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WPT Amneville Main Event Live Updates


Adrien Allain Wins The WPT Amneville Main Event!


Adrien Allain is the WPT Amneville Main Event champion after his pocket tens held against the king-nine of Jordane Ouin. Every since the hand posted below, Ouin had completely lost his composure, his betting was slopping and his body language showed he had all but given up the fight.

Ouin raised on the button, Allain moved all in and Ouin looked at his cards once more before calling.


The was completely safe for Allain and the on the turn meant Ouin could only catch one of the three remaining kings in the deck. The was not one of them and with that Ouin was eliminated in second place (€170,365 plus a package to WPT Grand Prix de Paris) and Adrien Allain was announced as the champion, a result that nets him €310,633 and a $25,500 seat to the 2012 WPT World Championship.

For a recap of the action click here.


Advantage Allain

Adrien Allain raises to 220,000 and Jordane Ouin three-bets to 460,000 and Allain calls.


Both players check.


Ouin bets 950,000 and Allain moves all-in. Ouin sighs, as if to say, “not again!” He asks for a count and while the dealer does his job the casino is greeted with a deathly silence for the first time this week.

“Call,” says a whispering Ouin.

The crowd surged to the rail and both hands were turned over. Allain rushed over to his friends on the rail.


Any board pairing or the case nine and Ouin was our new champion.


The crown go mental and Ouin passes over 3,100,000 chips to his opponent.

Allain – 9,370,000
Ouin – 2,000,000


Scott Baumstein Exit Interview

Scott Baumstein was our fourth place finisher today and he spoke to Jesse May shortly after busting out.


Ouin With An Amazing Call

Jordane Ouin

Adrien Allain raises to 170,000 and Jordane Ouin three-bets to 570,000 and Allain makes the call. The flop comes down and Ouin bets 620,000 only to see Allain move all in! Ouin sits and stares at his young opponent for at least five minutes before making the call.


What a call! Allain looks disgusted! The turn is the and the river is the and with that Ouin doubles up to 5,000,000. Allain has 6,370,000.


Another Big Pot Goes Allain’s Way

Jordane Ouin VS Adrien Allain

Jordane Ouin opens to 210,000 only to see Adrien Allain three-bet yet again, this time to 510,000. Ouin decides to stick up for himself and makes it 1,210,000 but Allain five-bets all in!

Ouin stares down his opponent for over a minute before he folds his hand, much to the delight of Allain’s army of fans.

Allain: 7,320,000
Ouin: 4,050,000


You Three Bet Me And I Will Three Bet You

It has been a case of the players taking it in turns to raise from the button and pick up the blinds and antes but just now Adrien Allain opened with his standard bet of 170,000 and then folded when Ouin came over the top with a three bet.

The following hand Ouin raised to 200,000 then folded when Allain three-bet over the top of him.


One Million Chip Bet

On a flop that reads Jordane Ouin leads out with a 560,000 bet and is quickly called by Adrien Allain. The on the turn makes the board even more draw heavy and Ouin slows down and checks. However, Allain does not slow down instead he bets 1,000,000 chips, a tower of purple chips, and Ouin folds.

Allain in control here in Amneville.


Allain Starts To Turn The Screw

Adrien Allain has all of the experience going into this heads up encounter and it shows in the first hand of note.

Allain raises to 170,000 and Jordane Ouin three-bets to 400,000 and Allain calls.


Ouin bets 560,000 and Allain makes a very quick call.


Ouin taps the felt at the sight of the straight looking card and Allain bets one million and Ouin folds.

Allain – 6,470,000
Ouin – 4,900,000


Level Pegging

The chip counts of the two remaining players are almost neck and neck. Adrien Allain has 5,750,000 to Jordane Ouin’s 5,670,000!


