Day 1B Ends With John Hoang Leading

The offical chip counts are still not available so we do not know how many qualifiers made it. We do know that John Hoang is the man with more chips than anyone else with 180,000 and there are also some star names in the top ten. They include Vanessa Selbst (168,350), Jason Somerville (144,725), Daniel Negreanu (140,075), Maria Ho (130,425) and Shaun Deeb (125,900).

Level 4 News: Hein, Howe, Ayani & Togsverd All Making Waves

The dinner break is over and we are midway through Level 4. We have 9 PartyPoker and Bwin qualifiers in the field and 4 of them have chip stacks that place them towards the higher end of the chip counts. One of them is Jody Howe who won his seat through the PartyPoker Gladiator programme. This meant that Howe had to earn 1,500 Party Points over a forty day period between March 1st to April 15th to receive a $15,000 World Series of Poker (WSOP) package. Howe explained how he had to mass multi-table cash games for ten-hours per day for forty days in order to secure his seat. He said he was never going to do it again – after completing the programme back in 2011 – but after finishing in 52nd place at last years WSOP Main Event he felt compelled to give it another shot. Here is Howe moving up to 79,000 chips.

The button made a standard raise before Howe called in the small blind. The big blind was next, who raised to 1,300, and both players called. The flop was [8x] [4x] [2x] (2 x clubs) and the action checked to the big blind who bet 2,000, the button folded but Howe check-raised to 6,600. The big blind made the call and we moved to the turn where we saw the [6x]. Howe bet around 14,000, to put his opponent all-in, who tank-called holding [Kx] [Kx]. Howe turned over for middle pair and a flush draw and hit a third six on the river to eliminate his opponent.

Marc Tschirch is Out

We have lost PartyPoker qualifier Marc Tschirch. We believe he moved all-in for his last 3,000 holding and lost heads up against [Ax] [Kx] on a [Jx] [7x] [2x] [6x] [Qx] board.

PartyPoker & Bwin Qualifiers

Robin Fisher (42,000), Hans Joachim Hein (85,000), Jody Howe (79,000), Mario Puccini (7,075), Dan Suava (38,000), Rafael Ayani (85,000), Christian Togsverd (71,000), Sadiq Mohammed Istakhar (30,000) and Gaetano DiMaria (40,000).

Other WSOP News

In other Day 1b news Joe Sebock, Theo Jorgensen and Amanda Musumeci have busted not long after dinner. We told you earlier how Eugene Katchalov and David Singer were seated next to the now departed Giovanni Rizzo. Well Katchalov has eliminated Singer ( v ) to take himself up to 91,000. Sammy Farha has finally hit the WSOP circuit and already has over a century. Maybe his opponent’s are just running scared because to be honest he is a dead ringer for Tony Montana from Scarface.

The Day 1b Leaders

Leaders of Day 1b are Jeremy Kottler (120,000), Pacome Chavignon (120,000), Maria Ho (115,000), Jason Somerville (110,000), Chris Moore (110,000), Daniel Negreanu (105,000), Max Weinberg (105,000) and Sammy Farha (100,000).
WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel Talking About The Grinder



Level 3 Round-Up: Hein Leads the Qualifying Pack

In thirty-minutes time over a thousand people will all leave the tournament areas and head towards the vital few restaurants that are housed in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. In the meantime let’s give you a news round up.

Greg Raymer is Out

We have just witnessed the demise of the 2004 World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion Greg Raymer and it came in a showdown involving PartyPoker qualifier Gaetono DiMaria. Raymer raised to 700 in the cutoff, DiMaria called on the button before the big blind squeezed out a 2,200 three-bet. Back to Raymer and he moved all-in for 12,100 before DiMaria also moved all-in (and had both players covered). The big blind pulled more faces that a world champion gurner, before eventually making the call. Raymer tabled , DiMaria tabled and the big blind was in great shape with his . The board ran out and the big blind had Raymer covered by 100 chips. DiMaria was carved down to 48,000 chips.

Hans Joachin Hein Leads The Gang


The PartyPoker/Bwin player with the most chips is Hans Joachim Hein with 65,000. Hein told us that he has had pocket aces twice and pocket kings once hence his growth. Hein is hoping for his third consecutive WSOP Main Event cash after finishing three hundred and ninety-sixth in 2009 and two hundred and second in 2009.
PartyPoker qualifier Christian Togsverd has just flashed on our radar. He is sharing the same table as fellow qualifier Rafael Ayani and also Ken Fishman who finished 5th for $116,072 in Event #54 $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em which was won by Will Jaffe.

