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Day 1b Completed: Casey King Of The Kastle

Thanks to the monster pot right at the end of Day 1b Casey Kastle is the overwhelming chip leader having bagged and tagged a colossal 356,800 chips, an extra 104,700 more than anyone else in the field. Although Kastle has played in major poker tournaments since 1998, he is yet to even cash in one held in Prague but sure that will all change this week now he has around 200 big blinds!

Kastle’s nearest rivals are Karen Sarkisyan with 252,100 chips and Steve O’Dwyer who will return to the felt tomorrow armed with 241,000.

A total of 125 players survived Day 1b and they will join up with the 93 from Day 1a meaning 218 players will take their seats in the King’s Casino for Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Prague Main Event. The plan for tomorrow is to play eight 60-minute levels and the floor staff have their fingers crossed that we will get down to somewhere near the bubble.

Join us again from 1400CET for all the action from Day 2. Until then, we are going for some much needed shut eye. Good night!


Kastle Wins Biggest Pot Of The Tournament!

Wow! Casey Kastle has been amongst the chip leader for the past couple of hours, as has Michael Tureniec so imagine what would happen if they both picked up big pairs and got their stacks into the middle! Well that just happened. Kastle was all in with against Tureniec’s and when no queen appeared on the board, Kastle was catapulted to 350,000 chips and Tureniec was left with 100,000, still a large stack.


Martins Adeniya Doubles At The Death

Martins Adeniya has passed the 200,000 chip mark right with mere minutes to go in this tournament. We saw Adeniya stacking his new stash with in front of him and the board reading .


Weisner Busted

Earlier we had Team PartyPoker Pro Giovanni Rizzo being busted out with pocket kings when the board gave his opponent an unlikely straight, now it was Melanie Weisner’s turn to suffer the same fate.

Petr Jelinek opened the betting from early position to 2,300 and one player folded Weisner moved all in for 16,900. The action then folded to Florian Pandilica who waited for a couple of minutes before making the call. Jelinek folded and the hands were revealed.


Weisner is a huge favourite to double up and the is as safe as it can get in these situations. The lands on the turn and the on the river to send the American to the rail un the most unfortunate of circumstances.


Thomsen Wins Massive Three-Way All In Pot

The big chip stacks are like magnets here in the last level of play. Steve Thomsen has just found and two players willing to go broke. The first player held and the second player held . The board ran out and Thomsen now has 190,000 little discs in front of him.


There Are Some Tired Players Out There

Looking around the tournament area leads one to discover a number of very tired looking poker players who seem more interested in going to bed than making it through to Day 2. Remember, some of these players played for up to ten hours yesterday and we have now been playing today for 9.5 hours.


Timex Wins 30,000 Chip Pot

Joining the action on a board and with around 22,000 chips in the pot. Mike “Timex” McDonald is seated in the cutoff seat and he makes what seems to be a rather small 7,300 chip bet. His opponent is the button and he is sitting with his right hand over his mouth, a position he adopts for a minute or so before he picks up his cards and places them in the muck.


Perfect Time To Find Aces

There is never really a bad time to pick up aces but it is always great to look down and find in the hole when someone has shoved all in in front of, just like what happened to Daniel Erlandsson. His opponent, Jefri Islam, held .

The board ran out and Islam was eliminated. We are now down to 150 runners in Day 1b of the Main Event.


Tureniec Takes On Gulyy

Since finding himself with a healthy stack of chips Michael Tureniec has upped his aggression and is playing more pots than usual, hence the number of Tureniec related posts in the last hour or so!

From under the gun Tureniec raised to 1,800 and when two players folded Yury Gulyy three-bet to 4,500. Tureniec placed his sunglasses over his eyes and made the call.

Flop: - Tureniec checked to Gulyy, who then bet 5,100 and Tureniec called.

Turn: – Tureniec checked again but Gulyy did not take his foot off the gas, instead he increased his bet to 11,000 and Tureniec got the message and folded his hand.


