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WPT Amneville Day 2: Live Updates


Official End of Day Chip Counts


Day 2 Is In The Books

Day 2 has drawn to a close after five 90-minute levels. From the 215 players who started with high hopes, only 76 of them remain. Tomorrow we will be playing down to 18 players or five more 90-minute levels, whichever comes first. Here is a link to the recap.


Five More Hands

The tournament clock has been paused and the players have been told they will play five more hands before bagging and tagging their chips.

Joseph Cheong Talks About Some Big Hands


Luke Fields Busts

There is an empty seat where British pro Luke Shields once sat. We did not see his exit hand take place but according to his Twitter account there was a three-way all in on a [9x][2x][4x] flop, Fields held [2x][2x] another held [9x][7x] and one with [Kx][Kx] and a king landed on the turn.. Ouch.


Kourdourli Pushes Phomveha Around

Everyone folds to Nesrine Kourdourli in the small blind and she first checks her holecards before raising to 4,500. Samlane Phomveha is in the big blind and he makes the call. The flop sees Kourdourli make a continuation bet of 6,500 and Phomveha instantly calls.

The turn is the and Kourdourli sees no excuse to slow down and she bets 12,500 and Phomveha mucks his hand without a second’s thought.


Allain Adds To Stack

Adrien Allain raised from early position and Regis Burlot three-bet from the cut-off making it 10,500 to play. Play folded all the way back to Allain and he four-bet to 27,000 and Burlot called.


Both players check.


Allain leads for 35,000 and Burlot makes the call.


Allain announces he is all-in for 69,300 and after a few minutes thought Burlot makes the call. Allainflips over two aces, Nesrine Kourdourli gives him a little knowing smile and Burlot mucks his hand.

Allain – 280,000
Burlot – 130,000


Rettenmaier Has Flashbacks To Malta, Soars Into Lead

Marvin Rettenmaier

Levent Mercan open-limps in middle position but Marvin Rettenmaier is not going to let him see a cheap flop and he raises to 5,700 from the cutoff. Only Mercan calls and it is heads up to the flop.

Mercan checks, Rettenmaier pauses for close to 90-seconds before firing a bet of 5,200 at Mercan. Almost instantly he check-raises to 17,000 and Rettenmaier takes a further couple of minutes before re-raising the action to 36,800 and Mercan calls. The on the river is met with a check from Mercan a bet of 38,200 from “Mad Marvin” and a call from his opponent.

The on the river sees Mercan check again and Rettenmaier considers all of his options for close to two minutes before deciding the best one is to bet 56,200. Mercan snaps him off and the cards are turned onto their backs.

Mercan: – For the second nut flush
Rettenmaier: – For the nut flush.

You may recall Rettenmaier incorrectly folded the nut flush at WPT Malta when the board paired and it cost him a lot of chips so he must have been having flashbacks to that hand. However, the outcome of this one was entirely different and the German now finds himself with a massive stack of 458,000 chips.


How To Party With The Royal Flush Girls


Final Break


Mattern Adds To Stack

On a board reading Arnaud Mattern bets 8,600 and Thomas Gardin quickly calls. The pairs the board and Mattern, in the big blind, bets 22,000 and Gardin snap-folds.

The players have been sent on their final break of the day, it will be for 15-minutes.


Another Woman Bites The Dust

Another female player has just been shown the door. Almira Scripchenko has not really had a stack to play with today and Marc Inizan has just put her out of her misery.

It was another all-in encounter:



The dangerous Marc Inizan is up to 270,000 and has position on the other big stack Arnaud Mattern.


Ambraisse Eliminates Lopes

We are a tournament short of a recording artist after Idris Ambraisse eliminated Bruno “Kool Shen” Lopes. We believe the action ended on the flop that had a bit of everything for everyone.



Ambraisse – 190,000


Big Stacks

Here is a selection of the bigger stacks from around the room.

  • Riad Mounir: 425,000
  • Marc Inizan: 207,000
  • Arnaud Mattern: 260,000
  • Joseph Cheong: 350,000
  • Simon Vitali: 385,000
  • Nesrine Kourdourli: 390,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier: 300,000


Morel Finds Kings, Busts Messina

Arnaud Morel and Valentin Messina just found two premium starting hands and it signalled a war.


All the money went into the pre flop and the end result was 200,000 for Morel and an early bath for Messina.



