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Day Three Comes to an End

There are eight players remaining from the 30 that started today and the man in the lead is Tristan Clemencon. To read the full recap of Day three click here.


Not The Greatest Last Hand For Trumper

Matt Savage announces one final hand before we go to bed and return for the final day tomorrow. The action folds around to Simon Trumper on the button and he raises to 39,000 and Christofer Williamson calls in the big blind. The flop is and Williamson checks to Trumper who puts him all-in. Williamson cannot get into the pot quick enough and turns over for a flopped set. Trumper needs a little help because he has . The turn brings him a chink of light but the on the river means Trumper has had a torrid last few hands and the very quiet Williamson finds a double up.

Trumper ~ 632,000
Williamson ~ 510,000


Giannetti Catches Trumper On The River

On a flop of Simon Trumper checks from the big blind, Cecilia Pescaglini checks in middle position and Matt Giannetti bets 67,000 from late position. Back to Trumper and he makes the call and Pescaglini folds. The turn is the and both players check. The river is the and Trumper check-calls a 155,000 river bet by Giannetti. Giannetti turns over and Trumper flings his [Ax] [Tx] across the table.

“So lucky, so sick. Just sick man,” says Trumper.

Giannetti ~ 1,200,000
Trumper ~ 1,000,000


All-In Reports

Filippo Bianchini has moved all-in twice in recent hands and has not received a caller once.

Christofer Williamson raises to 25,000 in early position and when it folds around to Simon Trumper in the big blind he moves all-in for over 1.3 million sending Williamson into the tank. Then despite holding his favourite hand (so he told us) Williamson folded. Trumper shows .


Manfred Sierke Has Been Eliminated in 9th Place (€12,220)

The chip leader Tristan Clemencon raises to 26,000 in early position, Cecilia Pescaglini called as did Manfred Sierke in the big blind. The flop is [Qx] [3x] [4x] and Sierke bets 35,000 but Clemencon raises it up to 105,000. Pescaglini folds and Sierke makes the call before we saw the [2x] on the turn. Sierke moves all-in for 140,000 and Clemencon bites his hand off. The cards are overturned and there are gasps around the tournament area. Sierke has [Qx] [6x] for top pair and a gut-shot but the chip leader has the nuts [5x] [6x]. There was no river help for Sierke and he left in 9th place.

Clemencon ~ 1,850,000


Salvatore Bianco Has Been Eliminated in 10th Place (€9,430)

Cecilia Pescaglini made her third consecutive early position raise and Salvatore Bianco three-bet to 55,000 a few seats to her left. When the action folded around to Tristan Clemencon in the big blind he four-bet to 110,000. Pescaglini sensed that this was not her fight and moved out of the way but Bianco fancied a scrap and moved all-in. The speed of the Clemencon call physically startled Bianco and he knew it was bad news.


There was no help on the flop, Clemencon took the chip lead and and Bianco headed for Saturday night in Malta.

Clemencon ~ 1.6 million


Five Bet Bluff by Giannetti

Fabien Sartoris starts the ball rolling with a bet of 27,000 in the hijack seat and Matt Giannetti three-bets to 62,000 on the button. Back to Sartoris who four-bets to 112,000 and like a tennis match eyes revert back to Giannetti who five-bets to 177,000. Sartoris has had enough and folds while Giannetti flashes him the and Sartoris went a shade of scarlet.


Chip Count

  • Cecilia Pescaglini 1,250,000
  • Manfred Sierke 250,000
  • Filippo Bianchini 195,000
  • Tristan Clemencon 1,150,000
  • Simon Trumper 1,350,000
  • Salvatore Bianco 510,000
  • Fabien Sartoris 650,000
  • Christofer Williamson 203,000
  • Mats Karlsson 520,000


Pescaglini Loses Three on the Trot

When you play every pot you are going to lose a few and Cecilia Pescaglini tries very hard to play every pot.

Hand 1

Pescaglini raises to 26,000 and Filippo Bianchini moves all-in for 195,000 and after having the clock called by Matt Giannetti she folds her hand.

Hand 2

Pescaglini raises to 38,000 in middle position and Fabien Sartoris three-bets to 88,000 in the cut-off. Pescaglini wasn’t going anywhere and she made the call. The flop was on the high end and Pescaglini checked to Sartoris and he bet 45,000. Pescaglini nearly snapped his hand off with the call and they both saw the on the turn. Pescaglini quickly checked and Sartoris verbally announced he was all-in. Pescaglini again went into the tank and once again folded. She showed and Sartoris shows for the bluff.

