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WPT Bratislava is underway! Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog for all the latest updates, pictures, and videos from the The Golden Vegas Casino.

Today is the day 2 and the structure changes to 90 minute levels with a 10 minte break after each level and a 1 hour dinner break. We will be playing down to 27 players.

Some of the players that came straight from WPT Vienna to play here include Sam Trickett, James Akenhead, Sam El Sayed, Dominik Nitsche, Marvin Rettenmaier, Andy Frankenberger, Per Linde, Jimmy Ostensson, Guillame Darcourt, David Vamplew and the FT HR winner from Vienna Mclean Karr.

Day 2 starts at 14.00 local time.

The End

It has been a very, very long day. Marke Blasko will be feeling on top of the world after destroying everybody who dared to sit at his table today. He will return tomorrow as our chip leader with an incredible 903,500 chips. You can check out the full days recap here.

Here are the final chip counts:

Marek Blasko 903,500
Mayu Roca 481,500
Alessig Isaia 421,500
Christopher Williamson 376,000
Roberto Romanello 350,000
Bodo Sbrzesny 339,000
Jakob Carlsson 326,500
Bernard Yoann 299,000
Alessandra Speranza 272,500
Simon Charette 260,000
Kudlicka Lubowir 232,500
Scott Shepherd 209,000
Gianluca Speranza 183,100
Ingo Paulus 165,000
Bartalos Jocat 163,800
Hiren Patel 163,000
Itay Rokni 161,000
Alexander Jager 152,500
Dean Sanders 148,500
Jesper Hoog 120,000
Jan Niks 104,500
Frank Dollinger 90,500
Tsubass Mambe 88,000
Mattieu Sustrac 80,000
Michael Kovac 76,500
Marek Tatar 62,000
Patric Slosapele 57,500
Florian Langmann 56,000
Vladimir Sedmohradsky 51,000
Tobias Garp 50,000
Zagon Calih 37,000


ElkY Eliminated By The Chip Monster

Marke Blasko raised on the button to 7,000 and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier moved all-in for 49,300 and Blasko called – because he can!



Our combined day 1 chip leader has been eliminated by our day 2 chip leader.


Romanello Wins a Race To Get Right Back In The Race

Tsubasa Manabe raised to 7,000, Yusuf Kurt called as did Hiren “Sunny” Patel. Roberto Romanello was in the blinds and he moved all-in. Manabe folded, Kurt called and Patel folded.


Romanello had lost all of his races when ahead today, could he win one from behind?


Andrew Feldman gives him a tap on the shoulder from the rail.


What a sweat card.


Romanello eliminates Kurt and now has ~320,000


Table 7

Table 7 is where our human chip eating machine Marke Blasko is sat. He has seat 4 and his chips could honestly cover seats 3 through to five. Incredibly Blasko has 700,000 chips. His nearest rival is Alessio Isaia sat in seat 9 with 335,000 chips. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier has 80,000 in seat 6 and Jozef Bartalot sits in seat 2 with 220,000 in front of him.


Table 8

Table 8 seems to be the table with the shortest stacks all converging together. Bernard Yoann is the exception to the rule as he is sat on a healthy looking 324,000 in seat 5. We believe he has just won most of those chips from Gianluca Speranza who is in seat 6 with 100,000 and plenty of verbals being directed at Yoann. Party Poker Online Qualifier Ingo Paulus is in seat 8 with 135,000 and last but certainly not least is the Colombian Mayu Roca who has 363,000 chips.


Yes It Is 02:12!

We have one hour of this level to go. When we end the level we end the night. If we miraculously lose another seven players in one hour we will also finish.

There are four tables left and here is the situation on table 12.

Lubowir Kudlicka is sat in seat 4 with 190,000 chips, quite an amazing feat considering he was on his way out of the door after a terrible all-in call yesterday. The sun is still shining for Hiren “Sunny” Patel who has got 200,000 in seat 6. Roberto Romanello is having a little mouth siesta in seat 7 – what a rollercoaster ride he has had today – he currently has 170,000. Seat 8 is reserved for Simon Charette who has 230,000 and finally in seat 9 we have Alessandro Speranza, one half of the Speranza brothers still in contention, with 230,000.


