1000 words they say a picture is worth right? Ok well then here’s a truck load of words for you all at home as we take a real quick look over the World Series Of Poker Day 1A in pictures:

The Most Famous Steps In Poker!

Our Current King Of Poker!

Poker Chips!

Jason Alexander aka George Costanza

Tick of the clock….

2012 WSOP Main Event Winner Greg Merson

Writer Victoria Coren

Poker Hall Of Famer T. J. Cloutier

Elisabeth Hille

Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky

We Hope It’s Raining Chips For This Guy


Faraz Jaka

Good Eyewear Always Helps!

Gavin Smith

2011 WSOP Main Event Winner Pius Heinz

PartyPokers Pro Bodo Sbrzesny

2012 WSOP Main Event 3rd Place Winner Jacob Balsiger

PartyPokers Ingo Paulus

We Love Dedication Like This!


Bonus – Phil Hellmuth Getting Dunked!

PartyPoker’s WSOP 2013 Journey

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