I had a dream. I’m lying in my king size bed listening to the birds sing out my window on a sunny Bratislava morning and everything is beautiful because I had a dream.

I was in a place of all magnificence. There was wine and women and beautiful fruit ripe on the vine. I had a dream I was in the hanging gardens of Babylon, a place fit for a king, a place fit for the G.

I had a dream that the French were the dogs and the Russians were the snakes and me the G sat alone in my throne and laughed at all the donks who were not qualified.

I had a dream I was in the golden palaces of Bratislava and a great sadness came over me because in this dream I was all alone.

Out of the mist a shadow approached. There was only one man who was strong and qualified enough to cross the floor. It was the figure of a man shrouded in robes, covered in white and as he approached me he reached out his hand. The loneliness was overwhelming, my sadness was heavy.

Ten cards of law

I had a dream and in this dream a shrouded figure was holding out something towards me. I grabbed his gift with both hands and prostrated myself on the floor in the face of his greatness… and when I looked up the figure pulled back his hood and it was none other than the ambassador of poker himself, Mr. Mike Sexton.

I had a dream that I was visited by Sexton. And Sexton spoke firm and what he said went straight through my heart. Repent Tony G. You do not want to live in this poker world alone for the poker player who hates all players is nothing but a loser.

I have been given ten cards of law, ten torpedoes of truth. Live by these ten cards and you will b-winning. From this moment forward I will life to its fullest by these ten laws, ten laws that were written on the ten cards that I received from Mike Sexton.

  1. You shall have no other poker guiding hand apart from me
  2. You shall always type nh when required
  3. You shall always type vnh or vvnh when required
  4. When someone tells you you have a nh, a vnh or a vvnh you shall reply ty
  5. You shall never ever over play King Jack
  6. You shall not misuse the art of trash talk
  7. You shall be open minded and make poker entertaining
  8. You must kill donks but treat them with respect even if they are French or Russian
  9. Free love – players must not be tribal and be able to play in any event
  10. Television appearances should be based on merit and entertainment value

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