The View Has Worsened

The tournament area is a far less attractive place after both Liv Boeree and Catherine Hong were sent to the rail in separate hands. We do not have details of Boeree’s exit and we only know the final showdown hands concerning Hong.

Hong held and Silvere Bonhomme and the final board had ran out


Marvin Loses Last Hand On His Table

Everyone folds to Marvin Rettenmaier in the small blind and he raises to 4,200. His only possible opponent is Bruno Lopes otherwise known as the rapper Kool Shen in the big blind. He pauses for several moments before making the call.

The dealer gets to work putting the flop on the felt, a flop that Rettenmaier makes a continuation bet of 4,600 and Lopes calls. The makes an appearance on the turn and now Rettenmaier checks and snap-folds when Lopes bets 10,500.

Just as Lopes was stacking his new chips, one of the floor staff came over and broke the table so Rettenmaier will not be able to try and win those chips back. He will not be too bothered though as he has close to 290,000.


Durand’s Four-Bet Is Enough To Scoop Pot

Ovidiu Balaj raises to 3,500 from late position and when the action fold to PartyPoker qualifier Anders Bisgaard Rasmussen, he three-bets to 8,600. The small blind folds but Thibaud Durand, in the big blind makes it 21,000 to play.

Neither of his opponents are prepared to match his bet and their cards hit the muck.


Naalden’s Call Upsets Lamagnere

Nesrine Kourdourli opens the betting to 3,200 from the cutoff and after the button gets out of the way Marcus Naalden calls in the small blind. To his left is Matthieu Lamagnere and he squeezes to a rather substantial 14,000, folding out Kourdourli but Naalden seems rather attached to his hand.

He stands from his seat to gain a better view of his sole opponent’s stack then sits back down again. It initially looks like he is about to put in a raise of his own but he just calls. The dealer put the flop onto the felt and it is checked by Naalden but Lamagnere fires a 15,500 bet and Naalden then calls. The turn is the and both players check and again they check the on the river.

Naalden turns over which is the best hand because Lamagnere mucks his hand, shaking his head in apparent frustration as he does so.


Level 12

We have now started Level 12 and the blinds have increased to 800/1,600/200a.


Baguette Time

Level 11 has drawn to a close and the players have gone for a baguette. Not all of them but you can bet your bottom dollar that at one of them has. Rejoin us shortly.


Fish and Chips

  • Adrien Allain, 130,000
  • Tony Blanchandin, 180,000
  • Sandiep Khosa, 27000
  • Torsten Brinkmann, 125,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier, 240,000
  • Bruno Lopes, 60,000
  • Almira Scripchenko, 40,000
  • Catherine Hong, 77,000
  • Jean Phillipe Rohr, 146,000
  • Arnaud Mattern, 200,000
  • Teddy Fois, 130,000
  • Jerome Brion, 145,000
  • Bruno Fitoussi, 112,000
  • Simon Vitali, 290,000
  • Pierre Canali, 75,000
  • Guillaume Diaz, 50,000
  • Joseph Cheong, 209,000
  • Scott Baumstein, 140,000
  • Bastien Fischer, 150,000
  • Riad Mounir, 195,000
  • Mehdi Mouhoubi, 210,000
  • Davidi Kitai, 81,000
  • Liv Boeree, 28,000
  • Steven Van Zadelhoff, 145,000
  • Pierre Yves-Bodeux, 185,000
  • Edouard Sadoun, 210,000
  • Ovidiu Balaj, 170,000
  • Anders Rasmussen, 75,000
  • Paul Ribaud, 154,000
  • Marcus Naalden, 199,000
  • Nesrine Kourdourli, 320,000
  • Erik Von Buxhoeveden, 110,000
  • Levent Merca, 158,000
  • Luke Fields, 145,000
  • Paul Berende, 63,000
  • Regis Burlot, 220,000
  • Marc Inizan, 205,000
  • Jean Francois Schwartz, 175000
  • Kenny Hallaert, 46,000
  • Nicolas Babel, 250,000
  • Priyan De Mel, 170,000
  • Tobias Wagner, 30,000
  • Johan Guilbert, 135,000


“It’s Amazing!” says Mad Marvin

Marvin Rettenmaier

Whilst scanning the tournament floor we saw “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier stretching his legs and having a drink of water. He told us he had 250,000 and we told him it was an easy game. “Sometimes,” he replied, “They just keeping bluffing me all the time and I call them with bottom pair. It’s amazing. It’s awesome.”