Thibaud Guenegou Eliminated in 3rd Place (€113,580)

Thibaud Guenegou

Adrien Allain raises to 130,000 from the button, and Jordane Ouin folds but Thibaud Guenegou moves all in. Allain snaps him off and slams down the , much to the disappointment of Guenegou who tables .

Flop: = Allain opens up his lead even further by spiking a queen.

Turn: – The two of spades on the turn give Guenegou some outs to a split but he can no longer win the pot.

River: – Someone in the crowd asks for a jack and the dealer almost obliges and Guenegou has been eliminated, leaving Allain and PartyPoker qualifier Ouin to play heads up for the title.


Action Resumes

The cards are back in the air. The blinds and antes are now 40,000/80,000/10,000a


Dinner Break

The three remaining players have been sent on a 60-minute dinner break.


Ouin Running Hot

Jordane Ouin raises to 130,000 on the button and both Thibaud Guenegou and Adrien Allain make the call. The dealer puts out the flop, Guenegou checks, Allain checks and Ouin bets 550,000. This bet is enough to fold out Guenegou but Allain puts in the required chips to make the call.

The turn card is the and Allain checks. Ouin does not take his eyes off the board and checks behind. The on the river sees Allain check again. Ouin swivels around in his chair, leans back and stares at Allain before checking behind.

Allain: for a busted flush draw
Ouin: for trip eights that everyone is surprised he did not bet.


A Flop, Turn and River!

Adrien Allain completes the small blind and Jordane Ouin checks in the big blind. The flop reads and Allain checks to his opponent who riffles some chips before making a bet that looked like 40,000 and Allain called.

The turn is the and Allain checks again, Ouin bets 110,000 and Allain calls. The river is the and Allain checks then calls a 335,000 bet from Ouin.

Allain: [Jx][Xx]


Preflop Poker

Since Scott Baumstein’s elimination the remaining three players seem content with passing the blinds and antes to each other and setting pots preflop.


Three-Handed Chip Counts

  • Jordane Ouin: 5,400,000
  • Adrien Allain: 3,600,000
  • Thibaud Guenegou: 2,420,000


Scott Baumstein Eliminated in 4th Place (€80,640)

Scott Baumstein

Scott Baumstein has dominated this competition from the doldrums of day two, but he has failed to make it all the way at WPT Amneville. You sensed his magic had waned a bit, as this final table progressed, and the new chip leader Jordane Ouin has just put him down!

We are not sure how the action went down but we do know that Baumstein was on the button and Ouin in the big blind when all the chips went in pre flop.



What a flop for the hand of Ouin. Baumstein was going to have to dodge a lot of cards.


It’s all over. The once invincible Baumstein is drawing dead!


Baumstein walks out of the auditorium, accompanied by the Royal Flush Girls, and he receives a generous round of applause.


Baumstein Doubles Up To One Million

Adrien Allain still has not finished stacking his chips when he raises to 130,000. The action folds to Scott Baumstein and he moves all in for 460,000. Allain calls and Baumstein is at risk of elimination.


The flop comes down drawing some gasps from the crowd as Allain now has outs to a straight. The is not one of them and neither is the on the river and Baumstein survives.


Ladies And Gentlemen, Adrien Allain: Our New Chipleader

Adrien Allain

Allain three-bets to 280,000 from the small blind.

“So it’s 160 more to me?” Asks Baumstein after several minutes of thought, “I call,” he says.


Allain bets 200,000 and Baumstein makes a very quick call.


Allain doesn’t mess about. He just slides a single tower of yellow chips over the line. Everyone knows it is 400,000 including Baumstein and he makes the call.


This pot is huge.

“I am all-in,” says Allain in perfect English.

Baumstein moves to his feet and takes of his sun glasses, “How much? Does he have me covered?”

The answer is no. If Baumstein calls he will be left with 460,000. Meanwhile Baumstein is pacing back and fore like a caged lion. He is doing sums with his hands and looking around the audience.

“Whatever I do is wrong right?” Says Baumstein.

