Ok, so I have played 3 tourneys now and not reached day 2 yet! And it is not going to get any better today because there is a ladies event and a $10k World Championship high-low split 8 or better, err yeah you can keep that one.

Blimey what am I going to do today?

I go to the gym and cane the bike for an hour then recover in the spa. It’s so amazing in there. I actually hate all this gym stuff but it sort of makes me feel better about the day ahead.

I have arranged to go over to The Rio with Kristof and Agnieszka Rylick, you may remember she is the Polish lady poker player who is a World Champion Boxer. She is famous for cracking Devilfish’s AA on Late Night Poker with A-6, that was hilarious, (sorry Fish). Well she has come on a bundle since then and has a very good game. They are both staying at Encore as well and I wanted to give her some support so we arranged to go over to the Rio together. They are both really nice people and I wish Agnieszka all the best in the ladies event.

I go to the fashion mall shopping and I think what am I doing? I may as well be at home. I abandon that after 40 minutes and cab it to the Bellagio to play the $1k tourney and there are only 44 runners so I abandon that too.

I am back at Encore and have a big-ish bet on the Lakers. They are playing Orlando and are -7 on the handicap, I think: “That’ll do me” and hit the sports bar for the rest of the day. That bet goes down and I am a bit tipsy now, I meet up with Michael Greco and we have some dinner and get wasted.

Not an exciting day in Gotham City poker wise for me, but I think you need time off from the grind to keep you fresh. You can slip into a rut of just turning up and going through the motions if your not careful.

Ian Frazer


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