Hand 3

Pescaglini raises to 32,000 from middle position. “i’ll play with you,” says Simon Trumper from the big blind. The flop is and Trumper check-calls a 36,000 Pescaglini bet. On the turn we saw the and Trumper bet very small – 22,000 – and Pescaglini sneered at the bet and made the quick call. The river was the and once again Trumper made a small bet of 32,000 and Pescaglini called and Trumpers was good.

Here is the upshot of those three hands:

Trumper ~ 1,340,000
Pescaglini ~ 1,200,000
Sartoris ~ 660,000


Pescaglini Gets Some Daylight At The Top

Tristan Clemencon raises to 23,000 in early position and both Cecilia Pescaglini (cut-off) and Matt Giannetti (small-blind) made the call. The flop was and the play checked to Pescaglini who bet 52,000. Giannetti called but Clemencon folded. The turns as the and this time it was Giannetti who bet and it was 65,000. Pescaglini took her time before making the call. The river was the and Giannetti checked. Pescaglini pulled a tower of blue from her stack and moved it over the line. The bet was 106,000 and Giannetti tank-called and mucked his hand after seeing yet another set of suited cards in the hands of Pesaglini

Pescaglini: 1,550,000
Giannetti: 715,000


One Table

We have one table of ten players and will be playing either two more levels or until we get to the final table of six.

Seat 1: Cecilia Pescaglini – 1.3 million
Seat 2: Filippo Bianchi – 195,000
Seat 3: Fabien Sartoris – 556,000
Seat 4: Salvatore Bianco – 480,000
Seat 5: Matt Giannetti – 900,000
Seat 6: Manfred Sierke – 350,000
Seat 7: Mats Karlson – 460,000
Seat 8: Simon Trumper – 1.1 million
Seat 9: Tristan Clemencon – 1.3 million
Seat 10: Christofer Williamson – 295,000

Isaac Haxton Has Been Eliminated in 12th Place (€9,430)

Simon Trumper raises to 26,000 and Isaac Haxton three-bets to 65,000. Trumper asks for a count before moving all-in and Haxton calls.



Trumper ~ 840,000


Chip Counts

  • Cecilia Pescaglini 1,400,000
  • Antonino Agnello 200,000
  • Manfred Sierke 375,000
  • Filippo Bianchini 250,000
  • Isaac Haxton 360,000
  • Tristan Clemencon 1,400,000
  • Simon Trumper 480,000
  • Salvatore Bianco 520,000
  • Fabien Sartoris 550,000
  • Christofer Williamson 215,000
  • Mats Karlsson 550,000


Armand Graziano Has Been Eliminated in 13th Place (€8,030)

Armand Graziano just had a fatal all-in pre flop duel with Isaac Haxton. Graziano held and Haxton and the board rained down a clueless .

Haxton ~ 400,000


Fabio Montanari Has Been Eliminated in 14th Place (€8,030)

Simple hand really. Fabio Montanari and his 300,000 stack just found pockets queens and Tristan Clemencon found pocket kings. The boys beat the girls up and Clemencon now has 1,400,000 chips to tie for the chip lead.


Viktors Vorobjovs Has Been Eliminated in 15th Place (€8,030)

Cecilia Pescaglini raises to 21,000 in the cut-off and the chip leader Tristan Clemencon cold calls on the button. Viktors Vorobjovs was seated in the small blind and he three-bet to 62,000. Pescaglini had a little conversation with herself, as always, and made the call while Clemencon folds. The flop was and Vorobjovs made a very confident 92,000 bet.

“All-in,” declared Pescaglini.

“What?” Said Vorobjovs before calling (he had around 580,000 before the hand started).

Pescaglini :

“Queen, queen,” shouts Vorobjovs.



The girl who was our chip leader yesterday and returned to her perch with 1.4 million in chips.


Blind Battle

Manfred Sierke raises to 18.000 in the small blind and Armando Graziano made the call from the big blind. The flop was and Sierke bet 15,000. Graziano popped it up to 42,000 and Sierke made the call. The turn was the and Sierke once again handed Graziano some rope. Graziano took it and bet 71,000 and Sierke moved all-in producing a snap-fold from the Italian.

