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WPT Bratislava is underway! Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog for all the latest updates, pictures, and videos from the The Golden Vegas Casino.

Day 1A finished with 92 players registered and 59 still in. Average stack is 46,271.

Players that came straight from WPT Vienna to play here include Sam Trickett, James Akenhead, Sam El Sayed, Dominik Nitsche, Marvin Rettenmaier, Andy Frankenberger, Per Linde, Jimmy Ostensson, Guillame Darcourt, David Vamplew and the FT HR winner from Vienna Mclean Karr amongst others.

Day 1b starts at 12.00 CET.

Round Up

So Day 1B comes to an end with Betrand “ElkY” Grospellier at the top of the leader board. The full day two chip counts and seat draw are shown below and the action starts at 14:00 (CET).  Make sure  you join us right here to be in the midst of all the action. To read the recap from today then click on this link.

Name Chip Count Table Seat
Bertrand Grospeiler 194675 7 6
Hiren Patel 114350 12 6
Jose Severino 111850 4 9
Jacob Carlsson 111300 2 3
Fabian Quoss 110525 11 7
Martin Jacobsson 109475 2 2
Alexander Kuzmin 106550 3 7
Alessio Isaia 104450 6 6
Mayu Roca 103800 5 5
Tobias Garb 103750 8 1
Sam Trickett 103300 12 5
Manuel Blaschke 102075 10 3
Scott Shepard 93200 5 1
Bertie Keegan 92325 9 2
Tom England 89550 6 5
Ludovic Lacay 86950 16 9
Bodo Sbrzesny 85275 10 4
Martin Dragon 79550 11 6
Tsobasa Manabe 73525 9 6
Pascal LeFrancois 73500 2 4
James Akenhead 72800 14 5
Robertto Romanello 70400 13 9
Kudlicka Lubowir 70250 12 4
Gionluca Speranza 69900 17 2
Michal Marek 69025 6 4
Dag Palovic 68575 8 3
Marke Blasko 67900 5 6
Alexander Ivarsson 67350 15 8
Dragen Gaelic 67300 14 1
Alessandro Speranza 67250 5 8
Ognjen Sekolarac 66225 6 8
Alexander Debas 64000 16 6
Yusuf Kurt 63950 17 1
Jozef Cibicek 63725 9 9
Adrian Marin 63550 13 4
Gudrey Vinklarek 63150 15 7
Thomas Bichon 62725 6 5
Dean Sanders 61825 8 9
Patryk Slusarek 61125 4 4
Tolga Demirel 60425 14 8
Peter Jesko 59450 16 5
Nikolay Vozper 59300 10 2
Frantisek Rovensky 59250 4 8
Toni Ojala 57350 16 1
Simon Charette 57200 15 5
Marek Tatar 55600 5 9
Jesper Hoog 55500 2 6
Alexander Jager 55100 7 1
Gian Piero Penna 53600 15 2
Arnaud Mattern 53125 9 8
Zagon Calin 52925 7 7
Jeff Sarwer 52875 2 9
Thomas Butzhammer 50650 6 9
Luca Fiorini 50550 16 3
Antonio karman 50325 10 6
Florian Langmann 49975 9 5
Marko Neumann 49050 12 1
Alex Hadamitzky 47475 5 5
Joel Benzinov 46575 8 2
Christopher Williamsson 46375 5 4
Max Pescatori 46325 9 1
Georgescu Constantin-Daniel 46275 8 7
Per Linde 45975 13 2
Timothy Finne 45800 4 7
Benjamin Stoesser 44775 10 8
Jana Mikusova 44400 4 3
Itay Rokni 44250 9 3
Besfort Hani 43725 12 2
Gabrielle Lepore 43675 14 4
David Scherzer 43050 11 1
Arpad Kovecsec 42725 10 7
Ernst Mykhaylo 41500 13 3
Fabian Hollings 41275 13 8
Andreas Samuelsson 40950 6 7
Kara Scott 40675 17 6
Andrew Feldman 40000 12 9
Agnieszka Rylik 39000 11 2
Matthieu Sustrac 38775 2 7
Andreas Yorger 38350 12 8
Bezsenyi Loszlo 38000 5 7
Jozef Hliva 36325 5 3
Alain Medeson 35825 4 1
Michal Eiter 35275 17 3
Johannes Karlsson 33025 17 5
Matias Knapinen 32625 9 4
Christiano Guerra 32375 2 5
Dominik Nitsche 32275 9 7
Heinz Kamuzk 32225 13 1
Felix Lambertz 30650 12 7
Collet Roman 30325 17 7
Petr Targa 30075 7 8
Ludovit Fischer 29200 6 3
Gerhard Bock 29200 13 7
Geir Sliper 28500 11 5
Stanley Bilby 28450 15 9
Jozef Bartolos 27575 6 2
Frank Dollinger 27050 14 9
Rune Nikolaisen 25250 16 4
Anthony Lellouche 24525 8 4
Andy Frankenberger 24325 16 8
Mikus Jan 23700 12 3
Adnan Apmann 23050 11 3
Zoltan Kovacs 22925 2 7
Bernard Yoann 22900 13 5
Szabl Renato 22650 17 9
Ivan Freitez 22600 4 7
Luka Djumic 22425 17 8
Ingo Paulus 21300 4 6
Elvis Topuz 21275 8 6
Michal Kovac 21250 14 2
Mickey Peterson 21000 5 3
Armen Mette 20375 16 6
Ganig Loeser 19250 14 3
Mario Kazda 17825 7 5
Luca Cainelli 17550 7 9
Gaidi Zohir 17200 2 8
Miroslav Panik 17025 7 2
Julien Muel 17025 10 5
Jan Skamp 16600 6 1
Pavel Chalupka 16100 11 9
Miroslav Janik 15175 5 1
Vladimir Sedwhradsky 14625 15 4
Boris Kotleba 13900 16 7
Peter Karall 13850 17 4
Martins Adeniga 13125 5 2
Telek Lazlo 12900 10 9
Stefan Kollar 12550 13 6
Samuel Chartier 12175 16 2
Manutshcehr Parisian 11125 4 2
Filliop Mosca 11000 8 8
Nikoly Poltoratsky 10875 10 1
Zoltan Szabo 9450 7 4
Emile Petit 8500 15 6
Giovanni Rizzo 6625 11 8


