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We have the final table set here at WPT Spanish Championship 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.

PartyPoker Blog has all the live updates, including videos and pictures.

It is a very European final table – 3 players from Spain, 2 from Sweden and Germany, Austria, France and Denmark are represented as well.

WPT Spanish Championship final table live updates

In the era of teenagers playing poker, Ali Tekintamgac has profiled himself as a veteran.

He spent 20 years waiting for a chance, played poker and perfected his skill.

It was only this year he decided t is his time, he packed his bags and went to the Grand Final Monte Carlo where he cashed for €125k.

Second live event ever and he wins it!

Ali says his secret is only experience.

We will see him attacking Vegas in just a few weeks and he says he know he will be on a great run.

See a video of Ali Tekintamgac getting interviewed by Tatjana Pasalic:


Prizes are as follows:

  1. TEKINTAMGAC , ALI – 315.000€ + WPT seat in Las Vegas final + Tiffany bracelet
  3. IREMARK , MATS ERIK – 81.000€
  4. BLASCHKE , MANUEL – 71.000€
  5. HANSEN , MADS SMITH – 61.000€
  7. MATTSSON , PER EMIL – 41.000€


It is all over. Ali Tekintamgac has won WPT Spanish Championship!

Roberto Garcia Santiago was a big underdog and found himself all-in preflop with  versus Ali’s . Flop was all heart: . Roberto needed a heart or a 9 or 8 to stay alive but  on turn and  on river were not enough. Ali Tekintamgac wins 315.000€ + WPT seat in Las Vegas final + Tiffany bracelet!


We are heads-up! Ali Tekintamgac is a huge chip lead with 4,100,000 vs 800,000 of Garcia Santiago!


Mats Erik Iremark is out in 3rd! On a  board, Mats found himself all-in versus Ali. Ali had  and dominated Mats’ . Turn  and river .


Manuel Blaschke is out in 3rd! A very quick played hand. Raise from Ali, re-raise all-in from Manuel Blaschke and a snap call from Ali. Ali shows  while Manuel shows . No miracles for Manuel on the board: .


And another all-in raise before the flop and another win. This time from Garcia Santiago who has the home advantage and a lot of people cheering him on.


We haven’t seen many flops since the dinner break. An all-in raise before flop has won each hand until now.


We are back on. Level 24. Antes 5,000. Blinds 25,000 – 50,000. Average chip 1,222,500.


Players are on a one hour lunch break. Official chip counts are:

  • TEKINTAMGAC , ALI – 2,190,000
  • IREMARK , MATS ERIK – 745,000
  • BLASCHKE , MANUEL – 1,000,000


Not much action lately. Ali and Manuel have a bit of an infight in German language but no big action. Approximate chip counts are as follows:

  • TEKINTAMGAC , ALI – 1,500,000
  • IREMARK , MATS ERIK – 600,000
  • BLASCHKE , MANUEL – 1,320,000


We spoke to the final table players just before they started playing, here is what they had to say…


Mads Hansen out in 5th! Mads did a 100K raise from the cutoff. Manuel went all-in from the big blind with some 616K more. Manuel just covered Mads with 500 chips! Mads did call with  and Manuel showed  and found himself dominated by the Dane. Flop was . Turn gave Mads a pair of Jacks with  but a very unlucky  on the river got Manuel the straight.


Mats Erik doubles up again! He held  and got all-in preflop versus Ali Tekintamgac who held . Flop was  giving Mats Erik an open-ended straight draw. He had it on turn with . River was .


We are at level 25. Antes are 4,000. Blinds are 20,000-40,000.


Mats Iremark is giving us some action in last two hands. First he raised all-in on the button with . He got called by Manuel in small blind with . Board was  and Mats Erik was left with some 130K only.

Next hand he went all in with  and was called by Mads Hansen on the big blind with . No change on the  board and Mats Erik is back to 260K.


Mads Hansen gets runner-runner and doubles up! Mads found himself all-in before the flop and got a call from Manuel Blaschke. Mads had , Manuel had . Great flop for Manuel with  and Mads needed a miracle to stay in the tournament! It did come in shape of  on turn and  on the river! Mads’ PartyPoker form seems to be continuing! He now has around 950K!