Finally Baumstein exhales a huge puff of air before announcing a call. At least fifty people stand up in the audience. Allain turns over and Baumstein only has and the place goes absolutely barmy!!!!!

Allain has crippled Scott Baumstein!!

Allain – 4,100,000
Baumstein – 360,000


Michel Konieczny Eliminated in 5th Place (€60,196)

Michel Konieczny

Thibaud Guenegou raises to 110,000 from under the gun and next to act is Scott Baumstein who makes the call. From the big blind Michel Konieczny moves all in for around 800,000, which folds out Guenegou but Baumstein instantly calls.


Baumstein is around a 70% favourite to double up and eliminate Konieczny. The flop comes down giving Konieczny but also giving Baumstein some extra, yet unneeded, out to a gutshot straight draw. The turn is the and the dealer puts out the on the river to complete the hand and send Konieczny to the rail, albeit €60,000 richer than when he sat down at the table.


Quin Wins Yet Another Pot, Extends Lead

Jordane Ouin is really putting the pressure on since he took on the chip lead. In fact we don’t think he has lost a hand of note all day.

Ouin raises to 125,000 from under the gun and Scott Baumstein calls in the big blind. The flop is and Baumstein check-calls a 245,000 Ouin c-bet. The turn is the and both players decide a bit of pot control is in order and both check. The river is the and Baumstein wants to get to showdown but Ouin has other plans. Baumstein checks and Ouin bets 345,000 and Baumstein calls.

Ouin turns over for the goods (as always) and a frustrated Baumstein immediately goes for a walk to cool down.

Ouin – 4,295,000
Baumstein – 1,660,000


Ouin Wins Another

The action folds to to Jordane Ouin and he completes the small blind instead of the standard play of making a raise, perhaps because the table seems to be playing ultra tight at the moment. Michel Konieczny taps the table and checks and we see our first flop in six hands.

Flop: – Ouin leads out for 65,000 and Konieczny instantly folds. Easy game.


Five Hands Without A Flop

The players seem happy settling pots preflop and five hands have just take place without a flop being seen.


Ouin Takes The Chip Lead

Jordane Ouin

On a board reading Adrien Allain checks to Jordane Ouin, who bets 240,000. Allain calls and the dealer puts out the on the river. Allain now leads into Ouin with a bet of 270,000 but Ouin’s response is not to fold, instead he raises to 640,000 sending Allain into the tank.

He emerges after around 90 seconds with a fold and is shown by Ouin, who obviously thinks he forced Allain to fold the best hand. With that hand Ouin, who qualified for this event through PartyPoker, becomes the chip leader.


Arnaud Trouer Eliminated in 6th Place (€47,700)

Arnaud Trouer

It has taken 2hrs and 20mins but we have our first casualty today.

Arnaud Trouer moves all-in for 780,000 in late position and Adrien Allain also moves all-in from the small blind. When the cards were shown to the fans in the stand Trouer was way ahead.



You now know why Thibaud Guenegou said that Adrien Allain is his person superstition!

Turn: and River:

You need some luck to win big events like this and Allain has always seemed to find it at the right times. Maybe…just maybe…

Allain – 2,800,000


Huge Double For Allain

Adrien Allain VS Scott Baumstein

Scott Baumstein raises to 110,000 in the hijack seat and Adrien Allain moves all-in from the cutoff. The price is 930,000 and as it folds around to Baumstein he decides to pay it.

“What! This is a set up,” says Baumstein (tongue in cheek) when he sees the cards of Allain.



Allain – 2,000,000
Baumstein – 2,280,000


Big Hand Straight From The Break

From the button Scott Baumstein raises to 110,000 and Jordane Ouin decided he wants to play a pot with the American and he calls from the big blind. Ouin checks the arrival of the flop and then calls Baumstein’s 135,000 continuation bet.

The turn is the and again Ouin check-calls, this time a bet of 275,000. The innocuous looking slows down both players and the check.

