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Nick Petrangelo won the $3 million guaranteed WPT #04 6-Max Championship event and did so in style. Petrangelo put on a performance of a lifetime at the final table and nobody deserved the $494,550 top prize more than him.

Tony Dunst, who was commentating with Jamie Kerstetter and Matt Savage on our Twitch stream, described was blown away by Petrangelo’s skills.

“10 years on the job and that mighta been the actual best FT performance I’ve ever seen,” tweeted Dunst. High praise indeed from a man who has seen hundreds of final tables and who is a talented player in his own right.

WPT #04 6-Max Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Nick Petrangelo Canada $494,550
2 Artsiom Prostak Belarus $368,250
3 Arsenii Karmatckii Russia $278,448
4 Patrice Brandt United Kingdom $192,900
5 Jiachen Gong Canada $128,100
6 Elio Sion United Kingdom $93,630
7 Jake Schindler Mexico $70,200

The final day’s action began with seven players in the hunt for the near $500,000 top prize. Those seven became six around 30-minutes into the action and it was Jake Schindler who crashed out.

Schindler found what seemed to be the perfect spot to get his short stack in, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Start-of-the-day chip leader Artsiom Prostak min-raised to 1,000,000 with and Schindler three-bet all-in for 4,700,000 with . Jiachen Gong woke up on the button with and called off his 3,000,000 stack. Prostak folded and the board ran to leave Schindler on fumes.

He busted a few hands later when Prostak moved all-in from the cutoff with and Schindler called on the button with . No double up for Schindler because an ace landed on the turn.

Immediately after Schindler’s exit, Petrangelo doubled up in what ultimately turned out to be a key hand. Elior Sion min-raised to 1,200,000 from under the gun with and the action folded to Petrangelo in the small blind. He three-bet to 3,300,000 with leaving himself 7,800,000 behind. Those chips went into the middle preflop after Sion ripped it in preflop. An ace on the flop was unnecessary but resulted in a huge double for Petrangelo.

Sion never recovered and busted in sixth. His final hand saw Sion open-shoved for a shade under six big blinds with and Gong three-bet to 6,500,000 with . The jacks flopped a set and Sion headed to the showers.

Gong couldn’t put Sion’s chips to much use but that really wasn’t his fault because he was involved in a horrible hand!

Gong min-raised to 1,200,000 from the cutoff with and must have been loving life when Petrangelo three-bet all-in for 23,100,000 from the button with what turned out to be . Petrangelo’s shove went uncalled until Gong beat him into the pot with his last 12,500,000 chips.

Petrangelo must have made a sacrifice to the Poker Gods because the flop came down to gift him trips. He improved to quads on the turn! The completed the board and confirmed Gong’s demise.

Patrice Brandt crashed out in fourth-place after first losing a large percentage of his stack with against Arsenii Karmatckii’s . Brandt managed to double before crashing out against Prostak.

Prostak opened with a min-raise to 1,400,000 with on the button and Brandt defended his big blind with a call holding . Brandt check-called a 770,000 bet on the flop. The turn was the and Brandt checked again. Prostak bet 1,300,000 into the 5,00,000 pot and called when Brandt shoved for 7,200,000 in total. The inconsequential completed the board and reduced the player count by one.

Heads-up was set when Karmatckii opened for 2,500,000 from the small blind at the 350,000/700,000/87,500a level. Prostak responded with a three-bet all-in and Karmatckii called off his last 16 big blinds. It was for Karmatckii and for Prostak. The jacks held on a nine-high board and Karmatckii busted in third-place.

Petrangelo started with a 25,200,000 to 73,500,000 chip disadvantage but his vast experience shone through.

Heads-up lasted two hours and there were some superb hands during the battle. One, in particular, stood out, a ballsy river bluff from Petrangelo.

It started with a min-raise to 2,000,000 from Petrangelo with and a call from Prostak with . A flop reading saw Prostak check, Petrangelo bet 1,000,000 and Prostak call. The turn was the and Petrangelo checked before check-raising Prostak’s 1,800,000 bet to 5,500,000. Prostak called. The river completed the board and Petrangelo was well-beaten. That didn’t stop him from jamming the river for 17,700,000 prompting a tank-fold from his opponent!

Another saw Prostak open for twice the big blind with 2,800,000 with and Petrangelo call with . The flop fell and Petrangelo check-called a 1,400,000 bet. The turn saw Petrangelo check-call a 4,300,000 bet. This brought the river into view. Petrangelo again checked, Prostak shoved for 16,900,000 and Petrangelo, amazingly, folded!

A couple of hands later, Prostak made a great call with third-pair. Petrangelo limped with and Prostak check with . A flop reading saw Prostak check-call a 1,400,000 bet. The turn brought the into play and both players checked. The was the river card and Prostak checked once more. Petrangelo took a 9,600,000 stab at the pot and Prostak instantly called.

Prostak’s comeback was cut short and Petrangelo claimed yet another major title.

Prostak opened to 2,800,000 with and Petrangelo called with . A flop reading saw Petrangelo check-raise Prostak’s 1,400,000 bet to 4,000,000 and Prostak called. The landed on the turn and Petrangelo greeted it with an 8,300,000 bet that was called. The river was the and it signed Prostak’s death warrant. Petrangelo set his opponent all in for his last 15 big blinds and Prostak called, only to be shown Petrangelo’s trip tens.

Congratulations to Petrangelo who is the latest addition to the exclusive Champions Club. Petrangelo receives a $15,000 entry to the Tournament of Champions, plus flights and accommodation, in addition to his $494,550 prize.

Be sure to rewatch the full final table broadcast if you want some free poker training. Petrangelo really was awesome and is a worth WPTWOC champion.

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