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Three hundred and seventy nine players exchanged €3,500 for 30,000 tournament chips at the start of the week and each and every one of those 11,370,000 clay discs were claimed as his own by Adrien Allain, the new WPT Amneville Main Event Champion.

Allain started the six-handed final table second in chips but did not get off to the best of starts and had lost more than half of his stack in the first couple of hours, but a bit of good fortune saw him double up to 2,000,000 and get himself right back into the thick of things. The hand in question saw Scott Baumstein open to 110,000 in the hijack and Allain moved all in from the cutoff for 930,000 chips. Baumsteun made the call with and ran straight into Allain’s , which held to get the French youngster right back into the tournament.

Shortly after that hand the tournament lost it’s first player, that dubious honour going to Arnaud Trouer and ironically it was Allain who eliminated him. Trouer moved all in for 780,000 chips in late position with and Allain re-shoved with and when the board ran out [ Trouer was sent on his way.

Half hour later Michel Konieczny became the fifth place finisher his ran into the pocket queens of Baumstein and 20-minutes afterwards Baumstein himself was sent packing. He lost a massive pot where he called with two pair and was up against Allain’s trips and shortly later he was all in with pocket sevens against the king-jack of clubs held by PartyPoker qualifier Jordane Ouin. Ouin made a straight by the turn and the American headed for the rail.

Baumstein spoke to Jesse May in the moments after his elimination.

The remaining three players battled it out for around an hour before bwin sponsored pro Thibaud Guenegou’s timing was off in a hand with Allain. The latter raised to 130,000 on the button and Guenegou three-bet shoved with and Allain snapped him off with , a queen on the flop sealed the deal for Allain and the tournament had reached the heads-up stage.

Going into the one-on-one encounter both players were level in chips, Allain with 5,750,000 to Ouin’s 5,670,000 and from the off Allain started to put some distance between him and the PartyPoker qualifier and it looked like it was going to be one way traffic until Ouin made an amazing call with just ace-high to even matters up again. Ouin was facing an all in bet on a flop and he studied Allain for five minutes before calling with . It turned out to be the right call because Allain held . Neither player improved and the chip stacks were once again level.

Allain restored his massive lead in a hand that had the crowd on its feet. The money went in on a board, Allain holding and Ouin . The river came the and you could see the fight drain away from Ouin so it was unsurprising when the tournament was brought to a conclusion shortly afterwards.

Ouin raised on the button and the called Allain’s all in bet. Ouin showed and Allain flipped over . The board ran out and with that Ouin was eliminated in second place and Adrien Allain became the WPT Amneville Main Event Champion.

Here is Adrien Allain’s winner’s interview in all its glory.

Final Table Payouts

1st: Adrien Allain: €310,633
2nd: Jordane Ouin: €170,365
3rd: Thibaud Guenegou: €113,580
4th: Scott Baumstein: €80,640
5th: Michel Konieczny: €60,197
6th: Arnaud Trouer: €47,700

For a more detailed hand analysis have a read through the live updates page.


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