Ouin turns over and it is enough to take the pot down.


Chip Counts At The Break

  • Scott Baumstein: 3,735,000
  • Thibaud Guenegou: 2,420,000
  • Jordane Ouin: 2,290,000
  • Michel Konieczny: 1,185,000
  • Adrien Allain: 970,000
  • Arnaud Trouer: 775,000


Break Time

We have played out two 60-minute levels and that means the players are now on a 15-minute break.


Baumstein And Guenegou Clash Again

From the button, Thibaud Guenegou raises to 90,000 and Scott Baumstein, who has shown a willingness to play out of position, makes the call. The dealer puts out the and both players check. The turn is the and Baumstein fires a bet of 145,000 and Guenegou quickly calls. The final community card is the and Baumstein bets again, increasing his bet size to 260,000. Guenegou snap-calls but then mucks when he is shown .


Back-To-Back Pots For Baumstein

Scott Baumstein raises to 90,000 first into the pot and he picks up the blinds and antes. The very next hand it folds to him again and he makes it 90,000 to play again but this time Thibaud Guenegou calls from the big blind. The flop reads and Guenegou checks, Baumstein makes a continuation bet of 120,000 and takes down a second consecutive pot.


Bumstein Check-Folds Again

Scott Baumstein

From the button Thibaud Guenegou raises to 90,000. Scott Baumstein is in the big blind and he checks that the raise amount is 90,000 and when that is confirmed he calls.

A flop reading sees Baumstein checks, Guenegou bets 110,000 and Baumstein folds. Baumstein has played quite a few pots out of position only to check-fold to a continuation bet and it is damaging his stack. It appears he has less than 3,000,000 chips from what we can see.


Flop Check-Raise Wins Pot For Ouin

Thibaud Guenegou is under the gun and after checking his cards he makes it 90,000 to play. Nobody wants to play with Guenegou, that is until the action is on Jordane Ouin in the big blind and the PartyPoker qualifier makes the call.

Flop: – Ouin checks, Guenegou places a bet of 100,000 but Ouin makes a check-raises to 210,000 and Guenegou mucks his hand.


Baumstein Steals From Ouin

ON a board reading , Jordane check in the big blind and Scott Baumstein, who seems to be playing every hand at this final table, taps the table and checks behind. The river cards is the , Ouin checks and Baumstein checks behind but rather reluctantly.

Ouin reveals a pair of sevens but they are beaten by the of the American.


Two Pair For Thibaud

Thibaud Guenegou opens to 85,000 from gthe cutoff one of the first hands he has played at this final table, and both Scott Baumstein (button) and Adrien Allain (small blind) call. The flop comes down Allain checks, Guenegou bets 150,000 which folds out Baumstein but Allain stays in the hand.

The slows both players down and they both check, which is exactly what they down when the lands on the river. Guenegou turns over for two pair, beating Allain’s . Guenegou takes down the pot.


Ouin Checks It Down

Jordane Ouin raises to 95,000 from under the gun, blinds are now 20,000/40,000/5,000a, and Adrien Allain calls from the big blind. The dealer puts out the and both players check. The turn is the and again both players check. The is our river card and the players check.

Ouin shows and Allain mucks his hand.


Baumstein Has Trips Paid Off

From the button Scott Baumstein makes it 70,000 to play, a price Adrien Allain is prepared to pay and he calls from the small blind. A flop reading sees Allain check and and Baumstein checks behind. The turn brings the into play, Allain checks, Baumstein bets 125,000 and Allain quickly calls. The river is the and both players check.

Baumstein shows and Allain mucks his hand, showing a jack in the process.


A Final Table Preview With Jesse May

The legendary Jesse May previews the final table of the WPT Amneville Main Event.


Another Small Bet From Konieczny

Michel Konieczny

Michel Konieczny raise to 70,000 and only Scott Baumstein, in the small blind, makes the call. The flop comes down , Baumstein checks, Konieczny bets 40,000 and Baumstein folds.