Dan Suava Talking About His Table



Jody Howe In Action

Jody Howe is still hovering between the 50-60k mark. We just caught him having to lay a hand down to some turn pressure though. Howe raised from the cutoff and received a call from the button and one from the blinds. The flop was and Howe c-bet; just the button called. The turn was the and Howe fired his second barrel for 2,275 and the button raised to 6,500. Howe got the message and sent his hand into the muck.

Tschirch Losing to Queen High

Marc Tschirch is down to below starting stack much in part to losing the following hand. We caught the action on the turn with the board showing and Tschirch had bet 5,000 once checked to. His solitary opponent dwelled for a long time before eventually making the call. The final card was the and both players checked before staring at each other. It was Tschirch’s opponent who cracked first and showed the for queen high and Tschirch angrily mucked his cards.

“Wow,” screamed Tschirch’s opponent at the surprise of winning a hand he was sure he had lost.

Wang, Rast and Boatman Lead

In other news the registration has ended and the official Day 1B attendance figure is 2,114 entrants. Leading that prickly pile of poker players is Cody Wang with 93,000 followed closely by multiple WSOP bracelet holder Brian Rast with 84,000 and Hendon Mobster Barny Boatman with 80,000. We just caught Boatman winning those chips with a shove on a river of [2x] [2x] [4x] [Qx] [Ax]. His opponent called with [Ax] [2x] and Boatman was holding [4x] [4x].

“You’re the scariest old guy I have ever met,” said a young kid to Boatman.

Chip Counts

The rest of the PartyPoker and Bwin chip lists as follows: Marc Tschirch (25,000), Robin Fisher (41,000), Hans Joachim Hein (65,000), Jody Howe (57,000), Mario Puccini (22,000), Dan Suava (38,000), Sadiq Mohammed Istakhar (13,600), Gaetano DiMaria (48,000), Rafael Ayani (52,000) and Christian Togsverd (48,000).

An Interview With Kevin Mathers (AKA Kevmath)

What feelings do you have about the WSOP?

This year is different from last year. I was working on the floor last year – every day – and it became a bit of a grind and got to me a little bit. This year I am doing most of my stuff from home and coming here a few times is fun. It’s good to see the crowds and railing the action. My highlight for this year will be to hopefully play the Main Event tomorrow.

So Luke Schwartz has just tweeted that he hates you. How can anyone hate Kevmath?

It’s part of my extension from 2+2. I do a lot of work on 2+2 and that is where his feelings come from I think?

How did you respond to him?

I just tweeted this back to him, “I consider it a massive honour to be called a ‘Douche-nerd’ by the legend that is Full_Flush.”

It is weird with my fame on twitter. People will ask me questions that the WSOP would know. I have become the unofficial source of information for the WSOP. This is why people follow me and ask me all of the time.

Maybe I am a douche-nerd…I don’t know?

So he called you a ‘Douche-Nerd’ what do you call him?

‘Kev tried to think of a retaliatory name but was far too nice to call Luke anything.’

You Played in a $1k WSOP Event. Did you have fun?

Yeah, it is really hard to play a $1k with just 3,000 chips, especially when you lose half of them straight away. I tried to be one of the guys and play some poker. I flopped top pair and a straight draw. I got my last 1,000 in and the guy has ace-king and I didn’t even make level 2. That was my first bracelet event.

Who is the most famous person who has bought a piece of your Main Event action?

Mmm…there are plenty but possibly Kara Scott.

What circus performer would you be?

The mime because I am very silent.

Who is going to come second in this Main Event?

I would like to see Phil Hellmuth finish 2nd

But he is out? Are you really Kevmath?

Oh yeah…maybe Phil Ivey.

British Rail or American Rail?

British Rail easily. It’s not even a contest.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Passionate, poker, fan.

What was the first thing you ever stole?

I stole some candy with my brother.

Did you ever get caught?

No…but my brother did.

What is the dumbest thing you have ever bought?

It could be my Main Event entry. At the moment it’s my $1k entry, but it could be the Main Event.

Does taking weed make poker players play better?

If it did I would probably considerate it (laughs). I am not one of these people against drugs. In fact I think they should legalise some of them.

Maybe we should have competitions where everyone plays high on acid then?