Crushing Blow To Rizzo At The Death

We joined the action on a board of . Alexander Kuzmin had bet 6,000 and the decision was on Giovanni Rizzo. He decided to move all-in and Kuzmin called.


The turn and the river of didn’t alter things one iota and Rizzo had to hand 51,500 to Kuzmin and has left himself with 10 big blinds for Day 2.


Hoog Up To 60,000

Jesper Hoog has just won back-to-back pots and now has 60,000 as we close in on the end of Day 1B.

Seat 9 open shoved and Hoog called with .

Seat 9:


Then Seat 1 opened with a raise to 1,200, Hoog three-bet to 2,800 and Seat 1 made the call.


Seat 1 checked, Hoog bet 2,800 and Seat 1 folded.


If You Can Stani The Heat Get Out Of The Rizzo Kitchen

Former EPT Tallin champion, Kevin Stani, has just been eliminated at the hands of Party Poker Team Pro Giovanni Rizzo.

Stani raised to 1,500 and Rizzo three-bet to 4,300. It was a pretty strong bet because Stani was sat on 11,000 and sure enough it went in the middle and Rizzo called.



Rizzo ~ 77,000


Last Level – Some Notable Chip Counts

Nicholas Levi – 2500
Per Linde – 54 000
Alessio Isaia – 75 000
Martin Jacobson – 80 000
Giovanni Safina – 9 000
Kara Scott – 40 000
Bodo Sbrzensy – 73 000
Max Pescatori – 42 000
Kevin Stani – 20 000
Andy Frankenberger – 40 000
ElkY – 163 000
Arnaud Mattern – 60 000
Giovanni Rizzo – 57 000
Tony G – 18 000
Pascal Lefrancois – 62 000
Jesper Hoog – 37 000
Hiren Patel – 95 000
Ognjen Sekularac – 60 000


Party Poker Online Qualifier Bust-Outs

Tom Carpenter has just been eliminated. He had [jx][jx]all-in pre flop for around 30,000. There were two callers both holding [ax][kx]. A third ace on the flop meant that Day 2 will be Carpenterless.

Scott O’Reilly has also been eliminated. He had up against one caller in the big blind. The flop was  [6x]. O’Reilly moved all-in and the big blind called holding [jx][7x] turn and the river bricked off and O’Reilly was a gonner.


