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It’s the first break of the day, and we still have four players remaining out of 161. The shortest stack, possibly in the entire field, belongs to George Grant. Here George Grant talks about level 1 of day 3:

Daniel Negreanu continues to amass chips, and get a massage!

Approximate chip counts of our four players:

  • George Grant – 9,000
  • Malte Moennig – 100,000
  • Jeff Kimber – 100,000
  • Sergei Novikov – 50,000


Bad news…

Salvatore Deluca, one of our Italian qualifiers, has apparently exited the tournament rather quickly. He was seated for hand one, and no more than a few minutes later was gone.

If you happened to pick up the chip counts from somewhere else, you might have seen Salvatore starting the day as the overwhelming chipleader with 431,000. That was incorrect, he actually started the day with a somewhat short stack of 43,100.

Good news…

Our chip leader for the day, Malte Moennig seems to be holding his own.

The rest…

Some of the big name players that started the day are Daniel Negreanu (2nd in chips), Jennifer Tilly, Howard Lederer, Johnny Chan and Carlos Mortensen.


It’s Time!

We have five players left in the tournament out of the 16 that started.  186 total are remaining, with 72 prepared to get paid at least $19,130.  That means it’s time to play some poker!

Bruce Buffer has kicked off each day with his trademark scream.  Bruce, if you arent aware, is the voice of the UFC, and brother of Michael Buffer, the famed boxing announcer who screams to a different tune…Let’s get ready to rumble!

Here’s hoping all five of our players make it into the money (step 1), and then into day 4 (8:30 pm)


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