I think that might be a little strong. But if a person thinks weed helps him then I don’t have a problem with it.

If you could sell your soul for one thing what would it be?

I would like to know what I know now – and be who I am now – ten years ago.

Giovanni Rizzo is Out

Giovanni Rizzo is pacing up and down the Rio corridor gesticulating the Italian way. At first you think he is talking to someone else until you realise that he is shouting at himself. In 2010, Rizzo finished in two hundred and eighty-eighth place for $41,967, in 2011 Rizzo finished in three hundred and twenty-seventh place for $35,492 and he was desperate to nail the trio of cashes in 2012.

We reported earlier that Rizzo lost a set over set situation, then we reported that he was as low as 11,000 and now we can report that he went as low as 4,500 before he moved all-in with pocket queens only to run into pocket aces. Rizzo is out!

Other Day 1B News

Stephan Patz has knocked out the UFC cage fighter Georges St.Pierre. The money went into the middle on the turn with St.Pierre needing the river help. The board was showing with St.Pierre holding and Patz holding . The on the river not helping St.Pierre and he was out.

The early notable chip leader is the 2007 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Player of the Year (POY) Tom Schneider with 83,000 chips.

Level 2 News: Jody Howe Leads The Qualifiers

So what has been going on during the 2nd level of the greatest poker tournament on earth?

Ninety-two year old Ellen Deeb kicked off the Day 1A action yesterday and once again increased the WSOP record as the oldest person to participate. The lady has stamina because she is back on Day 1B to cheer on her grandson Shaun Deeb who is playing over in the Pavilion at the moment. Let’s just hope the Sasquatch we have running around the building doesn’t frighten the life of her!



Rizzo Ruffled

Giovanni Rizzo is not looking good. I mean he is looking good – what dark handsome Italian man doesn’t – but he is not looking ‘poker’ good. He has around 11,000 and one of those looks that screams, “if you come over here and ask me how I lost my chips I am going to stick chopsticks in your eyes and pull them out.” So I have avoided asking that particular question.

Istakhar Running on Empty

Sadiq Mohammed Istakhar qualified for this event playing online at PartyPoker, and his voyage was very nearly a short one. He is very short-stacked and we have just seen him move his last 3,350 into the middle from the button on a flop of . Istakhar received one ambitious caller holding for bottom pair whilst our qualifier turned over for top pair. The turn and river handing Istakhar a stay of execution.

The other PartyPoker qualifier working in the Brasilia Room alongside Istakhar is Gaetano DiMaria. Di Maria sits on 44,000 and has the former World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event champion Greg Raymer for company. Raymer has 20,000 chips.

Dan Suava has told us that he has been involved in a few four-bet pots with 2-time WSOP bracelet winner Vanessa Selbst and he has won both of them. Suava currently has 39,000 chips.

Chip Counts

The PartyPoker qualifier who has the most chips is last years 2nd longest survivor Jody Howe. Howe is sitting on a stack of 50,000. Here are the rest of the qualifiers stacks, Marc Tschirch (17,000), Robin Fisher (40,000), Hans Joachim Hein (43,000), Mario Puccini (27,000) & Rafael Ayani (34,500).

An Interview With Giovanni Rizzo



So You Have Cashed in the Past 2-Years in the Main Event?

It would be a record for 3-times in a row in Italian poker. It’s not looking pretty so far though.

How many chips do you have?

21k at the end of the first level.

You had a set over set hand, tell us about that?

I started pretty good and moved up to 35,000. Then I was three-bet by a pretty straightforward but aggressive opponent. I had pocket sixes so I flatted in position. The flop came down [Qx] [Jx] [6x] with two diamonds. He checked which was strange (he had always c-bet), I bet for value and he called. The turn was the [5x] and he went for the big check-raise and I just called. The came on the river making the straight and flush. He checked and didn’t think I could get value from anything that doesn’t beat me so I just checked behind. I had a set of sixed and he had a set of queens. I lost 10k in that hand I think.

You have Katchalov and Singer to your right any problems?

I think with this kind of field the top players generally stay out of each other way. I have been the only dumb arse to pay off a bet (to Katchalov). But they haven’t caused me any concern for now.

Is it a big deal having position on them?

Not at this stage of the tournament. When the antes kick and there is more stealing going on then position is important, but not today.

What have you been doing with your time?