Brian Hastings Has Been Eliminated

Our colleagues in the media room have just told us that Brian Hastings has been eliminated in unfortunate circumstances. Hastings got it in good with [ax][ax]against the [tx][tx]of his opponent but a ten on the river ended the hopes of the American.


Opening Ranges

You know the old adage: Play it tight up front and loosen up as you move towards the back. Someone had better explain that philosophy to the player occupying the number 8 seat on table 8.

Seat 8 opened in early position to 1,200 and Party Poker Team pro Giovanni Safina called in late position and the two of them saw a flop.


Seat 8 checked and the Italian bet 2,300 and Seat 8 called.

The turn of was checked through and the last card to fall onto the felt was the . Seat 8 bet 4,000 and Safina called. Seat 8 turned over much to Safina’s disgust.

“Lucky, lucky man.” Said Safina.


Action From Across The Pond

There are a surprising number of Americans and Canadians in the field. Two of them, Jeff Sarwer and Hiren “Sunny” Patel, have just clashed in a great hand.

Patel raised to 800, Ognjen Sekularac called and Jeff Sarwer three-bet from the button when he made it 3,550 to play. Sunny then made it 7,450 to play, Sekularac folded and Sarwer called. When the flop came down it was full of love . Sunny bet 7,250 and Sarwer moved all-in for around 25,000 and Sunny folded.

Sarwer showed the for the bluff.

“Nice hand sir.” Said Sunny acknowledging the set-up.


Post Dinner Break Bad Beat For Guerro

The players have stuffed their faces full of Slovakian food and they have all returned, with the exception of Arnaud Mattern, to play the last two levels of the day.

We told you earlier that Alex Wice had departed after being disposed of by ElkY. One good player leaves and another one takes his place. Arnaud Mattern has taken the Wice seat but at the moment just his banana protects his chips as he is yet to return from the break.

Kara Scott has just been moved from ElkY’s table much to the annoyance of Andy Frankenberger who is obviously a man of great taste. Scott now sharing the same green baize as Bodo Sbrzesny, Emile Petit and Max Pescatori. Morten Mortensen is walking around looking for a cab so we will assume the young Dane did not have a favourable return after his dinner break.

But back to ElkY, our chip leader, and he continues to dominate his table. Then while we were watching the one-man-wrecking machine we saw one of the worst bad-beats of the day so far. Two people limped into the pot before Cristiano Guerra raised to 1,925 in late position. With Mattern and Scott unseated the action fell to a man called Kudlicka who three-bet to 3,450. The limpers folded and Guerra four-bet to 8,025 and Kudlicka called.


Guerra bet 7,200, Kudlicka moved all-in and Guerra snap-called.


A completely outplayed Kudlicka was just about to be shown the door when the dealer gave him a turn of and a river of and he had hit a straight. There was more chance of Kara Scott, heading back to Andy Frankenberger’s table, and asking him to go to the cinema than that straight hitting the deck.

“Sorry, I am a lucky fish.” Said Kudlicka.

We couldn’t agree more.

Dinner Time

90-minute slop break guys and gals

Some Chip Counts Before Dinner

Tony G – 20 000
Anton Wigg – OUT
Ognjen Sekularac – 50 000
Bodo Sbrzesny – 44 000
Arnaud Mattern – 69 000
Kara Scott – 42 000
Andy Frankenberger – 40 000
Giovanni Rizzo – 42 000
Pascal Lefrancois – 58 000
Kevin Stani – 19 000
Elky – 162 500
James Akenhead – 80 000
Jesper Hoog – 45 000
Samuel Chartier – 25 000
Max Pescatori – 58 000
Giovanni Safina – 20 000
Ben Carpenter – OUT


Flush Over Flush and Wice is Gone

Alex Wice has only just sat down in between Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Kara Scott and within minutes he has been eliminated. The person who has pinched them all is, of course, ElkY who now has a commanding 162,500.

Wice raised to 800 from first position and Grospellier called in the big blind.


Grospellier came out betting and Wice just called the 1,125 bet.


The flush hits the board and the action goes mental. Grospellier bets 3,300, Wice bets 7,600, Grospellier made it 17,775, Wice added 20,400, Grospellier went all-in and Wice called.