This is the second time this orbit this pair of been in a pot together and on both occasions Koniecnzy has taken down the pot with a small continuation bet.


Ouin Approaching Two Million Chips

On a board that reads ], Scott Baumstein checks from the big blind to Jordane Ouin and the latter makes it 320,000 to play. Baumstein obviously does not believe his opponent has a ten and he makes the call.

Baumstein: [Jx][4x]

Baumstein had hit two pair on the river but Ouin has the winning straight and now has a shade over 1,800,000.


Konieczny Takes On The Chipleader

Adrien Allain and Jordane Ouin fold before Michel Konieczny raises to 70,000. His only customer is Scott Baumstein in the big blind. The dealer puts out the flop and Baumstein checks it. Konieczny bets just 40,000 chips but they are enough to get the job done because Baumstein folds.


Ouin Doubles Up


The action folds to Scott Baumstein in the cutoff seat and he raises to 70,000, just as he has on numerous occasions so far on this final table. The action is then on Jordane Ouin in the big blind and he three-bets then snap-calls when Baumstein puts him all in.


Ouin is in great shape to double up here in Amneville.

Flop: – The door card is a queen and Baumstein takes an unlikely lead.

Turn: – Boom! The PartyPoker Qualifier is catapulted into the lead.

River: – The river is completely safe for Ouin and he doubles up and has around 1,400,000 chips now.


PartyPoker Qualifier Takes A Hit

The action folds to Scott Baumstein on the button and he makes it 70,000 to play. Adrien Allain flat calls but Jordane Ouin decides to make it 205,000 to play. Baumstein calls and Allain gets out of the way.

Flop: – Ouin bets what looks like 300,000 and Baumstein makes the call.

Turn: – Ouin fires a bet of 430,000 and Baumstein quickly calls.

River: – Ouin checks, Baumstein moves all in but the effective bet is 660,000 and after a couple of minutes Ouin folds, but he certainly does not look happy about it at all.


Konieczny Doubles Up

Scott Baumstein raises to 70,000 from the cutoff, Adrien Allain calls on the button and Michel Konieczny moves all in from the big blind for 330,000 chip! Baumstein quickly calls and Allain gets out of the way.


Baumstein is around a 65% favourite to bust out Konieczny, we could be down to five players here after only a few hands of play. The dealer puts out the flop, , BOOM! Two pair for Konieczny. The turn is the giving Konieczny a sweat but the on the river is a brick and Konieczny doubles up to 835,000 thanks to the substantial blinds and antes in the pot.


Konieczny Shoves

Michel Konieczny is the short stack at the table with less than 10 big blinds. PartyPoker qualifier Jordane Ouin folds under the gun and Konieczny moves all in. Adrien Allain ponders a call but folds his hand and Konieczny picks up the blinds and antes.


Shuffle Up And Deal

The title says it all, the final table has started!

We Are Almost Ready To Go

The players are busy un-bagging and stacking their chips down on the final table. Once they have done this they will be introduced to the spectators by the tournament director and the final table of the WPT Amneville Main Event will be underway.

Good afternoon and welcome to the final table of WPT Amneville.

The event, which many of the professionals dub as one of the softest WPT events on the tour, attracted 379 players and a prize pool of $1.6 million. Over five days of pulsating play we have our final six players. But only one of them can walk away with the $452,816 first prize and all of the trapping that come with the success of being a World Poker Tour champion.

Lets meet the players:

Scott Baumstein – 3,910,000 chips

Scott Baumstein

Scott Baumstein has been the chip leader since Day Two of this event, which is quite an achievement when you consider the variance in this great game. Finding the luck when he needs it, combined with a fearless and aggressive style, Baumstein has managed to turn himself into the man everyone wishes to avoid.