Tristan is out in 6th! He was shortstacked and saw everyone fold over to him on the button. With blinds 15,000-30,000 Tristan pushed all-in with 226K more. Small blind did a quick fold but Manuel Blaschke in the big blind had a long stare at Tristan. Manuel decided to call and showed . Tristan had . Board had no help for Tristan: .


Emil Per Mattsson is out in 7th! Roberto Garcia Santiago picked up . Emil Mattsson held . Emil was all-in preflop. Flop was . Turn was a . River was .


Chip counts are as follows:

810.000 – Roberto Santiago

546.000 – Mads Hansen

495.000 – Per Emil Mattsson

1.730.000 – Ali Tekintamgac

381.000 – Tristan Clemençon

490.000 – Mats Erik Iremark

580.000 – Manuel Blaschke


We are back in play after a short break. It is level 24. Antes are 3,000. Blinds are 15,000 – 30,000. Average chip is 698,571.


Gomila Romero is out in 8th! He picked up pocket 6’s and found himself all-in against two players – Mats Erik with AK and Manuel Blachke JJ. Manuel took the main pot, Mats took the side pot and Gomila is out!


Approximate chipcounts at the start of 23rd level:

570.000 – Gomila Romero

1.850.000 – Ali Tekintamgac

190.000 – Tristan Clemençon

380.000 – Mats Iremark

610.000 – Manuel Blasche

750.000 – Ricardo Santiago

190.000 – Mads Hansen

250.000 – Per Emil Mattsson


Tristan doubles up again! Tristan goes all-in from an early positon. Gomila Romero in the big blind decides to call with J 2 offsuit! Jack on the flop and 8 on turn doubles Tristan!


Gomila Romero raises 50K from a mid position. Garcia is the only caller. The flop is . Both players check. The turn is . Garcia bets 60K and Gomila folds.


About Mads Hansen:

Denmark’s Mads Hansen is a big player on PartyPoker.

His nickname is brogba84.

He won the PartyPoker 300K Sunday Guranteed last Sunday. He also made a deal on the final table of the MonthlyMillion for May month.

Impressive performance and as PartyPoker sponsors the WPT Barcelona event, this is Mads’ home field!


Swedish pot! Mattsson Emil goes all in from the cut off preflop with 190k. Erik calls from the big blind. Emil shows , Erik shows . Flop comes . A or J would eliminate Mattsson but a deuce on turn and an 8 on river doubles him up.


Mads Hansen doubles up! Blaschke open raised 45k, Mads reraised all in from the cut off. Blaschke needs to put in another 160k and he makes the call. Mads shows while Blachke showed two over cards – 8cAs.

Flop was . Turn was bringing Blachke a straight draw as well. River was a 10 and Mads doubled up!


About Roberto Garcia Santiago:

Who says celebrities cannot play poker?

Mostly known for his work behind the camera, Santiago Roberto is a famous comedy producer. And even though he is an amateur poker player, his style and humour brought him to where he is now – fighting it out for €315k.

Maybe he uses them to make a poker film because he already has experience in sports filming when he made the ‘El penalty mas largo del Mundo’.


Garcia Santiago takes a nice hand. Ali raises preflop 5ok, Garcia calls. Flop is . Both players check. Turn is . Garcia bets 100k, Ali thinks and folds.


About Bartolome Gomila Romero:

Better known as Amatos, Gomila spends his days grinding in the absolute paradise.

It is not hard to make money when you live in Mallorca.

Maybe it is the Spanish sun or his persistance and solid game, maybe it is a bit of luck, but Gomila has achieved his biggest live result by taking a seat at this final table and is very proud of it.


Tristan doubles up! Tristan goes all in with 89k preflop. Manuel Blaschke call. Tristan shows 8 J. Manuel K 9. Flop comes Q 10 A. Turn brings Tristan a lucky K and a straight.


About Manuel Cuberos Lopez Cozar:

Spanish poker legend, ambassador, winning player..Manuel sure has a nice poker CV. Although he has only started visiting live events last year, he already cashed all over Spain and even in Prague.

