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It’s all over for George Grant – all-in against fellow online qualifier Malte. The AQ held up against KJ when nothing came on the board! What a great ride for George, who was a complete poker novice and freerolled his way this far. Next time you will make the money sir!

3pm – it is all going off at Malte Monnig’s table

Player raises on button, Malte re-raises out of small blind. Guy moves all in for 50,000, Malte called. The other guy had AA – Malte had Ad 10d. Flop came 10, 8, 2 with two diamonds. Turn blank, river diamond – result! He is up to 230,000!

Canada just beat the US in the hockey. Daniel Negreanu and Pat Pezzin seem happy – otherwise silence descends….

3.05pm – Bike time for Sergei – we dont know who bust him or how as he vanished super quick but someone’s sent him back to Russia. Full in-depth interview to come once Russian degree completed.


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