You can now qualify to the WSOP on PartyPoker! One of our latest WSOP Main Event package winners is onkelz433 from Germany. This is his story:

What route did you take to the final WSOP Satellite?

I played a $80 turbo qualifier. I’m not sure how many qualifiers I played before. I think just one more $80 and maybe one or two $9 sub qualifiers.

Tell me how the final WSOP Satellite went.

One key moment was on the finale table. I had [Ax][8x] on the big blind and was one of the short stacks. The small blind, one of the big stacks, went all-in.

There were just 7 players left in the tournament and the first three would get a package to Las Vegas and 4-6 would get the money.

So if I lose I’m out of the tournament with no money and no package. I called, he had [Kx][2x] and nobody hit a card. I won with Ace high.

The second key moment was a little bit later. I raised with [Ax][Jx]. One player went all-in. I called. He had the better hand [Ax][Qx], but I hit the Jack. So you need a little bit of luck.

Tell me about your PartyPoker story.

A friend told me about playing on PartyPoker – it was about 5 years ago. I like the different kinds of tournaments.

Tell me how you feel about your Vegas trip.

I have never played such a big tournament so, yes, I’m excited to play this big event. I went two times before on holiday to the USA. On every of those trips I stayed three days in Las Vegas so I know this gambling-paradise well.

What do you think about WSOP?

It is my first big, offline event. I have only watched the WSOP Main Event on TV until now.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WSOP?

No, not really. But I do like Gus Hansen.


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