Giovanni Rizzo Sent Down The River

Team PartyPoker Pro Giovanni Rizzo’s surname translates in English to “river” and he has just been sold down it in a cruel, cruel exit hand. Finding himself with a pair of kings on a [9x][Qx][4x] flop, Rizzo bet, his opponent raised then called when Rizzo moved all in with his [Kx][Kx]. His opponent called with [Qx][Jx] and Rizzo was in great shape to double up but the [8x] on the turn gave him a sweat and the [Tx] on the river completed one of the most unlikely straights and Rizzo is not a happy bunny at all.


Freitez Frazzled

The news of Ivan Freitez’s demise will no doubt please around 99.999% of the poker world after his antics at the EPT Grand Final. If you have to ask then simply search “Freitez Angle Shoot” and you will quickly understand why so many people will be delighted he is no longer in this tournament.

Jean Marie Vandeborne was Freitez’s executioner having been at each others throats all day. Vandeborne finally settled the argument in the following hand.

There is a raise under the gun and Jean Marie Vandeborne cold calls in the next seat. The action folds around to Ivan Freitez in late position and he moves all-in for 16,000. The initial raiser folds and Vanderborne makes the call. Freitez turns over pocket threes and Vanderborne has pocket sixes. The board made no difference to the outcome and Freitez is eliminated.

We cannot say we are sad.

Vanderborne ~ 60,000


Have A Look At The Party Downstairs Whilst The Players Go On Their Last Break


Two Tureniec Hands

Hand 1: Athanasios Polychronopoulos opened the betting to 1,400 from late position and when the action was on Michael Tureniec, in the cutoff, three-bet to 4,000. Polychronopoulos called and the dealer put out the flop. Polychronopoulos checked to his dangerous opponent and he made a continuation bet of 3,500. Polychronopoulos called and the turn card was the and again Polychronopoulos checked. Tureniec bet again, increasing the amount to 8,500 and again Polychronopoulos called.

The river brought the into the equations and Polychronopoulos checked for a third time but instead of betting like on previous street Tureniec tapped the table and checked behind.

Polychronopoulos showed and Tureniec mucked.

Hand 2: From the hijack Tureniec made it 1,400 to go and then called when Robert Castoire three-bet to 3,700. The players checked down the and again on the turn but on the river the action went Castoire check, Tureniec bet 6,600 and Castoire called.

Tureniec turned over and his opponent mucked.


Toby Lewis Eliminated

Toby Lewis’ dreams of WPT glory will have to wait for a couple of weeks when WPT Venice takes place because he is no longer in this tournament. We caught up with Dan Carter, the man who was responsible for crippling the stack of his fellow countryman, and he explained the hand.

According to Mr Carter the big blind at his table folded out of turn and this prompted Lewis to raise it up to 1,200 from UTG+1. However, a ruling went in the favour of the big blind and he was allowed to retrieve his hand from the muck! The action then folded to Carter in the small blind and he raised to 3,300. The big blind folded but Lewis made it 5,500 and Carter opted to flat-call this bet.

The flop came down [7x][5x][2x] with two hearts and Carter checked. Lewis bet 6,000 only to see Carter move all in (he was playing from a 30,000 stack at the start of the hand). Lewis called and showed and was in a whole world of trouble against the [Jx][Jx] of Carter. The turn and river missed Lewis and he was left nursing a short stack that went into the middle shortly after and the rest as they say is history.


Tureniec Doubles Up And Is Back In Business

Josef Gulas opens the betting with a raise to 1,100 from late position. The action folds to Michael Tureniec on the button and he three-bets to 2,800. Gulas then takes back most of his original bet and replaces it with 6,500 worth of chips, four-betting the Swede.

Tureneic pauses for a few moments before moving all in an Gulas says, in rather a resigned tone, “OK. I call” and turns over which is in a coinflip against the of Tureniec. The flop keeps the sixes in front and the extends Tureniec’s lead further. The on the river is safe for the sixes and Tureniec doubles to 60,000 and is back in contention in this tournament.


It’s Not Over Until It’s Actually Over!

A hand just took place over on Table 2 that demonstrates why you should always keep hold of your hand until it is impossible for you to win.

A preflop raising war between Per Linde (BTN), Eirc Afriat (SB) and Viacheslav Igin resulted in Afriat being all in and at risk of elimination, though losing would badly damage the stacks of the other two players as well. The hands were turned over and each of them held pairs.