ElkY Struggling

He was once the darling of WPT Bratislava after he dominated day 1b but at the moment Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is struggling to gain any real momentum. We just saw him win a small pot from Jozef Bartalot but then he doubled up Zagon Calin in the following hand.

ElkY raised on the button to 6,200 and Calin moved all-in from the small blind. ElkY reluctantly made the call.



ElkY ~ 78,000


Seven Deuce Anyone?

The bragging rights go to Party Poker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny. Fabian Quoss limped in middle position with pocket aces and both blinds saw a flop with him. The flop was king high with two spades and Bodo Sbrzesny was holding . We believe the money went in on the turn and Sbrzesny hit his money card on the river and Quoss was eliminated.

Sbrzesny ~ 346,000


Tsubasa Manabe Doubles Up

Tsubasa Manabe raised to 5,000 in early position. Ludovic Lacay and Roberto Romanello managed to finish arguing with each other while they played a hand. Lacay called, Romanello called and Florian Langmann also called in the big blind.


The action was checked to Lacay who bet 11,000, Langmann called and Manabe moved all-in for 72,400. Lacay insta-mucked and Langmann called.




Langmann ~ 60,000
Manabe ~ 180,000
Isaia ~ 320,000
Lacay ~ 100,000
Rokni ~ 185,000
Bartalot ~ 200,000


Per Linde Has Been Eliminated

Per Linde has been eliminated shortly after doubling up Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. We are not sure what Linde’s exit hand was but we know he lost a pre flop race against ElkY to cripple himself earlier. ElkY had [ax][qx]against the [jx][jx]of Per Linde and an ace hit the flop. ElkY, who was short, now has 130,000. Linde was eliminated a few short hands later.


The Needle

If Roberto Romanello ever tells you that he is going to needle someone and you are unsure what the word needle means then this is what it means.

Matthieu Sustrac raised to 5,700 in early position and Itay Rokni three-bet to 15,000 from middle position and Sustrac called. The flop came down and Sustrac bet 7,000 and Rokni moved 80,000 across the line meaning a Sustrac call would put him all-in.

Romanello stands up and says to me.

“I am going to give him the needle now.”

“What’s the needle?” I ask.

Before Romanello can answer Sustrac folds.

“Did you just fold…did I just see that hand right…did you just call a three-bet out of position, donk lead the flop and fold to a shove… are my eyes deceiving me…did you just do that?” Shouted Romanello.

“Sure I have only been playing the game for two days.” Stammered Sustrac.

“I can’t believe we are playing the same game…the guy calls a three bet, out of position and then donk lead folds…where are you from?” Said Romanello before laughing to himself.

Romanello sat down on the direct left of a now rather steaming Matthieu Sustrac after getting the Romanello needle.


The Sunny and Charette Show

Sonny and Cher were great entertainers and we have Sunny and Charette who are equally entertaining; although I wouldn’t like to see either of them in the Cher clothing of the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video.

We caught the two of them engaged in a battle of the minds on the flop.


Hiren “Sunny” Patel checked, Simon Charette bet 16,500 and Sunny called.

Both players checked the turn before we saw the interesting . Sunny checked and Charette counted out a bet of 26,000 before moving it across the line. Sunny divided his stack into little pieces before raising to 42,000 in one deliberate motion. The act stunned Charette who I am sure thought he had won the hand.

“The problem is if I call I know you are going to turn over a bluff that beats my hand.” Said Charette.

A player not involved in the hand very unkindly called the clock on Charette who simplified matters by folding.

Sunny ~ 238,500
Charette ~ 149,000



We are going to need a cart and a horse to pull all of Marke Blasko’s chips out of this room tonight. This hand just goes to demonstrate the fine line between winning a tournament and losing one. Martin Jacobson has just left the building but he could so easily have been our chip leader. Here is the hand from the mouth of Jacobson himself.

Jacobson raised from the hi-jack to 4,200 holding and both blinds called.

Flop: [5x] [7x] [3x] with two hearts (yeah you know what is coming).

The blinds checked to Jacobson who bets 7,700 and the small blind flat calls. Blasko asks the small blind how many chips he has before betting 40,000. Action falls to Jacobson who moves all-in for over 200,000. The small blind moves out of the way quicker than a fit Carl Lewis and Blasko snap calls.

When you are running hot you are running hot. Blasko turned over [6x] [4x] for the flopped nuts. There was no love for Jacobson; neither the turn nor the river delivered the heart he needed to take the chip lead away from Blasko, and instead he was out.

