I am happy. In Germany many people are depressive and not very friendly. I don’t feel happy in Germany and need to find a new life. I lived in Australia for 2 and a half years and felt great but I don’t feel as healthy living in Germany.

Why Australia?

I was living there with my girlfriend but we have separated since then. I am currently single and not looking to get into another relationship right now.

The first time I saw you was on TV playing in the Poker Den. You had this horrendous silver jacket on. What was that all about?

It was in 2008. I won the rake race on PartyPoker and was invited to the 25/50 cash game. Roland de Wolfe, Phil Laak and all the big names were playing. I bluffed a lot, played well and was always smiling. I was playing high stakes online at the time and none of the professionals were aware of this. Like you said I had this bright silver jacket, bright silver shoes and a huge silver bracelet.

After that PartyPoker created there team and I was selected to represent them from Germany. They remembered that I had won the rake race, had played on the Poker Den and won, had smiled and of course had the bright silver jacket.

It was extremely important for me to come to the Poker Den and say, “Here I am,” and not just sit and wait for aces. It was good for me because people remembered, “This is Bodo.” It was a really important moment in my life.

What were you playing back in those days?

I was playing 5/10 & 10/20 Six-Max No Limit Hold’em. But if the games weren’t on then I would drop to play 1/2 and still be able to win a lot of money.

How many tables did you play?

I preferred to play eighteen tables on one 30 inch screen because I didn’t like the overlapping tables.

How many hours per week did you play?

I would wake up and play…go to sleep…wake up and play…go to sleep. I would play all the time. But these days I don’t play as much. I play live tournaments and also do a lot of coaching.

Dominik Nitsche has just won a bracelet. What is it with Germany and German poker at the moment?

Germany has a great poker community and they all speak together about their games regularly and this helps.

As a cash game player do you have goals to win certain tournaments?

Not really. For poker players it is about the money. We need money to live and to remain in the business. If anyone says they want the bracelet, then ask them if they want the bracelet without the money? But it always feels good if you win the competition, because you want to be the best.

Who is inspirational for you?

It is hard to say because there are different styles. There will be a guy who is very disciplined at the table and you can learn a lot from him. Then you have a player like Tom Dwan who can do anything, at anytime and from anywhere at the table. If he has tens on the river with a queen high board and you try to value bet your jacks, he is still able to move all in with tens for a bluff. Many players are thinking, “My tens may be good could I call?” Not Dwan.

Any hobbies outside of poker?

When I left school I played tennis at a very high level. Then I got into tennis coaching as well. I did have a bad shoulder injury but it got better when I was living in Australia I started to play again. So I really enjoy my tennis.

Thanks to Bodo for taking the time to talk to us during his break.

End of Level 7 Round Up: A Spate of Eliminations

Unfortunately, we have lost numerous qualifiers during the 2nd level of play here on the combined Days 2a & 2b.

No 3rd Cash For Neil McFayden

Neil McFayden has cashed in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event for the past 2-years but will not be making it 3 on the bounce. McFayden moved all-in on a flop of [4x] [3x] [2x] in a three-bet pot, after being check-raised. McFayden held [Ax] and his opponent held [3x] [2x] (suited). The turn and river bricked for McFayden and he was out.

Toth, Ritt and Olvedi Are Out

Redmond Toth joins McFayden on the sidelines after flipping – and losing – [Qx] [Qx] v [Ax] [Kx], Markus Ritt is also out after doing his dough against a flopped set of fours and PartyPoker Gladiator Simon Kovacic eliminated Bwin qualifier Artur Olvedi (obviously didn’t get the memo). A player in first position opened, Olvedi called with [Kx] [Kx], Kovacic shoved with [9x] [9x], the original raiser folded and Olvedi called. Then somewhere along the board Kovacic hit a nine and the unfortunate Olvedi was out.

More Level Two Exits

Also sent spinning into the sunshine are Robin Fisher Christian Glissman, Markus Dittrich and Artur Koren and here is the Koren exit.