When Igin sees his hand is crushed he inexplicably mucks his hand! His reward? A flop! The turn and river are the and respectively and Afriat triples up though he should be heading to the sidelines.


Radomski Smells A Rat

Karol Radomski, one of our surviving PartyPoker qualifiers, opens the betting from late position but Josef Goulas to his immediate left three-bets to just 2,300 leaving himself 6,150 behind. The aciton folds back to Radomski and he folds with a puzzled luck on his face.


Lewis Attempts To Break Into Kastle

On a flop that reads Toby Lewis is in the small blind and it is his turn to act. He waits for a solid minute before moving all in for just over 17,000. This is an overbet but at least it will stop him from being re-raised. Kastle waits for 30 seconds before mucking his hand.


Prizepool Announced

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, here is what you are playing for in the WPT Prague Main Event:

  • 1st. €450,000
  • 2nd. €238,000
  • 3rd. €158,000
  • 4th. €104,000
  • 5th. €80,000
  • 6th. €63,000
  • 7th.€48,000
  • 8th. 33,000
  • 9th.€25,000
  • 10th-12th. €20,151
  • 13th-15th. €16,830
  • 16th-18th. €14,472
  • 19th-27th. €12,272
  • 28th-36th. €10,155
  • 37th-45th. €8,400
  • 46th-54th. €7,200
  • 55th-63rd. €6,400


Slight Delay For Some Czech Stars

The players were sent on a rather impromptu break so that they could go into the hotel lobby for some free drinks and meet some Czech stars such as singer Karel Gott, former NHL stars Martin Rucinksy and Martin Straka and Miss Czech Republic Jitka Valkova.

They are back in there seats now and normal service will resume momentarily.


Let Sleeping Slovenians Lie

Fresh from doubling up Casey Kastle has assumed a familiar position at the table, he is asleep, head nodding and everything. WAKE UP CASEY!


Darcourt No More

We did not see the hand but we heard a dealer shout “Seat open, Table 14” and the pink-haired Guillaume Darcourt collecting his belongings and heading to the rail. Florian Desgouttes was busy stacking up chips and it appears he is Darcourt’s executioner.


Ebanks On The Rise

PartyPoker qualifier Joe Ebanks has just added an extra 15,000 chips to his stack after sending Ognjen Sekularac to the rail.

The latter opened the betting with a raise to 1,025 from middle position and after checking his cards Ebanks sat motionless for a few moments before reaching for chips. When he had finished picking up the precious clay circles he had made a raise of his own, making it 2,350 to play. The action folded back around to Sekularac and he moved all in for 14,300 and Ebanks snapped him off.


The board ran out and Ebanks wins the pot with a set of jacks.


Rizzo Takes On Polychronopoulos

The action folded to Athanasios Polychronopoulos in the cutoff seat and he made it 900 to play. The button and both blinds folded but PartyPoker Pro Giovanni Rizzo three-bet to 2,300 from the big blind. Polychronopoulos made the call and it was off the the flop.

Rizzo kept his foot firmly on the gas and bet 3,100, a bet that Polychronopoulos instantly called but when the landed on the turn and Rizzo bet 6,500 Polychronopoulos was not so quick to act, taking 30 seconds or so to fold.


A Career In Blogging Beckons For Eames

John Eames played Day 1a of the WPT Prague so has been pottering around the tournament area all day long eager to get into the blogging world. We sent him out, notebook in hand, to find us a hand to write about and he did not disappoint.

On his travels he saw Casey Kastle opens the action up with a raise and the big blind three-bets to 3,500. Kastle makes the call and the pair of them share a flop of .

Kastle’s opponent fires out a bet of 8,000, Kastle moves all-in and his opponent calls. Kastle turns over a pair of fours for the flopped set and the big blind had pocket kings. The turn and river stayed clean for Kastle and he moves up to 80,000.

Eames is a natural to take over his father’s empire once Tony G decides to take a back seat from the business side of things.


Cecilia Pescaglini Exit Hand

Cecilia Pescaglini divided the poker world on whether she was a fish or was in fact a genius poker player thanks to her unusual, that’s the best way to describe it, style of play. Unfortunately the jury is still out because he has been eliminated from the tournament. Here is a video of her last hand at WPT Prague.


