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Cecilia Pescaglini

As soon as Matt Savage announced that Day Two of WPT Malta would play down to the money, everyone knew it was going to be a long day. Trimming 154 players down to 27 is not an easy task and after playing eight 90-minute levels of poker we had still not reached 27 players. Common sense prevailed and at 04.30 the dealers stopped shuffling and 30 players had made it through to Day Three.

The tournament area was filled with tired people, but there was one person who did not want the night to end. That person was our chip leader Cecilia Pescaglini who was on the heater of her young poker life. Pescaglini was our chip leader from start to finish and simply destroyed anyone she went to showdown with. The recipe for Pescaglini was simple: play a lot of huge pots and win them all! If WPT Malta was a bounty tournament Pescaglini would have won an absolute fortune. The first person she eliminated was Aleksandr Konstantinov after hitting the flush on the turn after being all-in on the flop. Next to go was Georges Georgiou and again she had to come from behind as her out turned the of her opponent. Next was Thomas Brauner, but this time Pescaglini was never in danger of losing the hand as she hit whilst holding with Brauner moving all-in on the flop. Then she moved to Tony G’s table and just went from strength to strength including eliminating Julian Herold with her mighty [9x] [Tx] in a four-bet pot (Herold had aces) after flopping [Kx] [Tx] [Tx]. Then in the very last hand of the night she very nearly capitulated and the benefactor could have been Marvin Rettenmaeir. On a board of in a pot against 2nd place Marvin Rettenmaier she moved all-in over his 72,500 turn value bet holding forcing the German to lay down in the process! She later admitted on video that she thought she had the best hand.

Pescaglini finished the day with 976,000 chips and is on course to become our first ever-female WPT champion. Other notable names into the hat for Day three include Tony G (183,000), Marvin Rettenmaier (415,000), Matt Giannetti (370,000), Justin Bonomo (157,000) and Isaac Haxton (221,500). One notable name not in the hat is Phil Hellmuth. The great man seemed a little under the weather today and crashed out towards the end of the day after bluffing most off his stack to Salvatore Bianco.

It’s time to get to bed for a little bit of sleep because in10-hours time (That’s 14:30 CET Friday) we will start this nonsense all over again. The first milestone will be to hit the bubble of 27-players and then we will play down to the final table of six.

Day Three Seat Draw

Table 1

Seat 1: Michael Finderup – 136,000
Seat 2: Mark Norman – 102,000
Seat 3: Filippo Bianchi – 249,500
Seat 4: Giovanni Rizzo – 59,500
Seat 5: Fabio Montanari – 169,500
Seat 6: Christofer Williamson – 305,500
Seat 7: Fabien Sartoris – 177,000
Seat 9: Justin Bonomo – 157,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Nesrine Kourdourli – 109,500
Seat 2: Vitalii Minakov – 78,500
Seat 5: Matt Giannetti – 370,000
Seat 6: Marvin Rettenmaier – 415,000
Seat 7: Cecilia Pescaglini – 976,000
Seat 8: Simon Trumper – 367,500
Seat 9: Tony G – 183,000

Table 3

Seat 2: Pierre Milan – 221,500
Seat 3: Nassir Bennacer – 226,000
Seat 4: Tristan Clemencon – 157,500
Seat 5: Andras Fekete – 131,000
Seat 6: Salvatore Bianco – 275,000
Seat 7: Armando Graziano – 324,500
Seat 8: Manfred Sierke – 383,000
Seat 9: Zsolt Vizsnyiczai – 312,500

Table 4

Seat 1: Mats Karlson – 250,000
Seat 3: Antonio Agnello 96,000
Seat 5: Jean Marie Vanderborne – 196,500
Seat 6: Isaac Haxton – 221,500
Seat 7: Fortunato D’Amico – 237,500
Seat 8: Frederico Cipollini – 98,000
Seat 9: Viktors Vorobjovs – 231,000

For the Full Update Read the Day Two Reports Here.

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