Often seen with his little notebook at the table, we wonder if he takes notes to analyze the players or his own hands.

Well, whatever he is doing, it seems to be working because his results are brilliant!


About Tristan Quentin Clemencon:

France is very excited as Tristan made it to another final table.

Only 20 and already had so many great results, Tristan was one of the finalist in Deauville in 2009, and is now sure he will take this one down.

In between all the amazing cashes he already made in such a long time, Tristan finds time for other activities.

This absolute sports freak plays tennis, basketball, football and cannot get enough of the great outdoors.


We are at level 23. Antes are 2,000. Blinds are 10,000 – 20,000.


About Ali Tekintamgac:

In the era of teenagers playing poker, Ali has profiled himself as a veteran.

He spent 20 years waiting for a chance, played poker and perfected his skill.

It was only this year he decided t is his time, he packed his bags and went to the Grand Final Monte Carlo where he cashed for €125k.

Second live event ever and already a finalist.

Ali says his secret is only experience.

We will see him attacking Vegas in just a few weeks and he says he know he will be on a great run.


About Manuel Blaschke:

Even though he is only 18, Manuel has been playing poker for 4 years and has recently started visiting casinos.

When he is not playing Omaha or Texas, this young Austrian is hanging with his Dad and collecting advice on how to improve his game.

Many say he is the new prodigy of poker and that we will hear a lot more from him, so it is no wonder he final tabled his first WPT.

Manuel says he is very flattered people watch him and comment his style but if he gets famous it will not change his game.


About Mats Erik Iremark:

An absolute legend in Sweden, this poker pro has put 6 years in his game and it is paying off.

With cashes like 250k in one day and a high finish at the EPT Deauville, Erik  has a lot of reasons to celebrate even if he does not win this event.

Maybe he will invite us to a game of floorball back home, apparently thats the new IT game and he is playing it every day!


About Emil Per Mattsson:

This Swedish poker pro does not use all his time in front of a computer, he is a very passionate BMX driver. When he is not playing poker and trying to cash more than $22k, which was his biggest win in one day, Emil spends his time performing dangerous stunts and hangs with his friends.

This is his first WPT and he said he is very surprised with his result but is determined to win.


Seat 2: TEKINTAMGAC , ALI – Germany
Seat 4: IREMARK , MATS ERIK – Sweden
Seat 5: BLASCHKE , MANUEL – Austria
Seat 8: HANSEN , MADS SMITH – Denmark
Seat 9: MATTSSON , PER EMIL – Sweden


Manuel Cuberos Lopez Cozar is out! Chipleader Ali Tekintamgac raised from an early position with pocket 9’s. Manuel went all-in from small blind with A Q and Ali called him. Action flop of A Q 9 found Manuel needing an Ace or a Queen to survive. Turn was a 6 and river was a K and we are down to 8.


Final table is underway. We are at level 22. Antes are 2,000. Blinds are 8,000 – 16,000.


The players are gathering around. The final table will be starting shortly.


PartyPoker qualifier Ben Carpenter (MYBIGGUNS nick at the tables) shows you his tips on how to prepare and relax before a poker tournament.


It is the big day today here in Barcelona, Spain. WPT Spanish Championship final table will be played starting 17.00 CET. Stay tuned to the PartyPoker blog for all the live blog updates.

If you have missed the start of WPT Barcelona, see the live updates from Day 1 here and live updates from Day 2 and 3 here.

Chip counts final table WPT Barcelona

Final table and chip counts for WPT Barcelona 2010:

  • TEKINTAMGAC , ALI – Germany – 1,522,000
  • BLASCHKE , MANUEL – Austria – 849,000
  • GARCIA SANTIAGO, ROBERTO – Spain – 573,000
  • GOMILA ROMERO, BARTOLOME – Spain – 530,000
  • CUBEROS LOPEZ COZAR, MANUEL – Spain – 366,000
  • IREMARK , MATS ERIK – Sweden – 352,000
  • MATTSSON , PER EMIL – Sweden – 288,000
  • HANSEN , MADS SMITH – Denmark – 287,000
  • CLEMENCON , TRISTAN QUENTIN – France – 139,000


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