Koren raised to 1,200 in early position and multiple WSOP bracelet winner Dewey Tomko called in the big blind. The flop was and Tomko check-called a 2,200 Koren shove. Koren turned over and Tomko turned over . The turn and river changed nothing for Koren and he was out. We caught up with Koren outside and this is what he had to say.

Your only live score to date was your final table appearance at the WPT Spanish Championships in 2011 when you finished 9th. What have you been up to since then?

I haven’t played live at all since then actually. I have been studying Directing and Screenwriting both in the States and the Netherlands.

So you want to be a big shot movie director?

Not really. I would prefer to get into television and work on a sitcom or something funny like that.

So poker is just a hobby for you?

Yeah, it is. I play some tournaments when I am not studying but it is really difficult to do both. The studying comes first.

I heard you saying you hate this tournament?

It’s a huge lottery…beating nearly 7,000 people? It’s really soft. I would say 90% of the players are bad but it’s a lot of variance. Its sucks when you are always running into the top of people’s range and find yourself bet/folding second best hands all of the time. It just sucks.

You’re not happy then?


Other News

In other news Manos Foundoulakis continues to have a great tournament and is currently sat on a stack of 131,000. One other name that has had a great 2nd level is Hans Joachim Hein. Hein does not have the easiest table in the world either. He is in the Pavilion and he has WPT Amneville Champion Adrien Allain for company, as well as two-time WSOP bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst. But that hasn’t stopped Hein more than doubling his stack in that level – he now has 105,000 chips.

Robert Shulz in Action


Another player we caught in action was Robert Schulz, albeit in a losing pot. We joined the action on a crimson red flop of and Schulz bet 3,250 from the small blind. He was heads up against the Italian Andrea Benelli and he made the call from the button. Pot control was the order of the day on the turn as both players checked the and then Benelli called a 4,475 Schulz bet on the river. Schulz turned over for a pair of queens, but Benelli had turned two-pair with .

Chip Counts

Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq (90,000), Hans Joachim Hein (105,000), Kai Kassebaum (38,000), Robert Schulz (36,500), David Scherzer (76,000), Andreas Nasvaal (60,000), Michael Kanaan (46,000), Simon Kovacic (46,000), Manos Foundoulakis (131,000), Alexander Debus (70,000), Christopher Kolla (45,000), Thibaud Guenegou (23,000), Bodo Sbrzesny (47,000).

Kara Scott and BJ Nemeth Fighting to the Death

Here is Kara Scott explaining why it is necessary to sometimes behave like you are eleven years old.



An Interview With WSOP Bracelet Holder Dominik Nitsche


Twenty one year old German live grinder extraordinaire – the skinny jeans wearing Dominik Nitsche – has just won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet in his first ever series. So that’s one virginity broken…so when will he make it a double? We caught up with Naughty Nitsche during his Day 1c appearance and this is what he had to say.

Do you feel different playing today…after winning a WSOP bracelet?

Kind of yeah…there are so many people congratulating me. It doesn’t feel like it is the Main Event for me today. I am trying to get into the zone but I can’t stop thinking about two days ago. I keep telling myself it is the Main Event and that I should just focused but it’s difficult.

The Main Event is the biggest tournament of the year and I want to do really well.

This is your first WSOP and you go and bag a bracelet. How has Vegas been for you?

I started off not liking the place. The constant sound of the slot machines were driving me crazy and I still hate all of the casinos, but it is great that I get to play poker every single day for 7 weeks straight. Although that’s maybe my problem. A few days ago I had all of the chips in a tournament and today I am back to 50/100, it kind of gets to you. But it’s my job and I have to get used to it.

But you are one of the hardest working live grinder on the circuit?

That’s probably true.

Do you find a different intensity with the WSOP schedule?

Not really because there is no traveling. Once you get here you are here, you don’t have to travel from place to place. In Europe the expenses are higher and there is more stress. When I am in Europe I want some days off in between, but I find the 7-week schedule no problem here.

Who are you sharing a house with?