Von Buxhoeveden Pays Off Guerfi

Mesbah Guerfi gets the action under way with a raise to 2,700 from the UTG+1 seat and the active players fold around to Erik Von Buxhoeveden in the small blind. He asks to be able to see Guerfi’s stack and he obliges. Shortly afterwards Von Buxhoeveden three-bets to 7,600 and Guerfi wastes very little time in calling.

Flop: – Von Buxhoeveden bets into his opponent to the tune of 8,600 and Guerfi snap-calls.

Turn: – Von Buxhoeveden bets again, upping his bet size to 14,500 and despite only having 36,000 behind Guerfi calls.

River: – Von Buxhoeveden checks and when Guerfi bets 15,100 Von Buxhoeveden smiles and feels obliged to call and does so.

Guerfi: for a straight
Von Buxhoeveden: Mucks


Mattern’s Mountain of Chips

Arnaud Mattern

Arnaud Mattern has had a great day at the office so far as he now finds himself armed with more than 200,000 chips and is one of the chipleaders here in Amneville. Mattern is in good form coming into this tournament as he recently finished in tenth place in the WSOPE Main Event in Cannes.


Zarbo Is The Boss

Joining the action on a board and with Giuseppe Zarbo, sporting a hat with “The Boss” embroidered on it, having bet 11,000 into the 19,000 pot from middle position. Jordane Ouin, a PartyPoker qualifier, is in the hijack seat and is taking his time over his decision. He sits bolt upright, smiles, looks around the room and eventually folds.


Three-Handed Pot


Fields and Von Buxhoeveden Clash Again

Levent Mercan opens the betting by raising to 2,400 from early position. The action folds to the PartyPoker qualifier Erik Von Buxhoeveden and he three-bets to 6,100 from the cutoff. This three-bet is enough to fold out the remaining active players except Luke Fields in the big blind. He grabs a pile of chips and four-bets to 15,100, folding out Mercan but Von Buxhoeveden does not fold as quickly, in fact he does not fold at all.

Instead he takes back his original bet and replaces it with seven 5,000 chips totally 35,000. Fields looks like he is considering a call but he lets his hand go and it is currently 2-0 in Von Buxhoeveden’s favour right now in regards to battles with Mr Fields.


“Mad” Marvin Up To 230,000

During the last break Marvin Rettenmaier paid us a visit in the media area and informed us of two hands he played that have seen him soar into the overall chip lead in the WPT Amneville Main Event.

Hand #1

Rettenmaier raises to 2,300 under the gun and Lopes calls in the next seat. The flop is [Kx] [8x] [2x] (with a flush draw) and Rettenmaier bets 2,600 and Lopes makes the call. The turn is the [6x] and once again the action is bet-call, only this time the amount is 5,800. The river is the [Jx] and Rettenmaier bets 21,800 and Lopes calls. Rettenmaier turns over [6x] [6x] for the set and Lopes mucks.

Hand #2

Rettenmaier opens up the action from middle positon with a bet of 2,300. Lopes calls in the next position and the two of them share a flop of [Jx] [7x] [6x] (with two hearts). Rettenmaier bets 2,100 and Lopes calls. The turn is the [2x] and Rettenmaier bets 4,800 and Lopes calls. The last card is the [Ax] and Rettenmaier bets 13,600 and this time Lopes raises to 31,400 and Rettenmaier calls and shows [Ax] [Jx] and Lopes once again mucks.

Rettenmaier – 230,000
Lopes – 80,000


PartyPoker Qualifier Watch

Von Buxhoeveden Erik

We still have a number of PartyPoker qualifiers in the field, each having varying degrees of success.

Anders Bisgaard Rasmussen: 130,000
Sandiep Khosa: 31,000
Pim Van Wieringen: 50,600
Erik Von Buxhoeveden: 225,000
Jordane Ouin: 122,000

Von Buxhoeveden is one of the chipleaders and here is how he received most of his stack, courtesy of our friends on the WPT blog.

Luke Fields has just found out that Erik Von Buxhoeveden is not a player who lays his hands down easily – it was an expensive lesson!

When we arrive at the table Fields looks like the Daddy! He has his white headphones on, he is rocking his head back and fore and he has more chips than anyone else at the table. By the end of the hand the lad from the UK was looking a little sheepish.