Blasko ~ 800,000+
Jacobson ~ So near yet so OUT


Carlsson, Williamson and Quoss Oh My!

Jakob Carlsson just told us how to spell his name correctly. There is no “c” in Jakob and his surname does not begging with a “k” – apologies Mr Carlsson.

Who cares about mis-spelt surnames when you are young and sitting on a stack of 230,000 whilst playing at WPT Bratislava?

We caught the action on a board of . Chris Williamson was in the big blind and Jakob Carlsson was on the button and they had both checked. The turn was the and Williamson took the betting lead and it was 5,900 and Carlsson called. The river was the and this time Williamson checked. Carlsson studied the board for a while before deciding to bet 11,000. Williamson was next on “thinking” duty and he took his time before deducing that Carlsson was at it and he made an excellent call.


The player in seat 2 made it 4,700 to play and Carlsson called in the cut off before Fabian Quoss three-bet from the big blind for 15,700. The original raiser folded and Carlsson called.


Both players checked.


Quoss studied Carlsson and Carlsson studied the pot and the board. Quoss checked and Carlsson bet 13,000 and Quoss folded.

Chris Williamson ~ 161,000
Jakob Carlsson ~ 230,000
Jose Severino ~ 215,000
Fabian Quoss ~ 100,000


Langmann Doubles Up The Hard Way

Florian Langmann raised to 4,800 under the gun and Ludovic Lacay three-bet to 7,600. The action folded around to Langmann who made the call.


Langmann liked the flop and bet 7,000 and Lacay peeled one off as well.


Langmann now checked and Lacay bet 20,000. Langmann had a little think about it before making the call.


Langmann checked again. Lacay instantly pushed enough orange across the line to put Langmann all-in and after another brief pause he called.

Ludovic: [jx][4x] for a stone cold bluff
Langmann: [ax][jx]for trips


Table 9

Here is a little look at the players seated over at table nine which is fairly slow in comparison to some of the other tables left in the field.

Itay Rokni has his bum squeezed into seat 3 and also has 200,000 in front of him. We have seen his stack grow as large as 250,000 today but never drop lower than the 200,000 mark. Florian Langmann has seat 5 and 50,000 chips. Tsubasa Manabe has a cold and 100,000 in seat 6 (he keeps drinking cold medicine). Ludovic Lacay is looking very chipper and has a chip stack to match his exuberance – 240,000 for the Frenchman who is sat in seat 7 and then Alessio Isaia is sat in seat 8 with his arms around a gargantuan stack of 380,000 which is a mere few pieces of plastic below Marke Blasko at the top of the chip counts.


Blasko and ElkY

Marke Blasko is still our chip leader here today. He has a few more chips than Alessio Isaia with two more levels to go.

Blasko raised to 5,500 in the cut off and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier defended the small blind.


ElkY bet 5,200 and Blasko called.


ElkY bet 12,200 and Blasko called.


Both players checked and Blasko won the hand with whilst ElkY lost the hand holding


Party Poker Chip Count Update

Stanley Blaby 60,000
Bodo Sbrzesny 140,000
Alexander Jager 70,000
David Scherzer 70,000
Frank Dollinger 38,500
Ingo Paulus 110,000


Does Slusarek Have The Indian Sign Over Blasko

We thought it would have been Martin Jacobson or Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, that would have taken the fight to Marke Blasko, but instead it the mantle has been picked up by Patryk Slusarek.

We brought you a hand a few moments ago where Slusarek doubled up to 170,000 courtesy of our chip leader. We just caught the two of them banging heads once again; we caught the action on the turn.


Blasko had bet 4,000 and then Slusarek raised to 13,000. Blasko made the call and they both saw the leave the dealers hand. Blasko checked and Slusarek bet 65,000 and Blasko called. Slusarek showed and Slusarek tapped the felt in recognition before mucking his cards unseen.

Slusarek ~ 205,000
Blasko ~ 389,600


Romanello Stops The Rot

Just as we were about to sit down to write his last hand up he gets involved in another all-in. This time it was against Party Poker Online qualifier Fabian Holling. Holling cracked Romanello’s aces earlier but he could not crack the pocket tens of Romanello this time.