Korotkikh Shows Relentless Aggression

On a flop that reads Maxim Panyak checks then takes a sip of his whiskey. Mikhail Korotkikh bets 1,300 which folds out Guillaume Darcourt but Panyak comes along for the ride.

The turn is the and Panyak checks again then calls when his opponent makes it 4,000 to play. This takes the hand to the river and Panyak checks once again. Korotkikh cranes his neck to get a better view of Panyak’s stack then bets 7,000. Panyak takes another sip of whiskey then folds his hand.


Marcin Doliwa Caught Bluffing

From under the gun Marcin Doliwa raises to 650 and his only customer is Tobias Heinsdorf in the small blind. The dealer puts out the flop, Heinsdorf checks, then calls when Doliwa, a PartyPoker qualifier, bets 700. The turn is the and again Heinsdorf check-calls, this time a 1,400 bet from the aggressive Doliwa.

The river is the and for the third time Heinsdorf checks and we discover he was setting a trap because when Doliwa checked behind Heinsdorf showed and had hit a full house on the river.


Greenwood And Lange Tangle

On a board reading , Sven Lange in early position looks at his opponent and then checks. Max Greenwood, the aforementioned opponent bets what turns out to be 1,300 from the cutoff position and Lange quickly calls.

The final card of the hand is the and Lange checks again but Greenwood has done enough betting and he checks behind.

Lange: muckety muck


Cater Chipping Up

Dan Carter may have two tough opponents in the shape of Byron Kaverman and Toby Lewis on his table but he is playing well, staying out of their way and targeting the easy money.

Natan Lecht raised from the hijack and then called when Carter three-bet to 2,100. The flop came down , Lecht checked, Carter bet 2,000 and Lecht folded. As simple as that.


Cuello Restarts Aggressively

The players are back from a dinner break but having a full stomach has not dampened the spirits of Jorge Cuello. He saw Ilan Boujenah open to 600 from early position and decided to three-bet to 1,600 on the button. The blinds and Boujenah fold and the PartyPoker qualifier picks up the first pot since the restart.


Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman

The players are on a 75-minute dinner break. We will be back soon with full bellies.


Joe Ebanks Talks To PartyPoker


Adinolfi Wins Strange Pot

PartyPoker pro Giovanni Rizzo folds under the gun and after one fold Marvin Rettenmaier raises to 500. Mario Adinolfi calls but Xavier Detournel makes a strange sized squeeze to 1,100. Both players call and the dealer puts out the flop.

Each of the three players quickly check and the appears on the turn. Rettenmaier checks again, Adinolfi bets 1,800 and both opponents quickly fold.

A strange hand all round I am sure you will agree.


Roberto Romanello Talks

Roberto Romanello has a great record in Prague and is hoping to get a result in the WPT Prague Main Event this week.


Busquet Busted

Olivier Busquet has been eliminated from the tournament in dramatic fashion. He entered a preflop raising war with an opponent and all of Busquet’s chips went into the middle with him being a massive favourite holding to his opponent’s .

The kings took an unlikely lead on the and the kept them ahead. Any hopes of a re-suck were ended when the landed on the turn gifting the unknown player quad kings!


A Selection Of Pros Talk About The Re-Entry Structure


Carter Gifted Double Up

British pro Dan Carter has been gifted a double up and is now sat with around 60,000 chips. We missed the hand but the Cheltenham lad recalled how a player he described a player he described as “a complete moron” raised to 500 from the hijack and then called when Carter three-bet to 1,500 on the button. The flop came down [Tx][7x][5x] with two spades and the hijack check-called a continuation bet from Carter.

The turn brought the into play and again the hijack check-called, this time a bet of 4,400. The river was the and once more the hijack refused to bet. Carter then bet 12,500, which was the hijack’s complete stack and he instantly called slamming his stack over the line.

Carter recalled how he thought he had “value-towned” himself but was amazed to see his opponent called off his stack with just [Kx][Jx].


Timex Called Down

The board reads and the small blind, blonde hair in a parting to the right, taps the table and checks. To his direct left is Mike “Timex” McDonald and he bets 925, a bet that is quickly called. The on the turn sees the small blind check again and McDonald fires another bullet, doubling his previous bet to 1,950 and is instantly called.