Sierke ~ 400,000
Graziano ~ 500,000


Marvin Rettenmaier Has Been Eliminated in 16th Place (€7,050)

Marvin RettenmaierWe have just sprinted over to the table to see a huge pile of chips being pushed into the direction of Tristan Clemencon and a rather despondent Marvin Rettenmaier heading for the door.

The table talk is that Rettenmaier made the initial raise, Clemencon three-bet, Rettenmaier moved all-in and Clemencon had the easiest call of his life.

Clemencon: [Ax] [Ax]
Rettenmaier: [Ax] [Kx]

Clemencon is now our new chip leader with 1.1 million.


Giannetti Wins Back-to-Back Pots

After just winning a pot from Isaac Haxton Matt Giannetti decided to try and make it two in succession when he opens for 18,000 in the hijack seat. Simon Trumper is in the cut-off and he three-bets to 45,000 and the action folds back around to the November Niner who calls after asking for a stack count. The action is checked all the way to the river on a board and Giannetti bets 75,000, which was close to a pot sized bet and Trumper folds.

“Nice bluff,” says Trumper.

Giannetti ~ 916,000
Trumper ~ 250,000


Isaac Haxton Faces an All-In

Filippo Bianchi raises to 17,000 in middle position and Matt Giannetti cold calls in the cut-off seat. Simon Trumper thinks for a while before folding on the button and Isaac Haxton three-bets from the small blind. The 60,000 asking price is too much for Bianchi but Giannetti is not so afraid and moves all-in. Haxton doesn’t even think about it and folds instantly.

Haxton ~ 250,000


Chip Counts Before Dinner

  • Marvin Rettenmaier 550,000
  • Cecilia Pescaglini 800,000
  • Antonino Agnello 140,000
  • Manfred Sierke 280,000
  • Armando Graziano 640,000
  • Filippo Bianchini 270,000
  • Isaac Haxton 236,000
  • Tristan Clemencon 440,000
  • Simon Trumper 463,000
  • Salvatore Bianco 330,000
  • Viktors Vorobjovs 440,000
  • Fabien Sartoris 285,000
  • Christofer Williamson 210,000
  • Fabio Montanari 370,000
  • Mats Karlsson 650,000


Dinner Break

We will be back in 45-minutes


Elimination Update

Michael Finderup Has Been Eliminated in 18th Place (€7,050)

Isaac Haxton has eliminated Michael Findrup. Both players decided their fate pre flop with Haxton holding [Ax] [Kx] and Findrup holding [Ax] [Qx].

Zsolt Vizsnyiczai was eliminated in 19th place (€6,150) and Pierre Milan was eliminated in 17th place (€7,050).


Pierre Milan Running on Fumes

Armando Graziano comes into the pot with a raise, Pierre Milan three-bets and Graziano calls.The flop is and both players check. The turn is the and Graziano bets 42,000 and Milan calls. The river is the and Graziano bets 215,000 and Milan starts thinking.

“I know you have 99,” says Graziano.

“You have 99,” says Milan.

Both players are admonished and when they get back to the action Milan makes the call and it leaves him with just 43,000 chips.


Graziano ~ 740,000
Milan ~ 43,000


Pescaglini Finally Relinquishes The Chip Lead

Marvin Rettenmaier raises to 13,000 in the hijack and Cecilia Pescaglini calls in the big blind. The flop is and Pescaglini check-calls a 16,000 Rettenmaier bet. The turn is the and Pescaglini checks to Rettenmaier and he counts out a 32,000 bet and moves it into the middle and the Italian snap-calls. The final card is the and Pescaglini decides to adopt a different approach and leads for 55,000. Rettenmaier’s masseuse seems to feel the moment and stops rubbing while he counts out a raise and makes it 158,000 to play. Pescaglini makes the call and mucks her hand after the German flips his over to reveal .

Rettenmaier ~ 770,000
Pescaglini ~ 485,000


Climb On Board The Marvin Express

Marvin Rettenmaier has had a topsy turvy ride and Day Three is proving to be no exception. After eliminating Nassir Bennacer and moving up to 450,000 he lost around 150,000 to Mats Karlson. Then he got himself embroiled in a pot versus Christofer Williamson.