“I told myself I was going to call an all-in.” said Wice.

Level 6

We are now 150/300 with a 25 ante. There will be a 90-minute dinner break after this level.


Yusuf Eliminates Keiner

Michael Keiner was down to his last 7,800 and it went in with him holding . His opponent, Kurt Yusuf, was holding and he now has Keiner’s chips after the board ran out


Akenhead Finds Aces

He hadn’t even finished stacking the Jacobson chips when he three-bet an under the gun open when he made it 1,275 to play. His opponent four-bet to 3,500 and Akenhead five-bet to 7,650. His opponent decided that his moment had come and he moved all-in and Akenhead snap-called. It was a very unfortunate pair of kings versus the aces of Akenhead and Akenhead needed to start adding more chips to his stack.

Akenhead ~ 95, 000


Jacobson Has An Akenhead

James Akenhead has just sat down to the right of Martin Jacobson and they have already ran into each other in a  significant pot.

On a flop of Jacobson had three-bet Akenhead. The bet was for 3,500 and Akenhead made the call.


Akenhead checked to Jacobson and he took an eternity before eventually betting 7,400 and Akenhead quickly called.


Akenhead had around 12,300 left and Jacobson just under 40,000. Akenhead moved all-in and Jacobson went deep into the tank. He took his earphones off, asked the dealer to splash the pot, flicked his chips from side-to-side but still did not know what to do. In the end the floor was called and Jacobson folded.


Tsubasa Manabe Hits a Set

Michael Keiner limped into the pot from middle position and Tsubasa Manabe raised to 600 from late position. The big blind and Keiner both made the call.


The big blind bet 1,200, Keiner called but Manabe raised to 6,200. The big blind called and so did Keiner.


The big blind and Keiner checked and Manabe raised to 12,200. The big blind moved all-in for 24,000, Keiner folded and Manabe made the call.

Manabe: [qx][qx] Big Blind: [ax][3x]

The river bricked off and Manabe won a 60,000+ pot and eliminated the big blind in the process.


Whirlwind Wice

When it comes to quick thinking, quick acting poker players then they don’t get much quicker than Alex Wice. The recent EPT Deauville 3rd place finisher is one of our early chip leaders today but we have just seen him lose back-to-back pots.

In the first hand there were two limpets up front before Wice raised to 1,050. He only received one caller and it was Fabien Perrot in the big blind.


Both players checked.


Perrot check-called a 1,600 bet by Wice.


Both players once again checked.


Then Wice opened up for 525 from early position and Gianluca Speranza called on the button.


Wice bet 750 and Speranza called.

Both players then checked the turn before we saw a river. Wice checked to Speranza who bet 3,125 and Wice folded. Speranza showed the lone .

Speranza ~ 37,425
Wice ~ 68,600
Perrot ~ 35,650

Level Five

We are now 100/200 ante 25

Day 1A Chip Counts In Full

While we have a little fifteen minute break here is yesterdays full chip count so you can have a little gander.

Jose Severino Panama 111850
Fabian Quoss Germany 110525
Mayu Roca Colombia 103800
Tobias Garb Sweden 103750
Sam Trickett UK 103300
Manuel Blaschke Austria 102075
Scott Shepard USA 93200
Tom England Sweden 89550
Ludovic Lacay France 86950
Robertto Romanello Wales 70400
Dag Palovic Slovakia 68575
Dragen Galic Croatia 67300
Jozef Cibicek Czech 63725
Gudrey Vinklarek Czech 63150
Thomas Bichon France 62725
Dean Sanders UK 61825
Peter Jesko Slovakia 59450
Toni Ojala Finland 57350
Simon Charette Canada 57200
Marek Tatar Slovakia 55600
Alexander Jager Germany 55100
Zagon Calin Romania 52925
Thomas Butzhammer Germany 50650
Luca Fiorini Italy 50550
Florian Langmann Germany 49975
Marko Neumann Germnay 49050
Timothy Finne USA 45800
Itay Rokni France 44250
David Scherzer Germany 43050
Arpad Kovecsec Hungary 42725
Andreas Samuelsson Sweden 40950
Andrew Feldman UK 40000
Bezsenyi Loszlo Hungary 38000
Alain Medeson Romania 35825
Michal Eiter Greece 35275
Johannes Karlsson Sweden 33025
Dominik Nitsche Germany 32275
Heinz Kamuzk Germany 32225
Felix Lambertz Germany 30650
Collet Roman France 30325
Gerhard Bock Austria 29200
Ludovit Fischer Slovakia 29200
Stanley Bilby UK 28450
Mikus Jan Slovakia 23700
Adnan Apmann Germany 23050
Bernard Yoann France 22900
Szabl Renato Hungary 22650
Ivan Freitez Venezuela 22600
Mickey Peterson Denmark 21000
Ganig Loeser Germany 19250
Mario Kazda Slovakia 17825
Luca Cainelli Italy 17550
Julien Muel France 17025
Miroslav Panik Slovakia 17025
Jan Skamp Czech 16600
Pavel Chalupka Slovakia 16100
Miroslav Janik Slovakia 15175
Boris Kotleba Slovakia 13900
Nikoly Poltoratsky Russia 10875


