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Here are the player profiles for the WPT Spanish Championship final table at the Gran Casino, Barcelona.

Seat One – Romain Matteoli Starting Chip Count 1,336,000

Another French player at the table, Romain is 26 and loves sports but poker is his biggest passion. With Ivey being his favorite player, it is not hard to figure out why he came all the way to the final table. So far he has cashed for 15 000 USD and he is hoping this WPT will be just one step further in making his breakthrough in the poker industry.

Seat Two – Artur Koren Starting Chip Count 387,000

Who says one year is not enough to learn how to play and become a pro? Art, a student in the States, originally from Germany, only has a year of poker behind him but already is on this final table. He bought in for this tournament himself and is ready to take it down – after learning how to play on, Art considers one of his biggest accomplishments that he folded KK pre-flop.
His favorite hand is QT of spades and his favorite film is ‘Fight Club’ so keep an eye on him!

Seat Three – Lukas Berglund Starting Chip Count 619,000

This Swedish player is a proper genius – straight from school to a final table. His friends are all chuffed and they are railing him today on his first TV table and hope that he gets K-8 offsuit as that is his favourite and lucky hand that he hopes to get so it helps him to become a WPT champ.

Seat Four – Markus Ristola Starting Chip Count 297,000

This live stream table will not be a pressure for Markus, as he already has some WSOPE experience and has cashed for over 220 000 eur. His poker idol is Phil Ivey and his biggest poker accomplishment is becoming a pro. Before he started playing poker, he used to be a student but after figuring out his skills, he decided to put the books on the shelves and started crushing the tables.

When not at the table, Markus is watching films, his favourite being Pulp Fiction.

Seat Five – Jorge Duffour Starting Chip Count 2,041,000

Being the oldest at the able always gives you and edge at the table because of your experience. Satelliting with 170 USD into this event, Jorge made it easily this far so he is pretty ready to take it down. Barcelona being his favourite vacation spot, winning a title here will be even nicer for him. When he picks his cards up today, he will hope to get aces and work around his stack as he needs to be aggressive to start with. So far he has cashed for 4 200 eur so he better focus as this will be a huge boost to his bankroll.

Seat Six – Frederic Bussot Starting Chip Count 224,000

This charismatic French player is very confident about his game. Calling himself ‘The Short-stack-man’, he knows that if he doubles up, this tournament is his definitely.
Frederic likes all sorts of games, backgammon, tarot…and hsi favorite hand is AA> With 10 years of experience as a poker player, he will for sure give us crazy action when he starts his double up race.

You can catch him playing live and listening to Mozart on his ipad and when he is not at the table, he will be browsing Barcelona for good paella.

Seat Seven – Guillem Usero Starting Chip Count 1,311,000

Originally from Valencia, Cavaller has been playing for the past 2 years and has bought in for this one himself. He has been on the final table of SPT Valencia and has already put 100 000 USD in his account from playing poker. All this comes from learning how to play on  and learning how to play his aces.

When he is not playing, he is also watching films like ‘Terminator’ and listening to house music while enjoying himself some paella.

Seat Eight – Alexander Sidorin Starting Chip Count 308,000

A man of a few words, Alex from Russia, has been playing poker for 2.5 years and this is his first WPT. Silent and dangerous, he has already cashed for over 370 000 so make sure you watch his game today and you might learn the East European ninja poker skills.

Here are the Eight Players Talking to Tatjana Pasalic Before There Big Day Starts


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