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The World Poker Tour National events pride themselves on giving players the full World Poker Tour (WPT) experience for a fraction of the cost. The London edition of Season XI’s Nationals is playing out behind media row and although the tournament is in its infancy, there are a host of well-known players already in their seats – most of them French.

If you make your way to Apsers Casino Westfield, enter the welcoming poker room and head to Table 2 you will discover three such well-known players. Poker legend Chris Bjorin is seated there, as is the man ranked 67th in the world Fabrice Soulier. Last but certainly not least is the delectable Gaelle Baumann, who you may recall finished 10th in the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event, much to the delight of Mike Sexton, and was the last woman standing in that tournament.

Elsewhere, players are rubbing shoulders with Spanish high-stakes specialist Raul Paez, Manuel Bevand, the EPT Grand Final runner-up Lucille Cailly (pictured) and the current EPT San Remo champion Ludovic Lacay.

Usually you would have to pay several thousand pounds or euros to play against these stars, now you can come see their smiling faces for a fraction of that, just £1,650 in total. You don’t even have to be French because we love and welcome everyone here. Come on down. You know you want to.

There are currently 66 players in their seats right now, but late registration is open for another seven hours, giving you plenty of time to come and buy in.

Chip counts of the rich and famous

Lucille Cailly – 25,000
Manual Bevand – 25,000
Gaelle Baumann – 25,000
Ludovic Lacay – 25,000
Fabrice Soulier – 25,000
Chris Bjorin – 25,000

Who is the most famous player you have shared a table with?

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