Party Poker Qualifier Ben Carpenter Has Been Eliminated

We just saw Carpenter wandering around in a daze and he was kind enough to give us his exit hand. There was a raise and one call before Carpenter three-bet from the big blind holding pocket three’s and both opponents called. The flop was [jx][7x] [3x] and Carpenter checked, there was a bet, a fold and Carpenter called. The turnw as the [7x] and both players checked. The river was the [2x] and Carpenter checked and his opponent moved all-in. Carpenter called with bottom set and his opponent turned over quad sevens!


Mr WPT Has Been Eliminated

When you think about the WPT one of the first names that come to mind is Mike Sexton. Sexton recently made the final table of the WPT Shooting Star Championship where he finished in 6th place but he will not be repeating that feat here in Bratislava after just being eliminated.

Jozef Bartalot raised to 600 from middle position and three people called including Mike Sexton.


Bartalot bet 2,100 and Sexton moved all-in for just under 8,000. The table folded around to Bartalot who made the call and he had Sexton covered.


Sexton had a sizeable advantage with his two pair but Bartalot hit an incredible runner-runner heart draw to win with the king high flush.




Blushing After Flushing

Party Poker Team Pro has just won a nice little pot with the mighty .

There was a raise out of middle position for 525 and two callers which included Rizzo in the big blind. Three players saw a flop of and three of them checked.

The turn was the and Rizzo checked to the original raiser who bet 900 and both Rizzo and the other player in the hand both called. The river was the and Rizzo checked again. The original raiser bet out for 2,000, there was a fold and then Rizzo check-raised to 6,300. The original raiser had a decision to make and after a brief pause he made the call. Rizzo showed him the flush and the original raiser mucked his cards. Rizzo just winked at the table and looked rather bashful.


Chip Count Update

Per Linde – 31 000
Ludovic Lacay – 25 000
Jesper Hoog – 30 000
Brian Hastings – 33 000
Mclean Karr – 12 000
Mike Sexton – 11 000
Alessio Isaia – 32 000
Giovanni Safina – 13 000
Anton Wigg – 30 000
Giovanni Rizzo – 29 000
Bodo Sbrzesny – 37 000
Andy Frankenberger – 16 000
Kara Scott – 30 000
ElkY – 97 000
Alex Wice – 81 000
Chris Williamson – 54 000
Arnaud Mattern – 44 000
Pascal Lefrancois – 55 000


The Chip Leaders Table

Betrand “ElkY” Grospellier has an early lead here at WPT Bratislava. He is sat quietly fiddling around with his phone while listening to some music – he has a smidging under 100,000. The action has been pretty slow but here are the hands we did observe while we were there. The first hand we saw was on the turn and it involved Ramin Hajiyev and Frederili Jensen.


Hajiyev bet 1,875 and Jensen called.


Jensen had around 9,000 behind when Hajiyev bet 5,500 and insta-mucked when Jensen moved all-in.

Hajiyev then raised to 500 from the hi-jack and Kara Scott three-bet to 1,500 on the button and Hajiyev folded.

Andy Frankenberger raised to 525 from the cut-off and Grospellier defended his big blind. The action was checked all the way to the river. Grospellier was counting up a raise but Frankenberger’s hand was already in the muck.

Andy Frankenberger limped and the player in seat 4 raised to 700 and Frankenberger called.


