WSOP Blog 2009 Day 3

Wow! Up early this morning, let’s get the gym out the way first.

On the bike doing a couple of 30 mins programmes (the gym here, by the way, is absolutely fantastic) and Roland De Wolfe comes in. “Just gonna bang out a quick mile on running machine” he says. He’s so funny, I love him, but he runs like a heavy weight boxer. We arrange to meet in 2 hours to go to the Rio.

I walk through the casino and see Roland playing Baccarat. I said, “Come on, we are going soon”. He agrees and asks to cash out. They hand him three white $5k chips, but then realise he owes $300 juice. “But I want the white chips” he cries. “So I offer him $300 cash just to get him the chip back so we could go. He says: “Don’t worry son, I will win it.” OMG, I didn’t want to hear that. So he bets $500 on bank. Six player results later and he’s £16k in the hole chasing $300. Thank god the next one came bank – he got out of it! He said: “Okay, cash me in.” They added his chips up and he was a little short of another white chip because of the juice again. I said, “Well, you’re not going to do that again.” He looked at me like I was nuts and said: “Come on, it cant be bank again!” Ha ha ha, Roland kills me.

We leave, and I go to his room to borrow a razor. He is in one of the Rio’s penthouses – wow, what a gaff! The best hotel room I have ever been in. He gives me a razor, takes me into the sports room, fully equipped with American pool table, big screen etc, and then challenges me to $500 a game. Anybody who knows me won’t bother asking who won. (I have a table at home.) :-)

Okay we are at the Rio and it’s the $2,000 NLH. I arrive at my table to find it is going to be the 3rd one to be broken, so there is no time for image building here and I decide to crack on and try to build a quick stack, I figure I have two to three hours.

I go into attack mode raising and re-raising and after a funny couple of hours I have 9k chips. We get broken and on my new table I play very tight, the first hand I play is about 40 mins in there is a raise and 2 calls I am on the button with 3h 5h so I make a call too. The flop comes 4-6-7 with one heart. The original raiser bets the pot, and they all pass to me, and I flat call, hoping for a picture or an ace. (I figure he must have big pair and he will think I have a good draw because of my call.) I am going to get him so good! Turn brings a 9c although not ecstatic its still a good card for me as he can think it hasn’t hit me properly anyway. He bets out, I raise, he calls, and a 10 comes – he has 8-8. He bets I call and I am down to 1,800 chips. Luvvly!

The next round there is similar betting a raise and calls I am on button again and call with Kh 3h. The flop is 3 hearts. I check-raise all-in and the guy has Ah-Jh. Luvvly jubbly, out again!

The ending to this day gets better though as I head over to the Bellagio to catch their $1k tourney there is only 65 runners and I get to last 4 and chop the money I get $10k according to chips.

Off to bed and ready for Day 4.


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