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PartyPoker Blog has been in Barcelona, Spain all week for the WPT Spanish Championship. We have provided you all with all the latest updates, pictures, videos and we have now reached the Final Table.

Eight players will be battling it out for the chance to win the top prize of €206,000 and the coveted WPT Championship title and bracelet. The action starts at 15:00 (CET) and the whole event will be shown on the live stream of the WPT Barcelona final table so make sure you tune in.

The End

Congratulations to Lukas Berglund who eliminated all seven of his final table opponents on his way to winning the WPT Spanish Championships – the youngest person in history to do so!

Check out the recap here.


Romain Matteoli Eliminated in 2nd Place (€118,000)

The heads up encounter lasted 15-minutes and here is the round up of that action.

Hand 1

Berglund raised to 120,000 and Matteoli called. The flop of led to a 130,000 Berglund bet and a Matteoli fold.

Hand 2

It was Matteoli’s turn to raise and he also made it 120,000 and Berglund called. The flop was and Berglund bet 150,000. Matteoli didn’t mess about and he moved all-in resulting in a fold by Berglund. Matteoli flipped over the [9x].

Hand 3

Berglund raised to 120,000 and Matteoli called. The flop was and Matteoli checked to Berglund who bet 100,000. Matteoli then check-raised all-in and Berglund again mucked his hand.

Berglund 4.6 million
Matteoli 1.9 million

Final Hand

Lukas Berglund raised to 120,000 and Romain Matteoli called.


This flop had fate written all over it and when Matteoli bet 120,000 and Berglund called you could sense it was the tournament defining moment.


Matteoli checked, Berglund bet 240,000, Matteoli moved all-in and Berglund snap-called.

When the cards were turned over only a six on the river would save the skin of Matteoli.



So Lukas Berglund won his first major tournament after eliminating all seven of his opponents. Now it was time for him to face the hoards of cameraman and hostesses vying for his attention – he had better get used to it!


Frederic Bussot Eliminated in 3rd Place (€64,000)

I think Frederic Bussot himself will be happy to admit that a 3rd place finish at the WPT Spanish Championship is a monumental performance. His tight style almost Nicolo Calia-esque, proving that this is not a one size fits all type of game. He survived an incredible six all-ins on the final table alone.

When he did eventually leave the table it was just after the break and it was Lukas Berglund who eliminated him. Berglund moved all-in from the small blind holding and Bussot called holding .

A set on the flop easing the Berglund nerves somewhat – .

If Lukas Berglund wins the heads up battle he would have not only won the €206,000 prize money, bracelet, $25,000 WPT World Championship Buy In and WPT Championship title but he would have also eliminated every single person at the final table. But for the moment there is the small factor of Romain Matteoli standing in his way.


Two uncontested shoves by Frederic Bussot. Maybe somebody spiked his drink during the break? The man has turned into a hyper aggressive maniac.


It Will Be Alright on the Night – Won’t It?

Tatjana Pasalic shows on that she is only human after all.


Dinner Break Chip Count

Lukas Berglund 4,290,000
Romain Matteoli 1,805,000
Frederic Bussot 400,000


Lukas Berglund moves all-in with and Frederic Bussot calls with .

The flop gave us more diamonds than the bracelet hanging around Frederic Bussot’s wrist when it came down . Berglund was holding the King of diamonds so he had a ton of outs but he was up against the all-in master.



Bussot now has half a million chips.


Another hand and another double up Frederic Bussot.

He has allowed himself to dwindle down to 2 big blinds! Lukas Berglund is pushing all-in with impunity and Bussot keeps folding. Eventually he calls with the monstrous and Berglund has .

Surely this was it?


He called it and she came.



Bussot doubles up and now has 4 big blinds!


Lazarus strikes again!

Frederic Bussot moved all-in from the small blind 165,00 (3 big blinds!) and Romain Matteoli called from the big blind.



“I want to win this thing,” said a jubilant Bussot.

The other two players gave him a “well you need to play some cards then” sort of a look.


Party Poker Qualifer Stefan Kuhn Turns $5 into €5,500

Here from Mr Invincible himself as he talks to Tatjana Pasalic about his deep run at the WPT Spanish Championships and how he survived ten all-ins.


Jorge Duffour Eliminated in 4th Place (€47,000)

Jorge Duffour has been eliminated in 4th place and of course it was Lukas Berglund who took care of business.

Berglund raised to 110,000 from the cut-off and Duffour moved all-in on the button and Berglund called and it was coin flip time.


We didn’t have to wait to long for the pain to come crushing down on Duffour.




Berglund eliminates his fifth player.


Romain Matteoli goes for three in a row when he raised to 125,000 from the cut-off. Frederic Bussot moved all-in from the big blind and Matteoli would have needed ten aces to call him! He duly folded and Bussot won his first non showdown hand of the final table.


Romain Matteoli raised to 90,000 on the button and Jorge Duffour defended his big blind.

The action checked through a flop of before the turn of prompted some betting action with Duffour check-calling a 95,000 Matteoli bet. The river went check-check and Matteoli won the hand with


The action folded around to Romain Matteoli in the big blind and guess what? Yes, he raised to 85,000. Lukas Berglund must have forgotten which strategy worked for him last time because he picked the wrong one. Berglund three betting to 180,000 only to have a 345,000 four-bet shoved into his face. The four-bet produced both a smile and a fold.


I am going to rename Frederic Bussot – Lazarus! This guy just will not leave this final table, maybe destiny is in the air?

