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Imagine you are playing in a World Poker Tour main event and Day 1b is drawing to a close. Then try to think how it would feel to have an opponent raise your turn bet then move all-in on you while you were sat there with the very best hand you can make in poker, a Royal Flush. That is exactly what happened to PartyPoker Pro Bodo Sbrzensy. What a life!

The hand in question occurred at just after 23:00CET with just minutes of Day 1B left on the clock. Sbrzensy opened the betting with a raise to 1,000 and picked up three callers. The dealer spread out the flop and the players checked to Sbrzensy, who bet 2,200. This thinned out the field somewhat as only Christian Golob called. The landed on the turn and Sbrzensy bet again, setting the price to play at 3,600. Golob then took a breath before raising to 12,000. Sbrzensy was going nowhere though and he put in a raise of his own to 26,000. Golob wasted no time at all in moving all-in and Sbrzensy snap-called.



Golob held bottom set but Sbrzensy had turned a Royal Flush and was a lock in the hand. To rub a little more salt into Golob wounds the river was the , which improved him to a still second best full house.

Quick! Take a Photo!

“Wow! That is f$&king amazing!” exclaimed Golob, “Let me take a picture!”

Golob then rose from his seat, pulled out his mobile phone and took a picture of what he said was the first Royal Flush he had ever seen. With his new digital proof in tow, Golob then walked around the table to the side of Sbrzensy, knelt on the floor and bowed to him as one would do to pay homage to a great leader! Sbrzensy, as cool as ever, just smiled and began stacking his 114,000 chips.

Sbrzensy finished Day 1B with 124,800 chips and is right up there with the chip leaders. The young German reached the final table of WPT Prague in December 2012 and if his luck continues in Baden then he could just well reach another finale in this beautiful Austrian town.

Who is flying the PartyPoker flag?

Day 2 begins at 14:00CET and will see Sbrzensy and a whole army of players who will be flying the PartyPoker flag return to their seats –in fact there are 20 PartyPoker patch wearers still in the field! Here is how they all shape up.

Robert Hoogendoorn – 128,000 chips
Bodo Sbrzensy – 124,800
Lauri Pesonen – 88,000
Wojciech Lozowski – 86,100
Marvin Rettenmaier Team Pro – 86,000
Tom Carpenter – 84,000
Ammar Naamani – 63,700
Robert Przygoda – 62,300
Martin Pahl – 59,000
Markus Jenisch – 57,500
Omid Kamali Novin – 55,700
Artem Metaldi – 54,800
Peter Nagy – 45,000
Kara Scott Team Pro – 41,800
Georgina Slegl – 41,600
Grzegorz Wyraz – 35,700
Iwannis Papadopoulos – 30,000
Ludovic Luyet – 15,200
Aristeidis Moschonas – 14,900
Remigio Bongi – 13,800

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