David Vamplew, Rupert Elder, Scott O’Reilly, Andrew Teng and Melanie Weisner.

Any prop bets whilst you have been out here?

I made a strip club bet with Xuan Liu and Manig Loeser before the series. Basically, I wasn’t allowed to go to any strip club before the end of the series and I lost my bet last night when I ended up at the Rhino at 06.00 in the morning.

I threw a big party yesterday and I collected $5,000 from another guy because I made a bet I would win a bracelet, so overall not too bad.

When the bracelet started to become a real possibility, did you think about the money or the gold?

Both I guess…the money is amazing. $650,000 is a lot of money and I had a lot of my own action, which doesn’t usually happen. It means I don’t have to sell so much action in the future as well, which is important.

The bracelet is special as well though.

You play every tournament in the world…how do you afford it?

I sell a lot of action for the most part, because travel expenses really push the costs up. I have been doing well online and made some good final tables this year so that’s where most of my money has come from. I have not been doing very well live this year. I also had a lot of money saved up from 2009 & 2010 both live and online.

Have you ever been broke or worried?

No not really. I have very good bankroll management and keep my costs low. I always share rooms and book in sensible hotels. I still enjoy spending money in nice restaurants but no need for the sickest hotels.

Who were the lucky ones who got a piece of your $650,000?

My buddy Rupert (Elder) of course, we swap 5% in everything. My friend Manig Loeser and I always swap 5% in everything as well and my Russian friend who finished tenth in the tournament – we swapped 10% also.

So you have 5% swaps with Rupert Elder. Did you have 5% of his $1.4 million EPT San Remo win?

No, we weren’t friends then (Spontaneous laughter from myself)

I just interviewed David Vamplew and asked him if he could pick 5 people to play poker with who would he pick, he said 5 Dominik Nitsche’s…what does he mean?

I guess he is saying I play bad, but I have a bracelet and he doesn’t so that’s too bad. But he is a very good friend of mine and is just joking around.

Why do people say he looks like Harry Potter?

Because he does.

Are you going to be playing poker all of your life?

I want to earn enough money to retire and go into business. But for now I love the lifestyle. I have met so many wonderful people and I don’t want it to change. I am traveling the world, meeting people and making good money. I just hit poker very quickly. I won the LAPT for around $400,000 when I was eighteen and it kind of spoiled my college education. I just kept winning more money than I ever would have done in the real world.

Who is your biggest Influence in poker?

My biggest influences are David Vamplew and Rupert Elder. I spend so much time traveling and talking poker with these two guys and we have really helped each other.

Name one player who the public may think is good, but is actually pretty terrible.

That’s easy…Jean Robert Bellande. I played with him in the $5k Mix-Max and I was thinking holy shit what is this guy doing?

What about the player who gives you the most trouble?

It used to be Michael Tureniec. He just always seemed to get the better of me. I have a lot of respect for him and maybe I have given him too much respect in the past.

Thanks for the interview Domink and congratulations on your bracelet win.


Kara Scott, Mike Sexton and Marvin Rettenmaier…Bowling?

The PartyPoker Pro team take the qualifiers for a night of bowling…check it.

Level 6 Recap: Sexton is Gone But Sauva Doubles and Doubles

PartyPoker Team Pro Mike Sexton has not been able to survive his woeful table draw. He moved all-in for around 11,000 holding and was called by Ryan Schmidt holding . The board ran out and Sexton was out. Also missing from the table is World Series of Bracelet (WSOP) winner David Williams. We believe Williams was eliminated by Ronny Kaiser all-in pre flop for Williams and for Kaiser.

Eames Leaves

Also out of the competition is UK pro John Eames who we found stumbling along in the corridor trying to book a quick flight home.

A Double-Double For Sauva

Now let’s get back to the contingent of PartyPoker and Bwin players. Dan Sauva doubled up and liked it so much he doubled up again. Sauva flopped a set of aces and then called the bluff shove on the turn to double up once, and then he found on a flush draw board and got it in against pocket jacks; the club on the turn giving Sauva 46,000 chiparoos. Then we saw him getting a tad unfortunate in the following pot.

