Just woke up and it is 06.40, I am so blocked up and been sneezing my head off all night, it’s the air con here it’s a killer! I need some medicine and quick.

I arrive at the Rio to buy in the $2,500 NL 6-handed and it is 11.40am 20 minites before the start. After a brief queue at registration, I am told: “Sorry sir, the last seat has just gone.” I start to kick up about it and then the lady says: “You are already in the system” and calls a supervisor.

I’m thinking: “I know I cancelled a $2,500 ticket a few days ago for a different event, maybe there is a glitch in the system”. The supervisor comes over and the lady starts rambling on about me wanting to buy in etc, and I think she’s going to mess this up, so I say: “Excuse me miss, what she is trying to say is I have already bought in and have lost my ticket. All I need is a re-print.” And like that she gives me a ticket! I am in. Wallop!

My table seems very weak, I don’t know anyone and for the first 2 levels I am up to 17k without making a bet over 1,200. This is perfect. I dose myself up with more tablets during the first break (I haven’t got a clue what I am taking as the writing is so small on the packets I cant read it).

Things carry on much the same and a few players get busted but no big names are filling the seats. A young French guy sits to my left and has similar chips to me, before he plays a hand a buddy of his comes over and pulls him away from the table, I played with this guy for a day when I was deep in London EPT so I figure he is telling him to play back at me.

Over the next hour the French guy does play back at me and guess what………… I send him packing!

Our table gets broken, which I knew was going to happen soon and we are on another break.

I go to the sundries shop to get some more tablets as I am not getting any better so I buy a pack of every type they have and pop 4 all different.

My new table is much harder, there is a raise or re-raise every hand. I call a raise from the small blind with 8-8, and the flop comes 8-10-J. with two hearts I check call, turn comes a J. I check again and he bets the pot leaving 5,500 behind, this instantly tells me he has the bare J as I wasn’t going to get carried away otherwise, so I push. He rambles on under his breath and calls – he has J-Q and sure enough a Queen hits the river. That was such a big hand for me. I have 12k left and get it to 21k with the average being 19k when I pick up A-K under-the-gun. I raise 3X another caller and a young gun re-raises on the button. I push and the young gun is chatting away to the two guys next to him saying I probably have A-A and he is so crushed, it is 5 minutes to dinner break, he looks up at the clock and shoves his chips in with A-Q. Luvvly! What a fool I think, but then a Queen hits the turn and I am out of another tourney. That’s 5 for 0 now. These tourneys are proper minefields.

I meet up later on in Encore with Mr J Duthie and Mr B Boatman (2 proper nice guys) and we have some Sushi. Sitting at the next table is Ozzy and Sharon I wanted to ask him if he had anything for a blocked up nose…..ha ha.


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