I came 2nd in the Premier League Playoffs (losing to Mathew Frankland for a $125,000 seat). I made the last eighteen in a World Poker Tour (WPT) National Series event. I played a lot of Omaha Hi/Lo cash games while I have been out here. I had twelve winning sessions in a row, which ended 2 days ago.

Did you win $25k in your twelve sessions and then blow it all in your one losing session?

No…no…no… it was a small 2-hour session nothing big.

Do you prefer cash or tournaments?

I prefer cash, especially in Las Vegas. I feel I have an edge in the mid to high stakes mixed games. But not so much of an edge in the No-Limit mid to high stakes cash games in Europe.

How do you make your money?

I am an online grinder. I got sponsored 2-years ago which enabled me to travel the tournament circuit but my bread and butter is my online games.

What circus performer would you be?

An acrobat.

Who is going to come second in this Main Event?


British Rail or American Rail?

I had some fun with British Rail but they got very rowdy towards the end, so it’s a coin flip for me.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Outgoing, laid back and adventurous

Who is your perfect date?

My girlfriend.

What was the first thing you ever stole?

I have never stolen anything.

Not even a woman’s heart?

You will have to ask the ladies…I don’t know.

What is the dumbest thing you have ever bought?

I am just going to buy the Macbook Retina. I am pretty spewy when it comes to electronic gadgets.

Does taking weed make poker players play better?

I don’t think so.

If you could sell your soul for one thing what would it be?

My soul…no way…are you kidding me?

Welcome to Day 1b of the WSOP Main Event

Notables in the Brasilia Room

The Brasilia Room seems to contain more bodies that yesterday. It includes the likes of World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Main Event champion Elio Fox, beauties Maria Ho and Lauren Kling, 2009 WSOP Main Event runner-up Darvin Moon, 2004 WSOP Main Event champion Greg Raymer, multiple bracelet winner Erik Seidel, 2011 WSOP Main Event runner-up Martin Staszko and former Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and England legend Teddy Sheringham.

News From the Amazon Room

Depending on where you are in the world – good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Welcome to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the $10,000 Main Event. PartyPoker is going to be bringing you coverage of the PartyPoker and Bwin qualifiers, our roster of team pro players and anything else that is interesting enough to report.

Day 1A started with 1,066 players, finished with 657 players and Day 1B promises to be even bigger. The tournament is currently divided into two separate tournament areas known as the Amazon and Brasilia Rooms. We have just finished a sweep around the Amazon area and this is whom we have found.

Can Jody Howe Go Even Deeper This Year?

In the Orange Section we have Jody Howe who qualified through the PartyPoker Gladiator programme. Howe also qualified for the Main Event last year and he was our second longest survivor when he eventually finished in 52nd place for $160,036. Jody Howe is seated opposite the former European Poker Tour (EPT) Champion Salvatore Bonavena.

Puccini Having The Year of His Life

Mario Puccini is also seated in the Orange Section and is currently enjoying the most fruitful year of his professional life. He finished in 4th place at EPT Berlin for $287,612 (his 2nd EPT final table in that season) and has also cashed twice at this years WSOP including an 11th place finish in Event #41: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em. Puccini is in the company of Dan Shak who recently played in the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop tournament.

Rizzo Has a Tough Table

Everybody’s favourite Italian, Giovanni Rizzo, could not have picked a worse table to start on. But despite having a table of terrors that includes WSOP bracelet holders David Singer and Eugene Katchalov, he does have direction position on both of them. Rizzo has cashed in both 2010 and 2011 and for him this is a very special tournament.

Can Suava Get a Hug From Selbst?

Dan Suava is in this competition courtesy of Dan Cates. The Jungleman held a competition asking people to film themselves carrying out a good deed. Suava gave out free hugs in Camden, London and Jungleman thought it was worthy of a free $10,000 seat and hotel package. Suava can ask Vanessa Selbst for a hug, because the 2-time bracelet winner is seated to his direct right.

The Best of the Rest

In other news Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Georges St. Pierre is also seated in the Amazon Room amongst a whole host of superb talent that includes the likes of Peter Eastgate, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Dan Harrington, Carlos Mortensen, Robert Varkonyi and Brian Rast.

Last but not least we had an all-in and call in the first few hands of proceedings. Gaston Ruzo and Randy Ashe just lived through their worse nightmare when they had a pre-flop all-in encounter. In the end it was black aces versus red aces and nobody had to leave the building.

WSOP Day 1 Photo Gallery

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