Frankenberger checked and Seat 4 checked.


Frankenberger bet 1,000 and Seat 4 called.


Frankenberger bet 3,300 and Seat 4 called.

Frankenberger took down the pot with a set of deuces and Seat 4 mucked.

Kara Scott ~ 30,000
Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier ~ 97,000
Andy Frankenberger ~ 22,500


Perrot Takes a Four-Bet Pot Away From Mortensen

Morten Mortensen raised to 400 from middle position and Fabien Perrot three-bet on the button when he made it 1,050 to play. Everyone folded around to the Dane who four-bet to 3,250 and Perrot called.


The flop had more spades on it than a Grave Diggers convention and also 6,757 in the pot. Mortensen bet 3,900 and Perrot called.


Both players checked.


Mortensen checked and after some deliberation Perrot bet 7,100 and the young Dane surrendered his hand to the dealer.

Mortensen ~ 26,900


A Few Quick Starters

It is very early folks but these four guys seem to be leading the way so far today.

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 103,000
Alex Wice 62,600
Chris Williamson 58,325
Martin Dragun 55,525


Bodo Sbrzesny Watch

Bodo Sbrzesny had a good start at WPT Vienna and the tournament fizzled out for him in disappointing circumstances. Today he finds himself on table nine seat 4 and he shares that table with Jakob Karlsson in seat 2, Max Pescatori in seat 5 and Emile Petit in seat 6. Here is some action from table 9.

Sbrzesny raised to 300 in first position and Petit called. The flop was and Sbrzesny bet 350 before folding to the 800 three-bet by Petit.

The player in seat 3 raised to 400 and Sbrzesny called on the button. The flop was and the original raiser bet 600 and Sbrzesny called. The turn was the and both players checked. The river was yet another jack and a 600 Sbrzesny bet was good enough.

The players in seat 3 raised again and Max Pescatori three-bet to 1,025 on the button. Seat 3 called the three-bet and saw a flop of and check-folded to a 1,025 Pescatori bet.


The Carpenters

Richard and Karen Carpenter entertained people throughout the world in the seventies with their unique brand of music. Inside the Golden Vegas Casino we have our own Carpenter double act in the shape of Ben and younger brother Tom. Both of these Carpenters qualified playing online at Party Poker. We have just caught up with the younger of the two as he played out this hand.

Carpenter raised to 400 and his opponent three-bet to 1,025 and Carpenter made the call.


Carpenter check-called a 1,200 bet by his opponent.


Carpenter again checked and his opponent bet 2,675 but instead of calling Carpenter raised this time – 6,000. His opponent mucked his hand and Carpenter took the pot holding [5x] [3x].

We have just had a fifteen minute break and are back in the action. It is level three and blinds are 75/150.


A Pot for ElkY

Kara Scott raised to 250 from under the gun and Martin Sujak and Betrand “ElkY” Grospellier both called.


Scott checked to Sujak who bet 500 and Grospellier made the call.


Sujak didn’t like the sight of that card and checked to Grospellier and a 1,750 bet was enough to force the fold from Sujak.


Sexton Caught in the Sluice

Patryk Slusavek raised to 200 from under the gun and the small blind raised to 300 before the action fell to Mike Sexton in the big blind. Sexton had a look at his cards and made it 1,000 to play and both players called.


Sexton maintained his pre flop momentum with a post flop bet of 1,100 and only Slusavek called from under the gun.


Sexton fired his second barrel of 1,500 and his opponent raised to 4,700 and Sexton made the call.


Sexton checked and Slusavek bet 7,700. Sexton had a rye smile on his face and took his time before eventually deciding to call. Slusavek turned over for the straight and Sexton mucked his hand.


Table Ten

Party Poker serial online qualifier Ben Carpenter has his bum firmly planted in seat 3, WSOP event finalist Jesper Hoog is seated in seat 4, Arnaud Mattern in seat 5 and Nicolo Calia has seat 6. Here are a few hands from that table.

Mattern raises to 300 from under the gun and there are three callers. The flop is and Mattern makes a pretty strong bet of 750 into the other three players and he gets one caller. The turn is the and both players checked before we saw the on the river. Mattern checked as did his opponent so Mattern mucked his cards. His opponent took the pot and nobody saw either hands.

