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When Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Baden main event got under way yesterday afternoon there were 131 players in contention for the title. During the six 90-minute levels that were completed, 87 of those players lost their tournament lives. One player who is very much alive in the main event is PartyPoker Pro Bodo Sbrzesny who will begin Day 3 as the overall chip leader.

Sbrzesny is suffering from a heavy cold but that has not stopped him from dominating each table he has been seated on. A mixture of his natural ability and run-good have helped him climb to the top of the chip counts with a huge stack of 403,000 chips.

Caution! Huge Pot Brewing!

Some of that good fortune showed in a hand that resulted in Erik Scheidt being eliminated. With blinds of 1,000/2,000/300a,Schedit opened to 4,000 from the hijack, Klaus Stanek called in the cutoff and Sbrzensy squeezed to 12,600 on the button. Scheidt then four-bet to 26,800, Stanek folded but Sbrzesny decided to call. The flop came down and Scheidt continued with a 28,200 bet. Sbrzensy moved all-in and Scheidt instantly called. The reason for Schedit’s instantaneous call was the fact he had the in his hand. Sbrzesny held for a flush draw and gutshot straight and we just knew another club was going to hit! That is exactly what happened as the appeared on the turn The completed the board, busted Scheidt and catapulted Sbrzesny to the top of the leader board.

Joining Sbrzesny on Day 3 and sporting PartyPoker colours are his fellow Team Pros Marvin Rettenmaier (248,500 chips) and Kara Scott (35,500); Poland’s Grzegorz Wyraz (157,500); Robert Przygoda (93,500); Ammar Naamani (84,000) and Lauri Pesonen (42,000). Here’s hoping they all manage to progress through to Day 4!

Day 3 will commence at 14:00CET and we believe the plan of action is to play five 90-minute levels. The money bubble is guaranteed to burst and only 27 of the 44 players who return will win prize money. Tune in tomorrow to discover which unfortunate soul finished in 28th place and which of our PartyPoker patch wearers have made it through to the penultimate day’s play in the WPT Baden main event.

Who are the chip leaders?

1st Bodo Sbrzesny – 403,000
2nd Vishal Punjab – 401,000
3rd Kimmo Kurko – 395,500
4th Ryan O’Donnell – 361,000
5th Stjepan Jokic – 342,500
6th Martin Staszko – 287,500
7th Paul Berende 286,500
8th Mitchell Johnson – 285,000
9th Christian Mihu – 260,000
10th Marvin Rettenmaier – 248,500

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