We joined the action on a flop of and Sauva bet 4,150 from the small blind; his opponent on the button called. The came down on Fourth Street and this time Sauva bet 5,000 and his opponent called. The river card was the and this time both players checked. Sauva turned over and his opponent turned over – both players with aces and queens with a king kicker.

Sadiq Doubles Up

Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq has also doubled up. He flopped [8x] [7x] [4x] whilst holding and managed to get three streets of value from his opponent. Sadiq now has 60,000.

At the top end of things William John continues to lead with 251,000, James Schafer has 225,000 and Maria Ho moves into the top 5 with 180,000 chips.

Chip Counts

Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq (60,000), Robin Fisher (16,500), Hans Joachim Hein (43,000), Dan Sauva (46,000), Thibaud Guenegou (37,500), Markus Ritt (16,000), Bodo Sbrzesny (27,000), Neil McFayden (43,000), Daniel Kaiser (5,000), Robin Roths (77,000), Kai Kassebaum (40,000), Christian Glissman (27,000), Robert Schulz (52,000), David Scherzer (77,000), Redmond Toth (16,000), Andreas Nasvaal (50,000), Artur Koren (25,000), Artur Olvedi (18,000), Simon Kovacic (24,000), Manos Foudlouakis (193,000), Alexander Debus (66,500), Markus Dittrich (33,000), Christopher Kolla (55,000)

Level 6 News: Sexton Draws Nightmare Table; Simon Guenther is Out

PartyPoker Team Pro Mike Sexton could not have dreamed of a worse table draw to throw his 15,000 chips around. Check this out:

Seat 1: David Williams

Over $8 million in live tournament earnings, 1 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, 1 World Poker Tour (WPT) title and a runner-up spot in the WSOP main event.

Seat 2: Ronny Kaiser

Kaiser plays in the highest stakes online cash games in the world, has just under $1 million in live tournament earnings and a European Poker Tour (EPT) title.

Seat 3: Filippo Candio

Over $3 million in live tournament earnings including a 4th place finish in the WSOP Main Event.

Seat 5: Ryan Schmidt

Over $500,000 in live tournament earnings including a 5th place finish in Event #2 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em.

Seat 9: Ilan Boujenah

Over $1 million in live tournament earnings including EPT, WPT and Partouche Main Event final table finishes.

PartyPoker Gladiator Daniel Kaiser has had a torrid start to the day. He lost the majority of his chips holding [Qx] [Qx] on versus the  of stand up comedian and actor Kevin Pollak, leaving him just 3,600 chips. Then just as we left his table he had doubled up in a flip v on a board.

So Kaiser survives, but we have sadly lost Simon Guenther in a flip v on a .

In other news Court Harrington, Kevin MacPhee,  Allyn Shulman are out whilst Daniel Negreanu and Vanessa Selbst continue to climb the charts with 163,000 and 186,000 chips respectively.


If you haven’t already done so, please check out the interviews we have had with Tatjana Pasalic, Mike Sexton, Lil David Nicholson and Giovanni Rizzo.

Welcome to Days 2a and 2b of the WSOP Main Event

Hello and welcome to the PartyPoker blog. The place where we bring you coverage of both the PartyPoker and Bwin online qualifiers, as well as our host of Team Pros. Firstly, please accept our apologies for the break in coverage yesterday, but it seems we had a few Gremlins in our electronics which closed down the back end of the blog.

The Plan of Action

All players who managed to sneak through the Day 1a and 1b proceedings will return to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino to take part in a combined Day 2a and 2b. The two days will both start at 12:00 PM and will more likely be separated into the Brasilia and Amazon rooms.

The plan will be to play 5-levels of one hundred and twenty minutes action. There will be a twenty-minute break after each level and a ninety-minute dinner break after the 3rd level. Play will start at Level 6 with blinds at 250-500 and a 50 ante.


WSOP Photo Gallery

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