Romanello: [tx][tx] Holling: [ax][tx]

Board: [tx][6x] [5x] [6x] [4x]

Romanello ~ 160,000
Holling ~ early bath


Romanello Loses Again

Roberto Romanello has an uncanny knack of getting his chips in with a better hand than his opponent. Unfortunately, for our Welsh-Italian dragon he also has an uncanny knack for losing those same pots.

He just got all of the money in pre flop against Party Poker Online qualifier Ingo Paulus in a 118,000 pot and lost holding pocket kings. Paulus was holding ace-queen and spiked an ace.

Paulus ~ 110,000
Romanello ~ 100,000


Charette Calls The Clock On Himself

We join the action with the flop already laid out gracefully on the green. The two players in the pot are James Akenhead and Simon Charette with Charette in position.


Akenhead bets 4,200 and Charette calls.


Akenhead fires his second barrel worth 7,500 of lead.


Akenhead checked and Charette bet 17,700. Akenhead bet 68,500 and everyone rushed to the table. Incredibly Charette called the clock on himself and when he reached the count of four he folded.


Marke Blasko Loses An All-In

Yes it is official Marke Blasko has actually lost a hand and it was against Patryk Slusarek. Blasko opened up with a bet of 3,500 from early position and Slusarek three-bet to 8,500 and Blasko called.


Blasko checked and Slusarek bet 9,100; it seemed as though Blasko was going to call but then at the last moment he changed his mind and raised to 25,000. Slusarek had 67,000 behind and he just called indicating a hand of some considerable strength.


Blasko asked Slusarek lots of questions in a foreign language until eventually moving him all-in. Luckily for us “set” sounds the same in any language. That is the question Slusarek asked before calling the bet. It wasn’t a set but a pair of jacks that Blasko was holding. Slusarek had a pair of aces. He gave the dealer the aces and the dealer gave him 170,000.

We recently told you that Per Linde had moved from Roberto Romanello’s table. Well he has resurfaced on the Blasko table and it sitting with 90,500. Other notable chip counts on that table are Martin Jacobson with 190,500, ElkY with 170,000 and Blasko with 378,000.


Table 11 & 12

Not much action to talk of but some updates with regards to notable players on tables 11 & 12.

On table 11 the two main players with all of the chips are Fabian Quoss and EPT San Remo runner-up Jacob Karlsson. Quoss is sat on 1320,000 and Karlsson 256,000.

On table 12 you have the chatterbox that is Simon Charette. Charette is a little bit ill today but it hasn’t stopped him jabbering along like normal. He has a stack of 220,000 and to his immediate right is Gianluca Speranza holding 175,000. The early chip leader on that table was Hiren “Sunny” Patel, he is now down to 140,000 alongside Kudlicka Lubowir who yesterday called himself a “lucky fish” he too has 140,000.


Blasko Eliminates Dragan Galic

Party Poker Team Pro Dragan Galic has been eliminated. He raised with [qx][qx]and was three-bet by Marke Blasko who was holding [ax][ax]. Galic moved all-in, Blasko called and that was all that she wrote.


Chicken, Beef and Table 13

The Golden Vegas casino served up chicken and beef during the dinner break but neither tasted as juicy as the action out in the field today. One of the tastiest looking tables is table 13. Roberto Romanello and Alessandro Speranza have the largest chip stacks but Per Linde and Bodo Sbrzesny also have enough to cause a problem or two.

Party Poker Online Qualifiers Ingo Paulus and Fabian Holling are also sat on the same table and Holling will be thinking unlucky 13 is a load of old nonsense after this hand.

Holling moved his final 23,200 across the line with the mighty and Roberto Romanello called with the even mightier . Romanello was just about to eat Holling alive until the dealer served up a cold dish of two pair.


Not soon after Per Linde raised to 3,600 and the button called before Sbrzesny three-bet to 12,200 from the small blind. This prompted a shove from Linde and everyone folded. A few hands later and Linde was shifted to another table.

Roberto Romanello ~ 122,000
Per Linde ~ 96,000
Bodo Sbrzesny ~ 106,500
Allesandro Speranza ~ 128,400
Ingo Paulus ~88,100
Fabian Holling ~ 49,00


We are now on a 60-minute dinner break


Kara Scott And Her Two Outer

Party Poker Ambassador Kara Scott had a limper up front and looked down to see two beautiful red aces from the button. She had 25 big blinds and all she could think about was how she was going to get 50 big blinds after the hand had finished. She raised to 4,000 and the limper called.