Then there was a limper in seat 1 and seat 2 raised to 375. Ben Carpenter was in the cut-off and he cold called as did seat 1. We had three players heading for a flop with 1,125 in the middle.


Seat 1 checked, seat 2 bet 800 and Carpenter raised to 2,300 and only seat 2 called.


Seat 2 checks and Carpenter bets 3,350 and Seat 2 folds.


Safina Doesn’t Take The Bait

Giovanni Safina raised to 250 and received two callers. The flop was and everyone checked. The turn was the and Safina bet 600 and Party Poker online qualifier Frank Hollinger was the only caller.

The river was the and if anyone had the spade flush draw it just got there. Hollinger checked and Safina also checked. Hollinger had hit his flush and had checked to induce but the experienced Italian and not taken the bait.



Sujak Makes Mincemeat Out of Frankenberger

We had just moved into the second level of play with blinds now at 50/100 when we took a walk over to one of our prettiest tables here today. Kara Scott has the number eight seat, Andy Frankenberger has the number one seat and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier occupies the number five seat. It was Frankenberger who we caught in action against Martin Sujak.

Hand 1

Frankenberger opened with 200 from middle position and three people called. The flop was and Frankenberger bet 750 and Sujak three-bet to 2,750 and everyone moved out of the way including Frankenberger.

Hand 2

Frankenberger raised for the second time in succession and again it was for 300, this time from under the gun. Only one person called and again it was Sujak.


Frankenberger again fired out a continuation bet; this time for 500 and Sujak called.


Frankenberger kept up the aggression with a bet of 800 but Sujak ramped it up with a raise of 2,200and Frankenberger called.

River: and 6,000 in the pot.

Frankenberger slowed down for the first time in the hand when he checked to Sujak. Sujak counted out a bet of 3,600 and moved it across the line and Frankenberger called.


Frankenberger was visibly annoyed and mucked his unseen cards.


How To Nail a Flop: Starring Scott O’Reilly

O’Reilly had just lost a rather large pot to Pascal Lefrancois after Lefrancois rivered an ace to defeat the pocket kings of the lad from the British Isles. Then  he raised to 150 from the button and Giovanni Rizzo defended his big blind.

The dealer gave us a flop of and that type of flop suits perfectly! Rizzo checked to O’Reilly who bet 175 and Rizzo called. The turn was and again Rizzo check-called – not realising how much trouble he was in – the bet was 425. The river was the and Rizzo checked for the third time. O’Reilly fired out a value bet of 1,125 and Rizzo made the call. Rizzo told us he had aces-up before mucking his cards and O’Reilly took it down with his flopped straight.

Vitajte na Golden Vegas tady v Bratislave!

There you have it. My first attempt at geniune Slovak!

Welcome to the Golden Vegas casino here in Bratislava. There are roughly twelve tables open at the moment. The area is nicely squeezed together and here is a run-down of the notable names that have turned out to play Day 1B.

Pascal Lefrancois is seated with Party Poker Team Pro Giovanni Rizzo, Party Poker Ambassador Kara Scott shares a table with Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Andy Frankenberger. Jakob Karlsson is in the house as is Party Poker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny. Michael Keiner, Party Poker Team Pro Giovanni Safina, Morten Mortensen and Per Linde are in the house. Nicolo Calia shares table space with Arnaud Mattern. The great Mike Sexton is here along with Alessio Isaia, Kevin Stani, Martin Jacobson, Fabian Holling and Alex Wice.

So no excuses when it comes to delivering plenty of action.

Top 15 chip counts at day 1a:

  1. Jose Severino                    Panama                111850
  2. Fabian Quoss                     Germany             110525
  3. Mayu Roca                          Columbia             103800
  4. Tobias Garb                        Sweden               103750
  5. Sam Trickett                       UK                          103300
  6. Manuel Blaschke              Austria                  102075
  7. Scott Shepard                    USA                       93200
  8. Tony England                     Sweden               89550
  9. Ludovic Lacay                     France                  86950
  10. Roberto Romanello         Wales                    70400
  11. Dag Palovic                         Slovakia                68575
  12. Dragan Galic                       Croatia                  67300
  13. Jozef Cibicek                      Czech                    63725
  14. Gudrey Vinklarek             Czech                    63150
  15. Thomas Bichon                 France                  62725

WPT Bratislava Day 1B Images

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