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The World Poker Tour Baden Main Event has reached its penultimate day after the 44 players who returned to their seats on Day 3 were whittled down to just 20. Leading the way going into the fourth day of play is Vladimir Boinovic with 975,000 but we have five PartyPoker players still in contention.

PartyPoker qualifiers Grzegorz Wyraz (300,000), Lauri Pesonon (212,000) and Robert Przygoda (205,000)may be on the wrong side of the average stack amount but they are just one double up away from being right back in contention for the WPT Baden title.

The two biggest names representing PartyPoker are two of the Team Pros, Marvin Rettenmaier (291,000) and Bobo Sbrzesny (242,000), who were seated directly next to each other for the latter part of Day 3 – and with explosive results.

The money bubble had already burst when Fedor Holz raised to 12,000 from middle position, Kimmo Kurko three-bet to 28,000 from the next seat and Sbrzesny cold four-bet from the cutoff to 52,000. Next to act was Rettenmaier on the button and he five-bet to 96,000! Only Sbrzensy called.

Show the bluff Marvin!

The flop came down and Sbrzensy checked, then called a 62,000 continuation bet from Rettenmaier. The turn is the seemingly innocuous and Sbrzesny checks again. Rettenmaier announces he is all-in and Sbrzensy grinned to himself. He spoke to Rettenmaier but what was being said was inaudible and Rettenmaier didn’t answer anyway. Eventually, a solid six or seven minutes later, Sbrzesny folded and was shown for a complete bluff!

Speaking of the bubble, that was burst during Level 18. Our very own Kara Scott got her chips in good with ace-queen versus the jack-eight of PartyPoker qualifier Pesonen but a jack flopped and Scott was left with dust. She managed to double up once, then get a shove through but her demise was completed when her queen-ten ran into the pocket aces of Johnny Hansen to bust in 29th place with 27 paid.

Stefan Rapp burst the bubble shortly afterwards when Stjepan Jokic opened then called when Rapp three-bet all in for 44,000. Rapp showed pocket sevens and was way behind the pocket nines of Jokic. Rapp flopped a set of sevens to be catapulted into the lead but Jokic improved to a set of nines on the river to send the Austrian to the rail in 28th place. With Rapp’s elimination everyone still in the tournament locked up at least €6,500 for their efforts in Baden.

Play resumes at 14:00CET and will continue until the final table of six has been reached. We spoke to the tournament director this morning over breakfast and he thinks Day 4 will span across five 90-minute levels. Only time will tell if he is correct.

Tune in tomorrow morning to discover which players have made it through to the final table of WPT Baden and who has fallen by the wayside.

Who has all of the chips?

WPT Baden Start of Day 4 Top 10 Chip Counts

1st Vladimir Bozinovic – 975,000
2nd Paul Berende – 895,000
3rd Fedor Holz – 642,000
4th Rien De Vries – 583,000
5th Adrian Apmann – 502,000
6th Martin Staszko – 421,000
7th Arped Kovecses – 349,000
8th Kimmo Kurko – 336,000
9th Michael Csango – 336,000
10th Grzegorz Wyraz – 300,000

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