Jorge Duffour raised to 100,000 on the button and Bussot moved all-in from the small blind. It was 275,000 more for Duffour and he gave it some serious consideration before calling. When he did he was in good shape although a split pot was a distinct possibility.



There she is! The four prompting some lateral fist pumping action from Bussot.



Bussot doubles up for the third time on this final table.


Lukas Berglund raised to 80,000 from the button and Frederic Bussot called in the big blind. All three streets were checked until finally Berglund made a bet of 90,000 on the river and Bussot folded. Shame for Berglund because he had pocket aces and flopped a set!


Romain Matteoli continues to pound the big blind of Lukas Berglund and this time Berglund just called instead of three-betting.




A Berglund 90,000 bet took the pot down.


Lukas Berglund raised to 100,000 on the button and Jorge Duffour defended his small blind. The two of them saw a flop of and Duffour check-called a 90,000 c-bet by Berglund.  The turn was the and Duffour once again checked. Berglund asked Duffour for a count, and he couldn’t give him response, but it didn’t matter as he folded to a 160,000 second barrel.


Romain Matteoli raised to 85,000 from the small blind and Lukas Berglund popped it up to 180,000 from the big blind. Action back on Matteoli and he four-bet but Berglund had folded before we could count it out.


Guillem Usero Eliminated in 5th Place (€40,000)

Lukas Berglund is cleaning house!

He just raised to 80,000 from the hi-jack and Guillem Usero three-bet from the small blind making it 190,000 to play and Berglund made the call.


Usero slid a tower of white chips across the line and the bet was a clean 100,000. Berglund asked for a quick count before moving all-in and Usero called.

Berglund was holding for the open ended straight draw and back door flush draw and Usero had


Some more outs for Berglund.


Bingo! Berglund eliminates his fourth players at this final table.


Alexander Sidorin Eliminated in 6th Place (€33,500)

Not much colour just a simple all-in and call. Sidorin was on the button holding and Lukas Berglund, the one man wrecking crew at this table, called with . The board brought Sidorin more outs but they did not materialise and Berglund eliminated his third person at this final table.



Lukas Berglund raised to 60,000 in early position and armed with his slightly bigger stack, Frederic Bussot decided to get his feet wet when he made the call.


Berglund check-called a 80,000 Bussot bet.



Both turn and river were checked through and Berglund won the hand holding . Bussot showed down [ax][jx]


Frederic Bussot has once again doubled up. This time pocket tens were good enough for him to ship his money in and Guillem Usero called holding . A ten on the flop giving Bussot a set and the self proclaimed short stack man is going to have to find a new nickname if he continues like this.


Romain Matteoli raised to 75,000 from early position and there was a post flop party as Lukas Berglund, Jorge Duffour and Guillem Usero all called.


Usero checked to Matteoli who bet 95,000. Berglund and Duffour folded but Usero made the call.




Usero quickly check-called a 105,000 Matteoli value bet. Matteoli turned over for the straight and Usero slid his cards face down to the dealer.


Lukas Berglund raised on the button making it 60,000 to play and both Jorge Duffour (small blind) and Frederic Bussot (big blind) made the call.


Both blinds checked to the raiser who c-bet 80,000. Duffour mucked instantly but Bussot decided to take his time. He counted out a raise and feigned to move it across the line then retreated. Eventually the table lost patience with him and called for time and he folded.


Romain Matteoli raised to 66,000 and Frederic Bussot moved all-in for 192,000 and Matteoli made the call.



Bussot doubles up to just over 400,000


Chip Counts After the Triple All-In

Romain Matteoli 1,151,000
Lukas Berglund 1,339,000
Jorge Duffour 1,660,000
Frederic Bussot 200,000
Guillem Usero 1,539,000
Alexander Sidorin 568,000


Markus Ristola Eliminated in 8th Place (€20,200) and Artur Koren Eliminated in 7th Place (€27,000)


If only all final tables were like this!

Artur Koren moved all-in from the cut-off for 430,000 and Lukas Berglund also moved all-in from the button. Action on Markus Ristola and he moved all-in as well!

Three way all-in action with Berglund covering them all and Koren covering Ristola.



Berglund comes from behind and could potentially knock both of these dangerous players out of this final table.


Ristola is gone because a queen will make Koren a straight.


Berglund has tripled up and eliminated both Koren and Ristola at the same time.


Jorge Duffour made a standard raise from under the gun and Guillem Usero called in middle position before Romain Matteoli three-bet from the cut-off making it 141,000 in total.

The blinds folded in unison and the shaky Duffour called and after a brief pause so did Usero.


Duffour checked and Usero bet 200,000. Matteoli had that familiar look of disgust on his face that you usually see when a big hand whiffs the board and he folded. Back to Duffour and he went through his usual nervous motion, counted out the 200,000 call but then at the last minute decided it was a fold.


The chip leader Jorge Duffour raised to 100,000 from middle position. It was the biggest raise of this level so far and it raised a few eyebrows. One person whose eyebrows were certainly raised were Alexander Sidorin’s because he declared he was all-in from the button. The count was 256,000 and once the action folded to Duffour he called instantly. It was your classic cooler.



Sidorin is back in the game with over 500,000 chips but Duffour is still our chip leader.


Seating Plan

Seat 1 Romain Matteoili 1,336,000
Seat 2 Artur Koren 387,000
Seat 3 Lukas Berglund 619,000
Seat 4 Markus Ristola 297,000
Seat 5 Jorge Duffour 2,041,000
Seat 6 Frederic Bussot 224,000
Seat 7 Guillen Usero 1,311,000
Seat 8 Alexander Sidorin 308,000

WPT Spanish Championship Final Table Picture Gallery

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