Williamson bets from under the gun and Rettenmaier defends the big blind. The flop is and Rettenmaier leads for 18,000 and Williamson calls. The turn is the and Rettenmaier bets 34,000 and Williamson again calls. The final card pairs the board and Rettenmaier bets 92,000 into a 140,000 pot and Williamson doesn’t like it but makes the call.

Williamson: Mucks

Rettenmaier ~ 440,000
Williamson ~ 180,000


Nassir Bennacer Has Been Eliminated in 20th Place (€6,150)

Cecilia Pescaglini raised in early position and Nassir Bennacer moves all-in for around 100,00 on the button. Marvin Rettenmaier was seated in the big blind and he also moved all-in and Pescaglini made the call and had the opportunity to eliminate two players.

Pescaglini: [Qx] [Qx]
Bennacer: [8x] [8x]


Rettenmaier ~ 450,000
Pescaglini ~ 750,000

Federico Cipollini has been eliminated in 21st Place (€6,150) but we do not have any news on his elimination.


Fortunato D’Amico Has Been Eliminated in 22nd Place (€6,150)

WPT Malta Day 3Cecilia Pescaglini makes up the small change in the small blind and Fortunato D’Amico checks in the big blind. The dealer gives us a flop of and Pescaglini check-calls a 15,000 bet. The turn of is checked through and then we saw the on the river. Pescaglini bets 20,000 and D’Amico immediately announces all-in. Pescaglini thinks for a while, muttering to herself in Italian, and then flicks in the call. You can tell by the look on the face of D’Amico that he has tried to the bluff the wrong player.


“Player Out! Player Out!” Says Pescaglini.

Pescaglini now has 930,000 but still needs some lessons in etiquette!


Viktors Vorobjovs and Simon Trumper

On a flop of Vorobjovs checks under the gun and Simon Trumper bets 45,000 from the button. Vorobjovs makes the call and the turn is checked through by both players. The river brings a fourth heart and Vorobjovs checks to Trumper who makes a 60,000 bet and Vorobjovs snap-calls and wins the hand.


Vorobjovs ~ 410,000
Trumper ~ 360,000


An Interview with Cecilia Pescaglini

Cecilia Pescaglini has been a mini-revelation throughout WPT Malta. Yesterday she scythed through the competition but the competition seem to be quite judgemental over her playing style. We think she is aware of this gossip but couldn’t care less. She currently has a million chips and continues to find hand after hand.

Pescaglini raises to 14,500 in early position and Fortunato D’Amico calls in the cut-off. The flop is and both players check. The turn is the and Pescaglini bets 41,000 into a pot of 47,000 and D’Amico folds. Of course Pescaglini has pocket aces!

Pescaglini ~ 1,000,000
D’Amico ~ 150,000


Mark Norman Has Been Eliminated in 23rd Place (€6,150)

Mark Norman found pocket eights in the hole and moved all-in. He is called by two players and we see a flop of [7x] [2x] [4x] and Manfred Sierke bets 80,000 and his opponent folds. Sierke has pocket aces and the board stays clean and Norman is out.

Sierke ~ 370,000

Vitalii Minakov was eliminated in 24th place (€6,150) but unfortunately we do not have any details of his exit.


Isaac Haxton Plays His Queens Slow

WPT Malta Day 3We join the action on a flop of and Mark Norman (under the gun) is in the hand with Isaac Haxton [early position]. Norman cheeks to his opponent who checks back and we see a turn of . Once again Norman checks as does Haxton. The river is the and Norman checks a third time and Haxton goes into thought mode. Each time he riffles a chip Norman motions to move all-in. In the end Haxton places a bet of 32,500 over the line.

“I think you have probably gotten me beat but I call,” says Norman.


“I had tens,” says Norman.

Norman ~ 62,000
Haxton ~ 340,000


Tony G Has Been Eliminated in 25th Place (€6,150)

Tony G has gone from 300,000 chips to zero chips in a very short time. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch the first few hands but it seems like he has lost most of his chips to Matt Giannetti.

Here is his exit hand:

Tony G raises from the button for 40,000 and Fabien Sartoris calls in the small blind.