McDonald shows and is beaten by the of his opponent.


Svensson Loses Out

The board reads and the big blind has just bet 1,925 into Christian Svensson. He sits bolt upright, stretches his arms behind his head before removing his sunglasses and studying the community cards.

He ponders his options for a good minute before tossing in two yellow 1,000 and making the call.

“Yeah,” says the big man as he sees his opponent turn over , mucking his hand as he does so.


Giovanni Rizzo Flying High

PartyPoker Team Pro Giovanni Rizzo is flying high and has around 64,000 chips right now. After three-betting the hijack’s open and winning the pot without contest he got involved in a multiway pot with a small pair.

The player under the gun raised to 500 and next to act raised it up to 1,250. This folded out everyone except Rizzo who called in the hijack and the under the gun player tossed in the extra chips and made the call.

Flop: – The players checked to Rizzo and he bet 1,700, folding out the under the gun raiser but the green hoodie wearing player called.

Turn: – The action goes check, check.

River: – Again the action goes check, check.

Rizzo reveals a pair of threes but his opponent turns over and his sevens are good.


Chalendard Loses Some Ground

Marie Chalendard has begun playing an unusual style in that she is continually limping into pots instead of the standard play of opening with a raise and so far it does not seem to be working out too well for her.

From under the gun she open-limps and then calls when the player two to her left makes it 525 to play. The flop comes down and she check-calls a 525 continuation bet. The turn is another five, the , and once again she checks but when her opponent bets 1,300 she quickly lets go of her hand.


Lange Wins First Pot After The Break

PartyPoker qualifier Sven Lange has just returned from break and won the first pot back after retaking his seat. A player in early position raised to 525 but then quickly folded when Lange three-bet to 2,000.


Timex Wins Pot Just Before Break

Another top player who has re-entered the Main Event is Canadian Mike “Timex” McDonald and he has just helped himself to a nice little pot just before the break.

The player under the gun made it 375 to play, McDonald called on the button and the big blind came along for the ride. The flop is checked around by all three players and the on the turn is checked by the big blind, bet by the initial raiser and only McDonald called. Both players check the on the river.

UTG Player:
McDonald: and the pot.


Roberto Romanello In The House

Welshman Roberto Romanello has entered WPT Prague hoping to emulate his own success in the EPT equivalent of this event. Last year Romanello took down EPT Prague and it kick-started his live career and sparked a string of impressive results including taking down WPT Bratislava.

He appears in confident mood which cannot be good for his opponents.


Record Breakers!

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a little announcement to make. The WPT Prague Main Event is the best attended European-based WPT in history! We have 328 entries so far for Day 1b which means a combined total of 559 and there are still two hours left to register!


Lewis Re-Enters And Means Business

Toby Lewis qualified for Day 1a on PartyPoker but unfortunately the talented Brit could not make it safely through the day. However, he re-entered for Day 1b and has got straight down to business.

Joining the action on a flop and with around 6,000 chips already in the pot, Lewis leads into his opponent with a 4,000 bet from the small blind which really gives him something to think about. He eventually folds and smiles to himself when Lewis turns over the .


Radomski Takes On Tureniec

He may have one of the most impressive poker CV’s in Europe but that has not stopped Karol Radomski from going head to head with Michael Tureniec. The is checked by both players but the on the river sees Tureniec lead into Radomski with a 3,600 bet but he is not buying the Swede’s story and he announces in a gruff voice, “Nine thousand” before placing two red 5,000 chips into the pot.

Tureniec, who is wearing some massive headphones, quickly folds.


Frankenberger Wins Battle Of The Sunglasses

The action folds to Andy Frankenberger, who has re-entered the WPT Prague Main Event, and from behind his Prada sunglasses he makes it 350 to play from late position. The next player to act folds but the cutoff, who is sporting the biggest, oversized shades I have ever seen, three-bets to 900. Neither the butotn or blinds are prepared to pay 900 and they fold.

Frankenberger takes a second peek at his cards and puts in a four-bet, making it 2,600 to play. The giant glasses make the call, or at the least the person hiding behind them does and it is off to the flop. As the dealer is putting out the first three community cards Frankenberger’s opponent wraps as scarf around his face and stares at the reigning World Poker Tour Player of the Year and is still staring at him when he bets 3,500 and is still staring when he mucks his hand.


