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Mclean Karr and poker glory know each other fairly well. The American amassed just under $1.5 million in live tournament earnings in 2010 alone. Included in that gargantuan haul were two first place finishes. He defeated 333 players in the WPT Bay 1010 Shooting Stars Event and later that year won the EPT London High Roller. So the man had a track record when it came to closing out events, but he didn’t just close out this tournament he owned it from start to finish.

Pavel Biner and Ramin Henke were quickly disposed of and we soon had ourselves a good old-fashioned 6-max shoot-out. Ronnie Kaiser only had one move at this final table and it was all-in. He was only ever called on one occasion and it resulted in his elimination in 6th place. Govert Metaal started it all with a raise before Kaiser moved all-in with , incredibly Tobias Reinkemeier and Metaal also moved all-in. Reinkemeier held and Metaal held . Kaiser was in terrible shape until the dealer gave us a flop with more clubs on it than the wallpaper in Tiger Woods bedroom. The flop of also propelled Reinkemeier into the lead. The elusive fourth club did not rear its head and Kaiser was gone and Metaal’s tournament life was hanging by a thread.

Everyone was expecting Metaal to be the next person eliminated but instead it was Kristijonas Andrulis. Andrulis, like Kaiser, again only had one move at this final table and again it was all-in. In the end his pocket nines ran into the brick wall that was Mclean Karr’s pocket kings.

Metaal followed not so long after and again it was the monster Karr who gobbled him up. This time the mighty deuces finding a third deuce on the flop to over power the of Metaal despite hitting an ace on the same flop.

Nicolo Calia played a very tight game here today and he did well to reach 3rd place. He moved all-in with [ax][3x] and Karr snapped him up with [ax][9x] to send Calia back to Rome.

That left the final two of Mclean Karr and Tobias Reinkemeier and the joust did not last long. Reinkemeier did double up in the first few hands to give us a pretty even looking contest, but in the final hand the of Karr won a flip against Reinkemeier’s and took home the first prize of €185,120.

For a full commentary of the high roller final table live reports check out the live blog.

WPT Vienna High Roller Final Table picture gallery

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