Tony G:


The flop was a great one for Tony G , the turn brought a slight concern but the river was deadly

Sartoris ~ 130,000


The Bubble Boy Video

Here is the video coverage of the bubble Giovanni Rizzo


Table 1

Seat 1: Mark Norman – 66,000

Seat 2: Pierre Milan – 221,000

Seat 3: Michael Finderup – 130,000

Seat 4: Isaac Haxton – 245,000

Seat 5: Antonino Agnello – 72,000

Seat 6: Manfried Sierke – 305,000

Seat 7: Armando Graziano – 410,000

Seat 8: Trystan Clemencon – 330,000

Seat 9: Filippo Bianchini – 270,000

Table 2
Seat 1: Fortunato D’Amico – 250,000

Seat 3: Salvatore Bianco – 290,000

Seat 4: Nassir Bennacer – 145,000

Seat 5: Marvin Rettenmaier – 300,000

Seat 6: Chris Williamson – 440,000

Seat 7: Fabio Montanari – 190,000

Seat 8: Mats Karlson – 230,000

Seat 9: Cecilia Pescaglini – 1,060,000

Table 3
Seat 1: Tony G – 252,000

Seat 2: Zsolt Vizsnyiczai – 270,000

Seat 3: Fabien Sartoris – 110,000

Seat 4: Simon Trumper – 460,000

Seat 5: Matt Giannetti – 770,000

Seat 6: Federico Cipollini – 170,000

Seat 7: Vitalii Minakov – 650,000

Seat 9: Viktors Vorobjovs – 120,000


Justin Bonomo Has Been Eliminated in 26th Place (€6,150)

Another elimination at the hands of Tony G.

Justin Bonomo raises to 11,500 and Bonomo moves all-in and Tony G snap-calls.

Tony G: [6x] [6x]
Bonomo: [Ax] [9x]

Once again Tony G’s hand stands up and he now has 400,000.


Jean Marie Vanderborne Has Been Eliminated 27th Place (€6,150)

Jean Marie Vanderborne raises to 11,000 and Tony G three-bets to 26,000. Vanderborne decides it’s time to make a stand and he moves all-in and Tony G calls.

Tony G: [Tx] [Tx]
Vanderborne: [Ax] [Qx]

Tony G’s hand held and Vanderborne was eliminated.


Giovanni Rizzo Has Been Eliminated in 28th Place (Bubble)

WPT Malta Day 3When I saw Giovanni Rizzo this morning he looked fresh and well slept.

“Just don’t let me be the bubble boy,” he said.

Unfortunately, for Rizzo his worse nightmare came true here at the Portomaso casino.

He raises on the button to 10,500 and Christofer Williamson calls in the big blind. The flop is , Williamson checks, Rizzo shoves (around 35,000) and Williamson calls.


“One time dealer,” says Rizzo.



Williamson ~ 380,000


Andras Fekete Has Been Eliminated in 29th Place

Andras Fekete raises under the gun making it 9,000 to play and both blinds call (Nassir Bennacer small blind and Tristan Clemencon big blind). The flop is and both blinds check to the original raiser who c-bets 12,000 and only Clemencon calls. The turn is the and Clemencon bets 22,000 and Fekete moves all-in and Clemencon calls.

Fekete: [Ax] [Kx]

Clemencon ~ 300,000


Nesrine Kourdourli Has Been Eliminated in 30th Place

Nesrine Kourdourli raises to 9,000 in early position and Matt Giannetti calls on the button. The flop is and Kourdourli bets 16,000 and Giannetti decides he wants to see the turn and so calls for the second time. The turn is the and and Kourdourli bets 16,000 from a stack of around 76,000. Giannetti moves a tower of purple 10,000 chips over the line and Kourdourli calls the all-in bet.


The river bricks for Kourdourli and she is the first person eliminated from Day Three.

Giannetti ~ 480,000


Welcome to the Money

Good afternoon world, and to the people involved in the creation of WPT Malta – good morning. Yesterday was a day for stamina as we played eight 90-minute levels in an attempt to reduce the field from 154 players all the way down to 27. As the clock struck 04.30 in the morning we had wittled away to a total of 30 players and Tournament Director Matt Savage called a halt to proceedings. In a little under 90-minutes time WPT Malta will reconvene under the title of Day Three. 30 people start, 27 people get paid and six people will secure final table berths.

There is a fantastic mix of players today and leading the way is the charming, ballsy and unpredictable Cecilia Pescaglini with just under one million chips. Notable players in the chasing pack include “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier, Isaac Haxton, Justin Bonomo, Tony G and Simon Trumper.

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