Flop: [tx][7x] [2x]

Both players checked.

Turn: [qx]

The limper checked and Scott bet 8,500 to leave her a pot size river shove and the limper called.

River: [4x]

The limper checks again and Scott moves all-in and the limper, who we all now hate with a passion, had pocket fours and had rivered a set. Kara heads back to the hotel for some R&R.


I am Still Here?

With all the shenanigans going on over at the Blasko table Martin Jacobson has just fired out a few warning shouts denoting that he is still around.

He raised to 2,600 and Blasko defended his big blind. The flop was and a 2,700 was enough for Jacobson.

In the next hand ElkY raised to 2,600 from under the gun and Jacobson three-bet to 7,500. Incredibly three people called the three-bet including ElkY.


The action checked to Jacobson and he bet 17,400 and took down the pot.


New Chip Leader Emerges

The action is all kicking off over at the ElkY table – or maybe we should rename it the Blasko table?

It DID contain Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Martin Jacobson, Marke Blasko and Alexander Kuzmin. Kuzmin, of course, is trying to dislodge Andy Frankenberger as the WPT Player of the Season but it is not going to happen in this tournament.

Blasko raised under the gun and the action folded around to Kuzmin in the big blind who called.


Kuzmin bet 5,000, Blasko bet 13,000, Kuzmin bet 30,000 and Blasko called.


Kuzmin bet 30,000 and Blasko tanked for ever before finally calling.


Kuzmin moved all-in and Blasko looked down at his once mighty stack. It was all-in pieces and the majority of those pieces were in the middle of the board. In the end he went through the hand in his head and called and it was the correct decision. A decision that would eliminate Kuzmin and put Blasko into the chip lead.


Blasko now has ~ 318,500


Table Movers and Shakers

There have been some table changes as the field reduces to 78 players. James Akenhead has moved to the same table as one of our chip leaders Ludovic Lacay. Alessio Isaia has moved him enormous stack over to the same table as another chip leader Itay Rokni who has around 250,000.

Party Poker Team Pros Dragan Galic and Bodo Sbzresny are sharing table space with Gianluca Speranza who has around 195,500.

Yesterday’s chip leader Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier has 265,000. He is sat directly opposite Martin Jacobson who has just under 100,000. Also on the table with a stack to fear is Marke Blasko with 185,500. The three of them just got involved in a very intriguing hand without any cards even being shown.

Jacobson raised under the gun when he made it 2,500 to play. Blasko called in middle position before ElkY applied the squeeze from the button when he made it 7,700 to play. The table knew something big was going to happen and the atmosphere changed immediately. Jacobson counted out a raise and made it 19,100 to play. ElkY raised an eyebrow but Blasko just stared ahead intently. In the end Blasko five-bet to 27,500. This made ElkY raise two eyebrows before eventual surrendering what we can only assume was an extremely strong hand. Jacobson folded not so long after and Blasko took the chips without showing a card.


A Set Don’t Scare Me Blaby

James Akenhead just lost a good portion of his stack against Party Poker Online Qualifier Stanley Blaby.

We joined the action on the flop and the board read 7c] . Akenhead put Blaby all in and he called.


“Nice hand.” Acknowledged Blaby.



Blaby who was ready to leave had to sit back down because instead of being eliminated he now had a smidgen over 100,000, Akenhead meanwhile dips to 83,000.

Level Up

Level 12. We now have 600/1200 ante 100. There are 83 players left.


Race to Hit The Flush

Party Poker Qualifier and WPT Paris NS final tablist Ingo Paulus and WSOP bracelet winner Pascal Lefrancois just clashed and Paulus came out looking in better shape.

We caught the action on a board of .

Lefrancois moved all-in with for the flush draw and Paulus called with for the other flush draw but also top pair. The river was the and Paulus now has 91,200 and Lefrancois is left with around 50,000.


So What Are We Playing For?

211 people started the day and we have 90 players left. The total prizepool is €488,935 and here is the run down by position.