Von Buxhoeveden raises to 2,100 in middle position and Fields three-bets on the button to the tune of 5,600. When the action folds around to Von Buxhoeveden he makes the call. The two of them share a flop containing more hearts than a card shop on Valentines Day – . Von Buxhoeveden checks and Fields bets 13,500 from his superior position. The turn is the and once again Von Buxhoeveden checks and once again Fields bets – this time 22,200 – and Von Buxhoeveden calls. The final card, in this huge pot, is the and Von Buxhoeveden checks again. Fields counts out a bet of 33,900 and moves it across the line and Von Buxhoeveden instantly calls.

“You’ve got it,” said Fields.

“Show or muck,” says Von Buxhoeveden.

Fields turns over and Von Buxhoeveden turns over and receives a poker round of applause (a few taps on the felt!)


Level Up

The players are back in their seats and the blinds and antes are now 600/1,200/200a


Break Time

The players are now on a scheduled 15-minute break.


Meulyzer Caught With Fingers In The Cookie Jar

Philip Meulyzer raises to 2,200 from UTG+1, one player folds and Steven van Zadelhoff asks how much the bet is before making the call. The flop comes down , Meulyzer bets 2,600 and van Zadelhoff makes the call. The turn brings the into play and now Meulyzer checks and his opponent checks behind.

The river is the and Meulyzer checks again. Van Zadelhoff grabs a pile of 5,000 chips and riffles them whilst he figures out how much to bet. He then places them back into his stack and bets a paltry 1,100. Meulyzer, who usually takes his time over his decisions, quickly check-raises to 11,500. Van Zadelhoff makes the call and Meulyzer says “king” and turns over and van Zadelhoff pauses before turning over and apologises for his unintentional slowroll.

van Zadelhoff now has 150,000 whilst Meulyzer drops to 75,000.


Riad Mounir Chip Hoarder

Riad Mounir

It is a strange little conundrum. How do players manage to keep hitting miracles, hand after hand, in order to grow a chip stack throughout a tournament. Here is Riad Mounir demonstrating how to do it while everyone else around the table just shook their head in disbelief.

In the first hand we saw the board was already in front of us with facing the ceiling. Mounir had bet around 40,000 on the river and his opponent Giuseppe Spinelli made the call. Riad Mounir turned over quad threes and that was the end of that.

Two hands later and Spinelli moved all-in for his remaining 15,000 and Mounir called him with pocket aces. His third ace in the window completely unnecessary for the chip leader.

Mounir is now up to 220,000 chips but he is also sharing the table with Mehdi Mouhoubi who has just a smidgen over 200,000 at the moment.


Allain Forces Cayet To Fold Two Pair

Damien Cayet raises from the cutoff seat, Adrien Allain calls on the button and Torsten Brinkmann comes along for the ride in the big blind.

The dealer gets busy putting out the flop. Brinkmann checks, Cayet bets 2,900 and only Allain makes the call. The lands on the turn and now Cayet decides to check, albeit after nearly 90 seconds of deliberation. Allain takes just as long before betting 5,500. Cayet pauses for at least a minute before calling.

Our river card is the and once again Cayet takes an exceedingly long time to tap the table and check, much to the annoyance of Sandiep Khosa at the opposite side of the table. Allain continues with his “let’s take as long as possible” routine and waits another 90 second before betting 17,00. This causes Cayet to remove his earphones and raise his eyebrows. Thirty seconds later Cayet folds and shows .

Allain is up to 132,000 and is a very real threat in this tournament.


Brinkmann Clashes With Cayet

Torsten Brinkmann

The flop reads and from under the gun Torsten Brinkmann makes it 13,000 to play. His sole opponent is Damien Cayet on the button and he is pondering what action to take. He asks Brinkmann how many chips he has and he replies by informing Cayet that he started the hand with “around 120.”

Cayet waits another minute before letting his hand go. He now sits with a chip stack of 152,000 whilst Brinkmann climbs to 145,000.


Cantu’s Set Over Set

Yesterday Brandon Cantu’s tournament came to a premature end when he was beaten set over set.


Boeree Doubles Up

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree has just doubled up to around 50,000 chips after finding herself on the right side of an aces versus kings scenario. Boeree’s 22,000 went into the middle preflop with against the of Jean-Luc Fournier and when the board ran out Boeree had a little exttra breathing room and is now around 18,000 chips under the average stack.