Doliwa Folds To Three-Bet

The PartyPoker qualifier Marcin Doliwa looks like he could be one to watch as he seems to love splashing around in pots. Just now the action folded around to him in the small blind and he decided that he wanted to add the blinds to his stack and raised to 300. His opponent in the big blind, hood over his head and sunglasses hanging from the zipper, peeled back his own holecards, glanced at Doliwa before three0betting to 900.

Doliwa must have been at it because he quickly let his hand slide into the muck.


Did Linde Flop The Nuts

The board reads and the dark blue hoodie sporting youngster who has a look of Tom “durrrr” Dwan about him checks putting the action onto his only opponent in the hand, Sweden’s Per Linde. He paused for a few moments before moving all in for 20,075.

This puzzles “Dwan” and he screws his face up whilst rocking on his chair. He sits considering all of his options before realising that Linde probably has him beat here and he mucks.

As he does Linde says “Dwan” can see one card. He chooses the one on the right and it is the .


Will We Break The Attendance Record?

The record attendance for the Europe-based World Poker Tour Main Event stands at 555, set in Vienna last year and we are rapidly approaching that number. Yesterday 231 players took to their seats and already we have 290 registered to play today meaning a combined total of 526.

Tell your mates, your enemies even your grandma to head down to the King’s Casino in the Corinthia Towers Hotel and register for the WPT Prague Main Event and be part of history! You can register until the end of Level 4, or around 1800 CET. Go on, you know you want to.


Doliwa Stacking Chips

Marcin Doliwa has got off to a flyer and looks to have at least 35,000, putting him at the top of the PartyPoker qualifier tree! In a hand just now he was contesting the pot three handed wit the small blind and the guy UTG+1 on a board reading board.

The small blind checked, UTG+1 bet 400, Doliwa called and the small blind folded. The river brought the into play and against Mr UTG+1 bet, increasing the amount to 800 and Doliwa instantly called.



Joe Ebanks In The House

Arguably the highest profile PartyPoker flag flyer today is Joe Ebanks from the United States of America. Mr Ebanks won his first World Series of Poker bracelet this summer when he took down the $10,000 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em event, defeating Britain’s Chris Moorman heads-up.

Can he add a World Poker Tour title to his name here in Prague?


Chalendard Off To A Good Start

Joining the action on a board, the action is on the gentleman in the under the gun seat and he decides to tap the table and check but our female PartyPoker qualifier Marie Chalendard seizes the opportunity to take the pot down and she bets 1,250.

It works and she rakes in one of the first pots of the day.


Shuffle Up And Deal

The cards are in the air and Day 1b is under way.


Team PartyPoker

Like yesterday we have a total of 19 players flying the PartyPoker flag, 18 online qualifiers and Team Pro Giovanni Rizzo. The 18 online qualifiers are:

  • Andras Kovacs
  • Artem Khudaverdiev
  • Bart Verbanck
  • Carine Leroy
  • Gergely Laszak
  • Jonnie Sonelin
  • Jorge Cuello
  • Julien Jamet
  • Karol Radomski
  • Lenards Dambis
  • Marcin Doliwa
  • Marie Chalendard
  • Niels Meibom Larsen
  • Robin Tlitalo
  • Scott O’Reilly
  • Sven Lange
  • Joe Ebanks
  • Yaroslav Oleynik

Let’s follow them and see how they get along!


Welcome back gentle reader to the PartyPoker blog where at 1400 CET we will bring you live coverage from Day 1b of the World Poker Tour Prague Main Event. If word on the shop floor is accurate then today we should see close to 300 entrants, which would make Prague one of the biggest Europe-based WPT Main Events in history and would see a first place prize of around €400,000!

Along with the scores of new faces who will be exchanging €3,500 for 30,000 tournament chips will be a splattering of those unfortunate souls who played on Day 1a but busted out before the curtain came down on the day’s proceedings.

We expect the likes of Marvin Rettenmaier, Melanie Weisner, Toby Lewis, Per Linde and Chris Moorman to re-enter for Day 1b along with a whole host of familiar names and faces.

So make sure you join us from 1400 CET for all the action from the King’s Casino.


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