1. 140.685 €
2. 71.000 €
3. 42.000 €
4. 33.000 €
5. 26.000 €
6. 21.000 €
7. 17.000 €
8. 14.000 €
9. 11.000 €
10. 9.000 €
11. 9.000 €
12. 9.000 €
13. 7.500 €
14. 7.500 €
15. 7.500 €
16. 6.250 €
17. 6.250 €
18. 6.250 €
19. 5.000 €
20. 5.000 €
21. 5.000 €
22. 5.000 €
23. 5.000 €
24. 5.000 €
25. 5.000 €
26. 5.000 €
27. 5.000 €


Dragan Galic Doubles Up

Alessio Isaia raised to 2,500 and Dragan Galic moved all-in for 17,000 and Isaia called.




WPT Chip Hoover – Alessio Isaia

It just seems that Alessio Isaia and the WPT were made for each other. After winning WPT Venice he made the final table at WPT Vienna and he now has the chip lead at WPT Bratislava.

He is sharing a table with Jan Skampa and Party Poker Team Pro Dragan Galic who are both nursing a short stack and we expect them to double up or be eliminated very soon.

The only other person with a stack anywhere near Alessio (and it isn’t anywhere near) is James Akenhead who has direct position on the Italian.

Here is a classic example of how Isaia manages to accumulate so many chips.

Seat 7 raised to 2,600 and three people called including Isaia from the big blind. All four players saw a flop of and the action checked to Seat 7 who made it 2,600 to play. Everyone folded around to Isaia who sensed an opportunity to exploit the texture of the board when he check-raised to 9,600. The players is seat 7, who was having a neck rub at the time, made the call. The turn was the and nothing remarkable had changed since the flop (or so we thought). Alessio bet 15,600 and Seat 7 just called. The river was the and Isaia moved a big pile of orange chips over the line and it was an all-in bet for the player sat in seat 7. he stood up and announced call and proudly displayed a pair of aces. Isaia turned over for the full house and his opponent was eliminated.

Isaia ~ 313,700
Skampa ~ 22,400
Akenhead ~ 117,900
Galic ~ 17,000

Level Up

We are now in Level 11. 90-minutes of 500/1000 with a 100 ante. There are 106 players left and here are some chip counts for you.

Hiren “Sunny” Patel – 185 000
Pascal Lefrancois – 90 000
James Akenhead – 113 000
Sam Trickett – OUT
Fabian Quoss – 156 000
Andrew Feldman – 35 000
ElkY – 195 000
Jose Severino – 135 000
Dominik Nitsche – 13 000
Kara Scott – 47 000
Martin Jacobson – 130 000
Per Linde – 40 000
Andy Frankenberger – 60 000
Alessio Isaia – 200 000
Ludovic Lacay – 140 000
Jesper Hoog – 80 000
Samuel Chartier – 29 000


Ludovic Lacay

One of the players doing very well today is Ludovic Lacay. He has Thomas Bichon, Andy Frankenberger and WPT Venice final tablist Luca Fiorini on his table but he has amassed the most chips on the table. Here is an interesting hand that we caught on the flop.


The big blind had checked and the player in seat 5 had bet 3,500 and the action was on Lacay. Lacay made the call, the big blind folded leaving two players to continue to a turn.


Seat 5 checked and Lacay bet 7,600. The player in seat 5 then bet 19,000 and Lacay made a quick call.


A second ace and Seat 5 checked to Lacay who also checked.

Seat 5:

Lacay now has ~160,000


Sunshine and Gloom

The rumour around the table is that Sam Trickett wasn’t with it today. His tournament has come to an end and this is how it happened.

There was a raise and a call from up front when Trickett found pocket Kings on the button and he also called. Hiren “Sunny” Patel found pocket nines in the small blind and he also called. The flop was perfect for Sunny when it came down [qx][9x] [6x]. The original raiser made a continuation bet and two players called (including Trickett). Sunny check-raised to around 14,000 and everyone folded except Trickett who moved all-in for around 45,000 and Sunny called. The turn and river changed nothing, Trickett was eliminated, and Sunny is close onto the coat tails of ElkY at the top.

Unfortunately, the Sunny chip stack is like three towers and we cannot count them but he has promised he will have a count himself for us once he has finished his massage.


Trickett Update

Sam Trickett’s table looks like a fun place to watch poker. Marko Neumann is in Seat 1, Trickett in Seat 5, the guy who started Day 2 2nd in chips Hiren “Sunny” Patel is having a massage in Seat 6 and Andrew Feldman finishes the table off in Seat 9.