Lamagnere Takes On Kourdourli

Nesrine Kourdourli raises to 2,100 from UTG+1 and the two players to her direct left do not want to play and they fold their hands. Marcus Naalden calls and to his direct left is Matthieu Lamagnere and he calls too, so it is three-handed to the flop.

Kourdourli checks, as does Naalden but Lamagnere pounces and makes it 3,800 to play and both of his opponents quickly relinquish their hands.


Check It Down

Everyone folds to Antoine Labat in the hijack and he min-raises to 2,000. The cutoff, button and small blind fold but Marvin Rettenmaier tosses in the extra chip.

The dealer puts out the flop and both players check. The action is the same when the hits the turn and again with the arrival of the on the river.

Labat turns over , and his lowly pair of sixes with no kicker is surprisingly the best hand.


Van Zadelhoff Continues His Climb

We join the action on the turn. The board is displaying and there is 30,000 in the middle of the table. Steven Van Zadelhoof has a string of 5,000 brown chips splayed out on front of him and the decision to call is on Jean Friio. Friio does call and it was not the greatest decision we have seen during this tournament.

Van Zadelhoff:

The river bricked off and Friio limped out of the pot

“How much do you have now?” A player asked Van Zadelhoff.

“130k. I cannot stop hitting!” Replied Van Zadelhoff.


Level 10 Begins

The players have returned from break and are now playing to blinds of 500/1,000/100a.


Chip Counts of The Rich And Famous

  • Kenny Hallaert 60,000
  • Paul Berende 100,000
  • Antonin Teisseire 80,000
  • Tobias Wagner 20,000
  • Johan Guilbert 165,000
  • Pierre Canali, 65,000
  • Bruno Fitoussi 72,000
  • Marc Inizan 55,000
  • Steven Van Zadelhoff 130,000
  • Eric Von Buxhoeveden 150,000
  • Riad Mounir 225,000
  • Jamie Rosen 105,000
  • Mehdi Mouhoubi 180,000
  • Jean Francois Rigollet 160,000
  • Thibaud Guenegou 204,000
  • Adrien Allain, 90,000
  • Tony Blanchandin 175,000
  • Sandiep Khosa 90,000
  • Bruno Lopes 176,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier 106,000
  • Almira Scripchenko 75,000
  • Catherine Hong 75,000
  • Arnaud Mattern 125,000
  • Joseph Cheong 110,000
  • Simon Vitali 140,000
  • Ilan Boujenah 34,000
  • Athanasios Polychronopoulos 85,000
  • Davidi Kitai 99,000
  • Philip Meulyzer 135,000
  • Liv Boeree 30,000
  • Edouard Sadoun 95,000
  • Marc Naalden, 120,000
  • Emile Petit 45,000
  • Nesrine Kourdourli 170,000
  • Anders Rasmussen 100,000
  • Paul Ribaud 110,000
  • Luke Fields 175,000
  • Mickael Telker 175,000


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break


Ribaud Over-bet Gets Job Done, Rasmussen Not Happy

Anders Bisgaard Rasmussen

The flop reads and after almost a minute of thinking time PartyPoker qualifier Anders Bisgaard Rasmussen checks. Paul Ribaud instantly bets 11,000 into the 12,500 pot, his bet was probably the fastest I have ever seen anyone bet! Rasmussen does not seem fazed by the speed of the bet and he quickly calls.

The turn is the and Rasmussen checks again and Ribaud snap-bets a massive 53,000 which rocks Rasmussen and he seems puzzled. He stares at him for more than a minute before exhaling loudly and folding. Ribaud checks his cards and flicks them into the muck.

Rasmussen looks like a man who just folded the best hand.


Bruno Lopes aka French rapper “Kool Shen” Talks To PartyPoker


Nesrine Rising Up The Ranks

Kourdourli Nesrine

Nesrine Kourdourli told us that Amneville is her lucky venue after finishing fourth last year. She has started like a house on fire early on in day two and has grinded her stack up to 160,000 after hands ike this.

The player in the hijack seat opens to 1,600, Kourdourli cold-calls in the cutoff as does the player on the button. The flop is and the hijack c-bets to 3,000, Kourdourli calls and the button folds. The turn was the and this time the original raiser checks allowing Kourdourli to take control of the hand and she doesn’t disapoint. Kourdourli bets 5,500 and the original raiser calls. On the river we see the and the board was looking a lot more co-ordinated. The original raiser checks to Kourdourli and she bets 16,000. Back to the original raiser and he makes the call and mucks after Kourdourli reveals a rivered set of threes – .


