Ok this is my penultimate day and I wake up with such a headache and nasal congestion, I think I have swine flu, so I’m in the chemist looking for some oinkment, ha-ha. Seriously I feel so rough, I buy another pack of something which was recommended and start by popping 3 tablets straight away.

I cant play any tourneys at the Rio as I am off home tomorrow. So, 5 tourneys at the Rio not a draw and 2 tourneys at Bellagio and 2 draws. I have just had a ‘roll-call’ and I am showing $11k profit without paying my hotel bill yet so I am taking $8k out today and going to play some cash.

I go to Bellagio and play $5-$10 NL after 3 hours I am $700 up but the game is very tight so I go and have some lunch.

The $1k tourney has started and in level 2 so I play in that. I cruise along with no trouble for about 5 hours, always having above average chips and just being pipped to a couple of monster pots. There are a lot of the British guys playing, I think they all got in yesterday. I get down to 3 tables and I get bluffed off a big pot by a young French kid, yeah I know! But I just thought he had it this time. I am still okay but lose 2 more pots in the blinds and then wind up getting it in on an open ended draw with top pair against a set and I am out.

Oh well Bellagio has been good to me thus far.

I have bet the Lakers again they started at 6pm this time they are +4.5 as there playing in Orlando, I think it’s a good bet and lay out $3,300. I am back at the hotel and watching the game while writing this blog before I go out, it’s 8.15pm and the Lakers are trailing 87 to 79 half way in the in 4th so looks like I am going to do my money again. Bah!

I have done half a packet of tablets which should last 4 days and you know what, I am starting to feel okay, congestion and block nose gone just a nightmare headache.

Wow! Lakers just lost by 4 points so I win by ½ point $3k in the posh ……….Wallop!

It’s 9pm and I’m out on it.

2.40am and just got back, I have been playing blackjack and roulette and I’ve been up and down like a yoyo, I think I may have broke even, I am a bit drunk so gonna have a roll-call in the morning.


Ian Frazer


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