Apologies From PartyPoker

Please accept our apologies for the interruption in our WSOP coverage yesterday. We had some technical Gremlins that resulted in the back-end of the blog not working. Hopefully, everything is back to normal today.

Three Tips For WSOP Success

If you have ever wondered what the secrets to World Series of Poker (WSOP) success are, then worry no longer. Watch and learn people.



Level 1 Round-Up From The Amazon Room

Here is the first level round up from the Amazon Section.

We have a high calibre of PartyPoker and Bwin qualifiers in the field today. One of them is the young Danish hot shot Morten Mortensen. Mortensen qualified for the Main Event through PartyPoker and he will be hoping for a similar run to last year (or better) when he finished in three hundred and eighty-sixth place for $30,974. Mortensen has already bagged a successful 2012 World Series of Poker (WSOP) with 2 cashes, including a 4th place finish in Event #41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em for $210,793. Mortensen has gotten off to a fantastic start after doubling with set over set (eights versus fours on a [8x] [5x] [4x] board). Mortensen has 60,000 in chips.

Samuel Chartier also won his Main Event seat playing online at PartyPoker and he is seated in the Orange section of the room. Chartier has over $1.5 million in live tournament earnings to his name, and has already bagged 4 WSOP cashes this year. Chartier doesn’t have a WSOP bracelet in his trophy cabinet, but he does have a WSOP Circuit ring after winning an event in 2009 for $322,944.


Swedish player Robin Ylitalo also qualified through PartyPoker. Ylitalo is having the greatest run of his short career after finishing in 8th place at the European Poker Tour (EPT) stop at Campione. He also has 1 WSOP cash to his name, this year, after finishing in 32nd place in Event #56: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em. Ylitalo is sharing table space with the former WSOPE Main Event champion Annette Obrestad.

Amatos Gomila!

PartyPoker Team Pro Amatos Gomila is also seated in the Orange section. He is sharing a table with the Chilean Nicolas Fierro who finished thirty-fourth in this event last year. Gomila, who finished in three hundred and seventy-eight place in this event back in 2010, has 45,000 chips.

Mathieu Clavet in Action


PartyPoker qualifier Mathieu Clavet is sharing the same table oxygen as Viktor Blom. We caught Clavet in back-to-back pots and here they are:

There was a raise to 250 from first position, a call in the next seat and then Clavet raised to 800 from next door. The action folded around to the caller and he decided he wanted to see a flop. The dealer laid on the table and the original caller check-raised to 2,200 after Clavet had bet 900; Clavet called. The turn was the and this time the caller check-called a 3,000 Clavet bet. Finally, the action was brought to a conclusion after the caller bet 5,550 – at the sight of the – and Clavet folded.

Then the same player raised to 250 in first position, Clavet called next door and it brought the big blind into a three-way pot. The flop was and the action checked to Clavet who bet 400 and only the initial raiser called. The turn card was the and the initial raiser check-called a 1,000 Clavet bet. Fifth Street brought the out of the dealer’s hand and the original raiser decided to lead the river for the second time with a bet of 1,225. Last time Clavet surrendered, but this time he raised it to 6,000 and his opponent folded. Clavet is sat on 26,000.


Welcome to Day 1c of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event

Good afternoon and welcome to Day 1c of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. As normal it is expected that the best has been saved till last and we will have a much bigger field than the previous 2-days. Just to recap, Day 1a drew in a field of one thousand and sixty-six players and Day 1b drew in two-thousand, one hundred and fourteen players to give us a combined field size of three-thousand, one hundred and eighty players.

When we finished our coverage yesterday we didn’t have the final chip count information but we do now. One thousand, three hundred and eighty-seven players made it through to Day 2 (from Day 1b) and that number included 8 PartyPoker and Bwin qualifiers and here were their final positions. Robin Fisher (30,925), Hans Joachim Hein (65,575), Jody Howe (108,400), Dan Sauva (14,750), Sadiq Mohammed Istakhar (34,750), Christian Togsverd (9,850), Raphael Ayani (83,425) & Gaetano DiMaria (35,475).

Today we are expecting to finish off the final flight of Day 1 with around forty more qualifiers and Team Pros.


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