Ambraisse Caught Bluffing

From the cutoff seat Idris Ambraisse raises to 1,800 and Ovidiu Balaj calls in the small blind. The flop comes down and Balaj check-calls an 1,800 continuation bet. The turn is the and now Balaj leads out with a bet of 3,500 only to see Ambraisse raise to 7,800. Balaj studies his opponent for around a minute before making the call.

The river is the and Balaj goes back to checking. Ambraisse picks up chips totalling 11,000 and Balaj quickly calls.

Balaj: for a straight
Ambraisse: for not very much at all. Oops.


Liuggi Cracks Aces

We heard a lot of commotion over at the far side of the room and went to investigate. When we arrived at Table 8 we saw a board reading and Edouard Sadoun sat with but not looking happy about it at all. Looking to the opposite side of the table revealed why, Francious Liuggi was sat with in front of him.

Sadoun was amongst the chipleaders for most of the day yesterday but he has lost some serious ground now as he has 80,000 chips.


Jacks Are Good For Fournier

From the hijack seat Pierre-Yves Bodeux raises to 2,100 and the action folds to Jean-Luc Fournier in the small blind. He asks to see Bodeux’s stack before he makes the call. Davidi Kitai looks like he ponders calling but ultimately he folds.

Flop: – Both players quickly check.

Turn: – Fournier checks, Bodeaux instantly bets 2,700 and Fournier calls.

River: – Fournier checks and Bodeux checks behind.


Fournier takes the pot.


Vitali Four-Bet Wins Pot Preflop

Simon Vitali raises from UTG+1 to 2,100 and the action folds around to Maxim Federov on the button. He rubs his face and then three-bets to 5,500. Both blinds fold but Vitali is going nowhere and he four-bets to 12,000, which is too much for Federov to pay and he folds his hand.


Emile Petit Doubles Up

There was a raise in the hijack seat making it 1,600 to play before Emile Petit three-bet in the cutoff to 4,300. The button folded his hand but David Ros was seated in the small blind with 14,200 and a decision to move all-in or fold. He decides to move all-in and after the hijack folds Petit laughs as he makes the call and turns over his hand. Ros was at risk of elimination.



Ros thumped the table in excitement, when he saw the three on the river, until he realised Petit had hit his flush eliminated him.


Meulyzer Doubles Up

We missed the preflop action but from the 4,500 or so chips in the middle of the pot plus the fact Philip Meulyzer was in the pot it is safe to say Meulyzer opened with a raise in middle position and Pierre-Yves Bodeux called from the big blind.

Flop: – Bodeux checks, Meulyzer makes it 3,000 to play and after thirty seconds thinking time Bodeux check-raises to 6,100. Meulyzer ponders about what he should do and he makes the call.

Turn: – Bodeux checks again and Meulyzer bets 9,500 sending Bodeux into the tank. He stays submerged for just under a minute before announcing he is all in. Meulyzer moves his stack forward and makes the call.


River: – The river fills Meulyzer’s boat, unnecessarily, and he is now armed with around 90,000 chips.


Nesrine Kourdourli Celebrates Her Birthday At WPT Amneville



The cards are in the air and Day 2 is under way. We will be playing five 90-minute levels with a 15-minute break at the end of each level. The blinds are 400/800 with a running ante of 100.

WPT Amneville Day 1B

Welcome back to the Seven Casino in Amneville where in a little under an hour’s time the 215 players who survived Day 1a and Day 1b with their chip stacks intact will return to their seats to play five 90-minute levels in the WPT Amneville Main Event.

The men they all have to catch are Jean-Francois Rigollet (164,800) and Nicolas Babel (163,600). Other big stacks include America’s Jamie Rosen (145,300), PartyPoker qualifier Erik Von Buxhoeveden (142,700) and British pro Luke Fields (129,900).

There are also a splattering of well-known faces still in the field including former November Nine member Joseph Cheong, “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier, Arnaud Mattern, Marc Inizan, Nesrine Kourdourli, Paul Berrande, Davidi Kitai and Liv Boeree so it should be quite an exciting day of poker we have ahead of us.

Join us from 1200 CET for all the action, as it happens, here at the WPT Amneville Main Event.

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