Baumstein comes into this table with a mammoth looking 130 big blinds. The 27-year old from New York City is the only non-French national who has made it to this final table. Baumstein wants nothing more than the number one spot and as any winner will also tell you his favourite hand is pocket aces.

Six figure cashes are not an unfamiliar sight to the man who has been playing professionally for only three-years. Baumstein has won $431,813 playing live tournament poker and his two previous six-figure cashes both came this year. He won the PCA Heads-Up championship for $120,000 and then finished 4th in the $5,000 Bounty tournament for $146,639 at this summers WSOP in Vegas.

So with great form also on the mans side you wouldn’t want to bet against him grabbing his first major title today.

Adrien Allain – 2,675,000 chips

Adrien Allain

Adrien Allain looks like he was born to play at a poker table. If he ever stopped playing he could get a job as a poker playing extra on a James Bond movie! Allain, who is 25-years of age, sits in his seat with his Aviator sunglasses looking as cool as a cucumber. So far during this competition only the chip leader himself has been able to rattle this contender.

Allain won a huge flip on day one when his ace-queen defeated his opponents pocket kings. Back then he told us that he was willing to flip for a 100,000 stack and it turns out that it was a great decision to make. Yesterday Allain found a little bit more luck when the board helped him out to eliminate both Arnaud Mattern and Jean Phillipe Rohr. After that he systematically dismantled the stack of Nesrine Kourdourli to position himself just behind Baumstein in the chip counts.

Allain first burst onto the poker scene in 2009 when he won the Asian Poker Tour in Macau for a $391,580. Just like Baumstein he is also on a good run of form with two cashes in this years WSOPE in Cannes, including a final table appearance in the €2,500 six-max NLHE tournament. In the run up to that tournament he was responsible for taking most of Phill Hellmuth’s chips and causing the Poker Brat a myriad of problems.

With his 89 big blinds keep your eye on Adrien Allain.

Jordane Ouin – 1,915,000

Jordane Ouin

The PartyPoker qualifier Jordane Ouin is one of the more modest poker players at the table. Ouin has just got on with his job with the minimum of fuss and is currently 3rd in the chip counts with 63 big blinds.

The 29-year old from Lyon only has one former live cash on record and that was a 12th place finish in a side event at this seasons Partouche Poker Tour. Ouin is already guaranteed a minimum of $65,618 making this his biggest live score to date.

Thibaud Guenegou – 1,500,000 chips

Thibaud Guenegou

There is something about the way Thibaud Guenegou presents himself at the table that tells you that he will be in and around the top contenders for the title. His confident demure not only attracted our attention but it also attracted the attention of a sponsor. Guenegou recently won a contest to become a BWIN sponsored pro and he has already started to pay back their faith in him in a short period of time.

The 29-year old from Bourges has only been a professional for 3 months but what a great 3-months it has been. He finished an impressive 12th place at the WSOPE €10,000 Main Event in Cannes for $90,171 and is now guaranteed another impressive score in his first ever WPT final table appearance.

Guenegou, who comes to the final table with 50 big blinds, counts Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier as his favourite player and his superstition at the table is Adrien Allain!

Arnaud Trouer – 1,005,000

Arnaud Trouer

The 39-year old PMU qualifier from Nancy is our oldest player at the table. Trouer is not only our eldest player but he is also our most inexperienced. With no live tournament cashes on his resume he will be delighted at being guaranteed a nice juicy pay day today.

The salesman comes to this final table with 33 big blinds, which is plenty for the tight style of Trouer. Trouer has been so impressed with the play of the chip leader Scott Baumstein that he now classes him as his favourite player!

Michel Konieczny – 295,000

Michel Konieczny

33-year old Michel Konieczny comes into this final table as the short stack with 9 big blinds. Keep your eyes peeled for a series of early shoves from the man from just down the road in Metz.

Michael Jackson fan Konieczny, has moon walked his way onto this final table, a final table that is his first ever live cash.

Action starts at 15:00 (CET)

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