Trickett raised to 2,000 from middle position and he received three callers.


The big blind checked and Trickett bet 3,300 to thin the field. It worked with only


Table 13

We have Per Linde occupying Seat 2, Party Poker Serial Online Qualifier Fabian Holling in Seat 8 and Roberto Romanello in Seat 9. We just caught the Welshman in a hand.

Romanello raised to 1,800 from the hijack and Heinz Kamuzk three-bet from the cut-off making it 4,600 to play. Romanello called the bet and the two of them shared a flop of . Romanllo checked to Kamuzk who bet 4,200 and Romanello called. On the turn we had the and Romanello once again checked to Kamuzk who bet 9,200.

“How much do you have left?” Asked Romanello.

It was around 25,000 and Romanello knew this bet was stack committing and he folded his hand.


Table 3 is the New Table 2

Table 2 was a mouth watering table and now it no longer exists. Luckily for us most of the crew have just been shipped over to table 3. In Seat 2 we have Martin Jacobson, Seat 3 Pascal Lefrancois, Seat 6 Martins Adeniya, Seat 7 Joel Benzinou and Seat 8 Gianluca Speranza.

Pascal Lefrancois won a few chips in the two hands we saw just before the break.

Speranza raised to 1,200 from early position and Lefrancois three-bet on the button to 3,050. The action folded around to Speranza who took a long time to check. Lefrancois followed up his pre flop momentum with a 3,750 bet and eventually the Italian laid it down. Lefrancois then took the next pot down uncontested.


Manabe Swallows Up Mattern and Pescatori

Max Pescatori had only 200 chips remaining, after being crippled in a previous hand we did not catch, and they were flung into the pot. Tsubasa Manabe raised to 1,225 before Arnaud Mattern three-bet to 4,100 from the big blind and Manabe made the call.

Flop: [jx][jx][qx]

It was a great flop for Mattern and he bet 3,500 and Manabe called.

Turn: [qx]

Not so great for Mattern. The board also put a flush draw out there as well as the full-house possibilities. Mattern checked to Manabe. Manabe bet 7,500 and Mattern called.


Mattern checked and Manabe moved all-in and his move was an overbet. Mattern explained to us that he thought his opponent may well do this with a wide range of bluffs because his Hiren “Sunny” Patel insopponent knew Mattern did not have the queen in his hand. Mattern called and Manabe turned over [kx][qx]to eliminate the former EPT champion.


Eiler Dumped by Scott

EPT Vienna winner Michael Eiler has been trying to add a WPT title to his resume this week. He cashed in Vienna a few short days ago but Kara Scott found [8x] [8x] to knock out the German holding [7x] [7x] at WPT Bratislava today.


Per Linde The Villain

We think Per Linde would make a pretty good bad guy if he was ever cast in a James Bond movie. The look is a killer and his play can be pretty cut throat too – just ask Adrian Marin over at table 13 who has just had chips taken off him by Linde.

Marin raised to 1,200 in early position and Per Linde three-bet out of the big blind making it 3,600 to play and Marin called. The flop was and Linde check-called a 5,200 bet by Marin. The turn connected anyone holding a potential flush . Linde once again checked and Marin once again bet. The price for Linde was 13,000 and he liked the look of it because he moved all-in for over 30,000 and Marin folded.

Linde collected his chips and started to stroke the big fluffy white cat sat in his lap.


The Day 2 Morning Shove-Fest

We have been hanging around table eleven like vultures casting our beady eye on Party Poker Team Pro Giovanni Rizzo who has 10 big blinds. Table 11 is right next to it and it houses our chip leader Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. Here is some of the early action from those two tables.

Luca Cainelli raised to 1,800 and Miroslav Panik moved all in for 17,000 and the Italian folded.

ElkY raised to 1,350 from mid position and again Panik moved all-in. ElkY deciding to wait for a better spot folding his hand.

David Scherzer opened up to 1,350 from early position and Giovanni Rizzo moved all-in from the big blind and Scherzer called.



Both players shared the spoils.

Rizzo moved all-in from the small blind and Pavel Chalupka called in the big blind.



Rizzo gets the double up he needs and now has between 20-25 big blinds.

“I feel it is my destiny.” Said the Rizzo.


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